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Sunday, December 26, 2010

No Show ... instant hookups

14th of December 2010. As I had Dan to visit me, so just like last week I have John scheduled again. But remembering the last time, I have set up a threesome with him, but the guy never showed up! Well, I wish him karma, he cited work as his excuse but that left me and John ... just us. But like I said, its a good thing that he is in his 40s, he is very patient and understanding. As we have scheduled , planned a threesome we just went online and search for a third. It was not easy but we have our lucked ... someone answered and then just after 10 min, we heard a knock on my door..

Expecting it was him, I opened the door and... ei, he is a twink, short guy, most likely in his teenage years, wearing a white sando. I welcomed him ... but he looked at me and John, and then said he must have made a mistake and immediately turned around and left. Huh? Ano iyon? What was that? A rejection? We did show our pics/ profile and even gave my facebook. Oh well, I guessed back on the net to search. But, I also hoped that it was just a mistake like the twink said, no matter how weird that sound. I mean, perhaps it was simply that, because that could not be the guy we just hooked up online, here in 10 minutes?

Well, a bit more time later and we did received a txt and another knock ... the previous one was really a fluke!

It was a threesome but this time, my ass was not on the line. I guess how much I like John - I know he would be a fuck bud, a good friend ... but it was definitely at most just a friendship not the mysterious chemistry I have with Dan. At least two guys had some fun in my place.

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