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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Gratitude to Tony and Iceberg

Tuesday, 28th of December 2010. Tony brought a small present and joked that it was small pastry! Actually it was two small towels arranged like it was a small chocolate cake! He also left 10 pieces of dotted okamoto condoms and a tube of lube.

I left the office in the afternoon for hot chocolate and ensaymada at starbucks waltermart in pasay road corner pasong tamo. To date, that would be the only eyeball - a talk that extended more than Iceberg wanted. I am more time conscious but enjoying the discussion I intentionally did not remind him, besides if he is pressed for time as he stated earlier, I let him be the one to cut it off - he is a good conversationalist. He also brought with him a promised gift - a black hom sheer underwear! So for the first time, enjoy some pics of me wearing the black underwear, sorry for my figure slowly getting full again!

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  1. for somebody in their early 40's you are in reamarkable shape....cheers to all over 40...