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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Saturday Surprise I - Quickie at 6 pm

11 December 2010. Carlo is someone I was chatting with last Saturday. I spent the afternoon just updating my blog, downloading the pics from my camera and uploading them in this blog and other sites such as my pr and yahoogroup. Somehow he had gotten aroused by them and wanted to meet that day .. duhhh.. I found it so sudden. But I remember one of the "secrets" is to keep an open door, an open schedule. I did dillydally because I do not want to spend that day just at home, unable to do anything else. But time flies so fast ... so what the heck, come on, ok, drop by before your christmas party, lets have a private party.

Thus, Carlo came to my house, I was not yet that ready just freshly showered and all. He was apologetic being chub but he seems fine, bulky yes, but just more meat to hold and embrace. He said, wait till I get my shirt off, oh wow.. he is big, and fat but I do not mind. I find myself in passion, in heat in having sex with him. I do not know why, I guess I was carried by his enthusiasm and likewise his eagerness. Also, that aside from knowing that what we are doing is already nasty, we know that his officemates are already waiting in Christmas Pary, and there were are, both alumni of one school, pumping it up!

I will be honest, he is big, chunky, would be a chub to others, I might under another circumstance, hesitated with him - but he was hot, there was something sexy with his confidence or probably his level of hornyness, we sort of feed on each others hunger, there was passion, there was heat. We were sucking, kissing, hugging, till the time I sat on his cock, rocked on it like it was a rocking chair, and to the time he came inside me!

It was spontaneous, and it was fun. I dont know if he was open or not about the pictures, its just that things happen so fast, that we were sort of burning in our passion that upon meeting, being alone in my pad, it was straight to bed, taking each other's clothes, we were hungry for each other, a hunger satiated when he came.. and came

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