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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Papa John, Daddy John, papalicious, daddylicious

Wednesday, 08 december 2010. Ting asked me "Where you not afraid of him?"

Huh? No, why?

He was big.

And I thought about John, pondered about him. I never did felt any fear or reservation from the time I saw him at my door. John is not the typical Filipino type, he has that latino whiteness, he would be considered as tisoy. Just touched 40, he definitely would be classified as the daddy type but not the soft kind. I would not say he is chubby for what I felt on his arms and body are meat, muscles under that skin. The best word to describe John is that he is stocky. It is that stockiness that it makes the cuddles, the tight hugs nicer.

Actually, he was a no show before. He already texted that he would visit me but he did not show up. This time, he said he would really show up. Nothing much better to do, I was at my pad - if he comes, good, if he does not come, that would not spoil my night. I even have prepared myself a Nescafe, masarap kahit sa gabi, decaf naman eh.

And then I saw him on the door, he reminded me of a movie start - Jovity Moya!! Then he told me, its not the first time that somebody have made such a comment. But aside from that star, others have mentioned his resemblance to the late Ric Segretto. Yeah, there is that special attraction of him. He sat down on the sala, I offered water while I continue to enjoy my Nescafe decaf. I took note of his backpack, that turquoise blue samsonite, that he was carrying up front. (in pinoyexchange, a topic or thread have asked why does pinoys carry their back pack in front - to avoid robberies!) I like the color of his bag, its the same color as most of my stuff, but I would not dare buy that brand for although it is top brand, I consider the price above my means.

I reached for his bag to put down on the floor, I sensed he was still a little weary. No need to rush things, so we talk more. He is indeed a daddy type having one child, but like other OFW families, he is now separated from his wife. I felt sorry and I initiated the move, I sat beside, started to caress his arms, his legs. NICE!! VREY VERY FIRM!! He was edgy.

"I dont kiss" he said.

and I replied "no problem with me"

"please no photos"

With such a please, how could I say no. I just said yes.

It was time, and so I asked him to go to my bedroom. I guided him, edged him to my bedroom. No problem. He is mature enough, we just got naked, and I was smiling. I have a stocky fellow, which is like doing it with a muscled guy.

He said he is just normal, average, typical, regular - what the fuck?!! I told him he is not just normal, he is above average, atypical, special!

"Special child?"

I have to quell my laughter, that would kill the mood. "Your special because your cock is so hard, it is simply delight to suck it" and I again drove to stuff my mouth with it. I wanted to reply back that he is gifted, man, having his hard cock inside my mouth and holding on to his hairy and hard body? Duhhh... The man is without a doubt the ideal man that most would dream about. He is totally, undeniably discreet. If I met him on the streets, unless he gave me the eye contact, I would never guess that I can have someone like him over my body.

Physically, I would agree that his member is just average, typically filipino - very hard. But what made so special is that he proved that performance is a better gauge! After I have sucked his cock, I placed the lubed and sat on him - from there it was a series of positions and hard pumping. He stopped at times, thinking I was hurting - it hurt but in a very delightful way, that I always have to squeeze my ass and wiggle it to edge him to continue. Aside from the word HARD, perhaps one can say that the sex was almost like brutal, he was slamming my ass, banging it with his manhood, controlling his cock as he grinds my ass, move his cock at different possible angles. He would press on me his weight, fucking with so much intensity that I grimaced and groaned in delight. He definitely knows how to fuck, holdng my foot apart, splitting me wider, directing on how I should position myself.

I hate to admit it, but I was forced to realize that although I was able to take him all in - I could not last that much hard fucking, that slamming of his stiff rod, holding on to his firm arms, legs - not to mention how he would hold apart my legs! I called for a break, a time out! Me! But that is the reality. Next time, I would have another bottom for him! Likewise, I told him that I still need to meet my mother.

"So, split? But I am not yet finished"

I smiled and since my legs and ass needed a time out, it was my mouth and hand that continued. He moaned and enjoyed, until he came. Like I have written before, I aim to please!

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