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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Cebuanito in Manila

Cebuanito aka Nitoy messaged me at PR. He is coming to Manila, a business trip and had read my blog and PR account. He wants to meet, he wants to experience what he saw. Oh yeahhhhh, the principle of  "NOT IN YOUR BACK YARD" : which means when you travel or go on a trip, its also time to have some fun that one would not normally dare. This reminds me of my younger days when I had to travel : I was definitely guilty of this. So Nitoy, coming to Manila - gives him courage to have male sex ...

Nitoy is 50years old, married with children. He said he would text me when he would be on his way to my pad. Thursday, 11 April 2013..  it was hot and i did some chores.. was already tired. I was already in bed feeling drained and lifeless then he texted me : I am here at the door. What the fuck?! I already had assumed he would no longer be coming tonight, I was caught off guard. Does it matter? Yeah - I am not a boy scout that is always ready. I assumed wrong so I have not showered fresh, brushed my teeth, and cleaned my behind! Feeling insecure, i would only do things I am comfortable with... definitely no kissing, no anal sex, no romance ... I would just suck him, make him cum with my mouth and then bye! I might love to sit on his cock and all but that would be a no no.

I opened the door and... oh! Yup, older than me. He looks tired as well and ... not that horny. He was talkative, so social. It was easy to be quiet, silent and simply listen.

Brought him to my bed - turned on a man to man and slide a bit downwards, a position that shouts no kissing. He noted it and said he did read it in my blog. Goodie! He asked around if the bed is where I take pictures, how do I do it? Normally that should be my cue to take out my camera and take pictures... but energy is too low, I was not energized, I just agreed and answered him with a yes. And not wanting to answer more, I opened his zipper and ship out his cock. I loved Cebuanos, as I expected - Nitoy has a good sized round hard cock and annoyingly unkept pubic hair. He noted my momentary staring and apologized for not trimming since he knows I am a have written about long pubic hair. Well, I am going his cock and pubic hairs are a bit nuisance!

Oh yes, I sucked him slow and deep. He moaned. My expert mouth shall be enough for him. I smiled and did suck  on that manhood of his. Up and down my head was on that manhood. Sucking him was slowly energizing me, my libido was slowly charging up. From lying on my side, i was on all fours and sucked him in a different angle, taking him deeper. I was loving it! He was loving it! I was thinking of getting naked and sitting on that cock... then.. I heard him.. the groan.. the deep breath..

Then he announced... " i am cumming..... fuck... sarap!"

I looked as his cum came out.. stared and... damn!

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