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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Gratitude to Tony and Iceberg

Tuesday, 28th of December 2010. Tony brought a small present and joked that it was small pastry! Actually it was two small towels arranged like it was a small chocolate cake! He also left 10 pieces of dotted okamoto condoms and a tube of lube.

I left the office in the afternoon for hot chocolate and ensaymada at starbucks waltermart in pasay road corner pasong tamo. To date, that would be the only eyeball - a talk that extended more than Iceberg wanted. I am more time conscious but enjoying the discussion I intentionally did not remind him, besides if he is pressed for time as he stated earlier, I let him be the one to cut it off - he is a good conversationalist. He also brought with him a promised gift - a black hom sheer underwear! So for the first time, enjoy some pics of me wearing the black underwear, sorry for my figure slowly getting full again!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Carlo and Joshua .. chub and twink

Monday 27th of December 2010.

SOP - Sobrang Ok Pare

Monday 27th of December 2010. Its a holiday and I have informed some that Joshua would be dropping by my pad by 6pm, so I was hoping that there would be a big fun today. JimQ sent me a txt message, asking for directions to my place. Now that is unexpected, but he would arrived around 3 - 4 pm.

He was early. He called up while I was taking a shower and the water was so called, had to cut the call off. JimQ is 35, 6 footer, and 190 lbs, and arms that seems to be the legs of some twinks that have visited my place! I was honestly surprised at his height and built, I mean, if he was a bad person, I am done, I would not be able to defend myself, yes, I was honestly scared and I told him so. He is big, not of fat, but without doubt muscles!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Intimacy with Tony

Sunday, 26th of December 2010. Surprisingly, I have not updated my blog for almost two weeks. True to the holiday season, I had been pre occupied and that at times, the internet connection was really slow. And then, this morning I received a call from Tony, he arrived yesterday and can not wait to meet me! Finally, we are going to consumate what we have been chatting about!

I got excited and then before I knew it, I have been updating this blog! This post would be my ninth entry today. Tony and I did not had sex, we made love, I spent the afternoon till evening, and we shared a dinner together.

Let me continue ... had to take a break from last night, connection was so bad, hard to upload any photos, uploading was like eternity. I guess Sun Broadband does not work well at nights or when its cloudy, and just uploading that first photo was almost like eternity.

I have posted before the cybersex that Tony chatted about and today it would be a reality! Its not everyday that I would get to meet someone that would make an excuse for his family, limited his time to be of being back here just for the holidays. I was silent for fear that I might not be worth the time and effort he made to meet me. This time, an exception, I agreed to go out and meet him in SM Makati. Why the exception from my usual norm of simply waiting in my pad ? Because I trust and know he would not stood me up, after all, we were texting and calling each other to the time I met him. He said he was in SM Supermarket so I went straight only to find out, I have to double back since he had walk to the information booth. He was there wearing a Nike Blue shirt fitted on his body - a good muscled body, his chest developed without doubt! Damn! Not as I was expecting. He emailed me to his pictures, I remember him to be tanned and thin, the typical slim Filipino, no chest, no bulges, no muscles - "That is an old picture from the beach" which is why he was thinner and darker. He was sexier in person!

Funny, we took the jeep from Glorietta to Libertad. We talked and he was eager but we were in public and am sure, our seatmates would hear my answers. He has a very frienly welcoming smile, I could melt into them. I choose to look outside, I have to brace myself. He is almost perfect, mature, physically attractive, married, two kids, an expat - meaning, this would be most likely the first and the last. I just have to relish every moment.

The moment I closed the door to my apartment, he hugged me and kissed me. It was heaven, a lot have asked if I do kiss, and usually I do not, but everyone kiss, more so if you connect or like the person. Kissing is more intimate for me. That kiss seemed longer than it was.

Finally, we made it to my room. .... I am finding it hard to write, to find the most appropairate wrods for the experience. Nicer to say that I fell asleep later in his arms, or should I say passed in bed? Yes, one can say it was the usual, kiss, suck ... but just in preparing me for deper intimacy.. he used his tsa ... forgot what it means.. all i remember was the sensation of his finger in my prostate, his mouth on my cock, and his other finger on my nipple. It was an orgy of sensations but with only one person. It was such, that rarely, it was... gaining conciousness, I asked him for that again, till i cum!

A Christmas Fuck

Errol was the christmas gift that Saturday evening.

aborted threesome ...

Tuesday 21 December 2010. A usual comment I received is people would like to experience a threesome or orgy, and if I can grant that, I am more than open to it. I was hoping to meet Dan again and he asked if I can set up at least a threesome since he is curious as to the big deal about it. I said yes, was not that hard, I have other people asking for it. So I set up the time - made a few invites, excluding the pure tops like John that would be a sure show. And then, Dan texted that he cannot come since he is not feeling well. Likewise, the guy that I set yp also back out, and my back up, they did not only fail to show up, they did not even bother to text at all! It would have been devastating if ... Dan had show up and no one else did.

But like I said, life is like that, you have those who would message and text and yet would not show up, and those who would just surprise by texting you that afternoon and show up on my doorsteps... like JERALD!!

Actualy Jerald already showed up unexpectedly last Saturday, 18 of December 2010, just no pics so I had overlooked those moments as I try to update this blog. Jerald is an ideal fuck buddy, not much too talk, nothing personal, and yet his body was literally physically hot, one could even say he was feverish but I relish such body heat.

Sunday Final Call

Acro for a Sunday Afternoon

19th of December 2010, Sunday. Acro is from a city far away from here, one of those who I had exchanges messages on a site but not hoping nor expecting to really go and travel to my place. It was a surprise that he texted me. Well, his work takes him here in Buendia, which is basically near. So I agreed to meet him in my place. I stress that I would be open to wait here but not to meet outside - like what happened to him, if my memory serves me correct, he started by saying he would be dropping by after lunch but he texted it took him a bit longer, another postponement, and another later .. to the point, I was just smiling and not expecting. He just surprised me, he did made it that early evening!

A Surprise Blessing - Flonoir

16th of December 2010, I spent the day contemplating. What was the real piss of, turn off - that I woke up for a booty call or that my eyes were forced open? I had morning sex before, waking up with someone fucking my ass, or waking up from a dry fuck to a suck to a good fuck ... yeah, I was pissed off because he forced open my eyes, I mean, there is nothing romantic or sexual from that, its more like a torture scene.

But life is like that, you have ups and downs. As the morning was irritatingly unforgettable, making me frown, the day ended with a smile. There would be bad moments, bad experiences and I get over them hoping for the next one would be a good one, that is life, there is bad and ugly and then there is the good and beautiful.

Looking back, I find it now funny, to have the morning with someone older than me by a year or two, married with children and to spend the evening with someone so much younger by 23 years and single. Flonoir message me that day asking that he finds my photos interesting and that he is only 21, he would love to learn, to experience what I can offer. Based on his profile, Flonoir is only 21 years old, 5-6 and around 130 lbs. But he lives in another city and already working. I said yes but was very sceptic, doubtful if he would really show up on my doorsteps, the day then did not start right. But it did end well, Flonoir did show up, around 930 and we parted around 1115 pm! It was not just a quickie.

I hope I did teach him well, I let him experience my tongue, my cock, and my ass. He reciprocated by doing the same thing, he was either well experienced or simply a past learner. I would rather think he is a fast learner ... only had to caution him for taking too much time on my leg - ended up with a kiss mark there. I cautioned him to not dwell too much so he would not leave a kiss mark. No one likes a kiss mark. We talk and exchange notes afterwards, thus prolonging our time together, I have to push him out and steel myself, else we would have spent the night into morning.

Young and shy, no cock pics but I was able to take some pics... enjoy!

Morning sex anyone?

16th of December 2010. I remember that morning, how can I forgot to be wakened up because someone wants a booty call? I know and I do pride myself of being Mr. Congeniality, Mr Friendship, that I jokingly considered myself like a convinience store, a 7-11 store open to anyone. Well, that morning, Luke finally caught me in my pad, and yeah, we did have sex but I also have slap his back, hit his side - I am definitely not a morning person!

Luke have been txting and messaging me that being married, he does not have any time, no excuse for an afteroon, evening, or weekend getaway. He said he is only available in the morning and that he had even visited my pad before but I have either left or did not wake up to his knocks on my door. This time, he took my mobile number, and I forgot to place it on silent mode - so I got awakened this time, opened the door, and there he was, all smiles, in an office attire, like a child in a candy store. Whereas, I still want to sleep more, not minding to be late, I just want my sleep!

In a way, one can say it was flattering, the times he had visited and attempted to catch me in my place. Also, one can look at it as ... sort of like stalking. Although I do not felt, it was a thought. So, I di did not refuse and welcomed him to my pad, to my bed ... I still want a little shut eye. My mouth and ass were on automatic sex mode but my eyes are closed not from being delirious of sex but simply sleepy.

You know what .. he placed his hands on my eyes and forced it open!!

Damn!! And that is where I simply hit him, I know it was not painful ... but I have never intentionally hurt anyone, much less a slap on the ass. That jolted me up. Likewise, that jolted me out of the sex. I find that rude, now a lesson learned, never to have sex like that again, that would be the last time.

Lesson? Please do not forced open anyone's eyes open. I find it rude.

No Show ... instant hookups

14th of December 2010. As I had Dan to visit me, so just like last week I have John scheduled again. But remembering the last time, I have set up a threesome with him, but the guy never showed up! Well, I wish him karma, he cited work as his excuse but that left me and John ... just us. But like I said, its a good thing that he is in his 40s, he is very patient and understanding. As we have scheduled , planned a threesome we just went online and search for a third. It was not easy but we have our lucked ... someone answered and then just after 10 min, we heard a knock on my door..

Expecting it was him, I opened the door and... ei, he is a twink, short guy, most likely in his teenage years, wearing a white sando. I welcomed him ... but he looked at me and John, and then said he must have made a mistake and immediately turned around and left. Huh? Ano iyon? What was that? A rejection? We did show our pics/ profile and even gave my facebook. Oh well, I guessed back on the net to search. But, I also hoped that it was just a mistake like the twink said, no matter how weird that sound. I mean, perhaps it was simply that, because that could not be the guy we just hooked up online, here in 10 minutes?

Well, a bit more time later and we did received a txt and another knock ... the previous one was really a fluke!

It was a threesome but this time, my ass was not on the line. I guess how much I like John - I know he would be a fuck bud, a good friend ... but it was definitely at most just a friendship not the mysterious chemistry I have with Dan. At least two guys had some fun in my place.

Abrakadabra .. now you see now you dont

Monday the 13th December of 2010. That is almost two weeks ago, no entries since then. I might have lost my mojo, lost my muse, I was unable to post anything new really. In my blog, I have reserved the episodes of the past weekend but the last two postings were just pics, although I do remember the stories behind them. Anyway the pics would juggled my mind, and I remember Carl not wanting a picture, hence the hand to stop the camera.

What gives? I guess it was because Dan mentioned that he was robbed and I just braved my sunday to go out and help him. Then, that monday, we were together again. I think I was late the following day in the office. There was the hunger ... and the fear. You see, he wanted me to be exclusive to him and yet was I ready for a commitment? Was he ready for a commitment?

We had a talk, a kowloon dinner, and then made love. Ooops, did I say love not sex? Love it may be, I know not the future. I stressed out, if a person loves someone, one should accept him for what he is, not to impose changes. And so, I continued but subconsciously lost it... thus no new draft at all. Anyway, now that Christmas is over, happiness should not be dependent on one person, who might not even be sincere, just full of promises. And so ... I reaffirm myself.. ENJOY LIFE. Enjoy whatever moments of happiness it offers.

Happy Holidays!!!