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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Intimacy with Tony

Sunday, 26th of December 2010. Surprisingly, I have not updated my blog for almost two weeks. True to the holiday season, I had been pre occupied and that at times, the internet connection was really slow. And then, this morning I received a call from Tony, he arrived yesterday and can not wait to meet me! Finally, we are going to consumate what we have been chatting about!

I got excited and then before I knew it, I have been updating this blog! This post would be my ninth entry today. Tony and I did not had sex, we made love, I spent the afternoon till evening, and we shared a dinner together.

Let me continue ... had to take a break from last night, connection was so bad, hard to upload any photos, uploading was like eternity. I guess Sun Broadband does not work well at nights or when its cloudy, and just uploading that first photo was almost like eternity.

I have posted before the cybersex that Tony chatted about and today it would be a reality! Its not everyday that I would get to meet someone that would make an excuse for his family, limited his time to be of being back here just for the holidays. I was silent for fear that I might not be worth the time and effort he made to meet me. This time, an exception, I agreed to go out and meet him in SM Makati. Why the exception from my usual norm of simply waiting in my pad ? Because I trust and know he would not stood me up, after all, we were texting and calling each other to the time I met him. He said he was in SM Supermarket so I went straight only to find out, I have to double back since he had walk to the information booth. He was there wearing a Nike Blue shirt fitted on his body - a good muscled body, his chest developed without doubt! Damn! Not as I was expecting. He emailed me to his pictures, I remember him to be tanned and thin, the typical slim Filipino, no chest, no bulges, no muscles - "That is an old picture from the beach" which is why he was thinner and darker. He was sexier in person!

Funny, we took the jeep from Glorietta to Libertad. We talked and he was eager but we were in public and am sure, our seatmates would hear my answers. He has a very frienly welcoming smile, I could melt into them. I choose to look outside, I have to brace myself. He is almost perfect, mature, physically attractive, married, two kids, an expat - meaning, this would be most likely the first and the last. I just have to relish every moment.

The moment I closed the door to my apartment, he hugged me and kissed me. It was heaven, a lot have asked if I do kiss, and usually I do not, but everyone kiss, more so if you connect or like the person. Kissing is more intimate for me. That kiss seemed longer than it was.

Finally, we made it to my room. .... I am finding it hard to write, to find the most appropairate wrods for the experience. Nicer to say that I fell asleep later in his arms, or should I say passed in bed? Yes, one can say it was the usual, kiss, suck ... but just in preparing me for deper intimacy.. he used his tsa ... forgot what it means.. all i remember was the sensation of his finger in my prostate, his mouth on my cock, and his other finger on my nipple. It was an orgy of sensations but with only one person. It was such, that rarely, it was... gaining conciousness, I asked him for that again, till i cum!


  1. Glad you updated, Bert. Great Christmas reading!! Waiting for more!!! Merry Christmas!

  2. Dear Bert, thanks for a lovely post. I am grateful for the time we shared together. Here's wishing you a prosperous New Year and here's to more fun and sex! Take care friend and hope you find happiness and peace in 2011.

  3. wow parang ansarap naman ni tony :) is he pinoy?