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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Life is a surprise!

7 December 2010, I met Dan. I had a very, very blue monday. Twice I was teary eyed, fought to hold down my tears, fought from running to the comfort room or out of the office to cry. So yesterday, I do not have the strength or motivation to go to work and thus I went on leave, just the same as today. Yeah, I have the blues - depression is on the door. I have opened the door, and it just stood there, and I saw the streets, the common people and saw their life. I went back online, to a surreal world - Dan dared me to meet him, he said he feels my need for company. Oh, good, a friend online, someone I have met years ago - even before I left for abroad. The same friend that an ex said I would never be intimate with.

I message him that I was still in bed but willing to meet him, he said, no - he feels like I would not go out to meet him. It felt like reverse psychology. But I pushed myself out of the house, I go by my instincts, I trust my intuition, others would label it be an obsessive compulsive behavior, ok then. We met just outside SM Appliance, I was lining up for the free gift wrap. He has an air of detachment, moreno, sharp eyes and facial features, thinking of him reminds me of the avatar movie - those sharp jaw lines, and a stud beneath his lower lip.

A friend then and a friend now. My mind wanders with all my problems, my mind was not focused on our conversation or on him. He says something and I immediately reflect on it, and as I say = lipad utak, my brain ponders on it and I drift away, and he would call me back. Still lost on what to do or where to go, we ended up snacking in McDonalds Glorietta, just to get to know each other, kill time.

Where to? Where else? Back here on my pad, no where else to go with the big electric fan that I had purchased. Here, considering it a friend, nothing, just open the box, set up the electric fan. He used my laptop, so finding the whole thing simply a friendly time, wholesome, I opened the DVD and placed the 14 SWORDS dvd movie. Onwards with my DVD marathon. In using my laptop, Joshua RN was online asking for my number. I sat by his side to tell my response. I needed a hug, and placed my arms on his shoulders.

"Thank you for being a friend, I need one right now"

"But I see you have a lot of friends on your blog"

"Yeah, they are there, but they are more there for this - " and i groped his groin to show where my blog friends are more concerned with. Oh my god, what turns out a fishing for something found a growing hard on! I should have not touched him!

He moaned, simply moaned from pleasure of my touch " ohhhh, ahhhh "


"Sorry, it has been three months I had not had sex with. Tigasin pa naman ako"

"Why the abstinence? You are a scorpio, malibog (horny)"

"I try not to be active since I am scared of the catching anything"

Oh my ... I placed the wrong dvd movie. I stopped the 14 SWORDS and placed a male porn as was my usual habit. Then I turned back on him - there acgually no need for it, the prolonged abstinence have ignite a fire on him.

It was a fire of sexual urges that consumed both of us. I took him in my mouth, he groaned more, enjoying the wetness, the tightness of my oral muscles. I was also very much excited, all the cares, all the problems forgotten. I was lost in touching him, having my hands on his chest, my hands holding his legs, my head bobbing up and down his throbbing cock.

His cock was different, it was definitely spheroid shape, the stem is not straight, after the head, it was sort of round then tapered down to his body. It was so much delight sucking him again and again, which is what we did. I would suck him, stop, he would then caress and hold me. I would be hard with his hands on my chest and cock, i myself gasping from the pleasure. I was repeatedly lost taking him in and his making out with me.

When I could no longer control myself, I placed a condom on his cock and slowly sat on him. It was painful, I controlled myself, knowing that the pain would go away, and pleasure would sit in. I grimaced, and he said sorry , It was a very welcome pain. Before, he could push me off, I put all my weight on my ass, hurting and yet blissful, it felt nice, felt good, felt fulfilling to have all of him inside me. He started fucking me, pushing his pelvic a bit up and down. It became a noisy, hot, love making. It was ... torrid sex.

Then, we changed positions and he I was on my back, he was on top. I got an insight, and took two shots of him while he is fucking my ass. Both posted, one just his body, and the other with my feet covering his face. He took long in coming, enjoying fucking my ass, I had my fill of his dick. It was ... definitely fulfilling, until he could no longer hold on and came.

We ended up sleeping, embraced in each other's arms. Then, once more early morning before he left for work.

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  1. This has to be one of the hottest blogs you've posted Bert. Hope you and Dan have repeat sessions. I wanna know more about you two. There is apparent chemistry there!