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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Relief from Karl 07

 Damn ... I feel recharged from sucking a dick and when I am energized, he came! Game over for us. I can only smile and shout in my mind.. ITS NOT FAIR!!! If i can cry, I might have cried. I just smiled and offered to go with him till the corner - will treat myself to a Jollibee. I shall simply have to reward myself .. and then relieved myself.. just... me... myself.... smile...

 I am an optimist and knowing that I would be luckier in sex than in love - got a text from Karl 07!

The night is not over! We texted with each other while I was enjoying my ice cream float. Karl 07 would take a jeep and meet me!  :)

 Karl asked me to meet him outside, he was wearing a black sleeveless shirt, cap, and eyeglasses and that he was on the corner! Problem is, its an intersection! There are 4 corners there! I hate this! I have to control my temper, I feel like being ... taken for a ride.  I scouted for all 4 corners ... wait.. a little farther from one corner, not where Jollibee is - across the street! But he did not look like a 24 year old.. more like an adoslescent, a teenager that...  a street boy? Tambay? Punk?

 Well, I crossed the street and saw him up close. Impressions from a distance can be easily wrong. He is mestiso and seem nice. No look of innocence - means he knows how to do male sex! From there, we walk to my place... and its what one shall term as getting just rewards.. a just dessert.

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