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Sunday, December 26, 2010

A Surprise Blessing - Flonoir

16th of December 2010, I spent the day contemplating. What was the real piss of, turn off - that I woke up for a booty call or that my eyes were forced open? I had morning sex before, waking up with someone fucking my ass, or waking up from a dry fuck to a suck to a good fuck ... yeah, I was pissed off because he forced open my eyes, I mean, there is nothing romantic or sexual from that, its more like a torture scene.

But life is like that, you have ups and downs. As the morning was irritatingly unforgettable, making me frown, the day ended with a smile. There would be bad moments, bad experiences and I get over them hoping for the next one would be a good one, that is life, there is bad and ugly and then there is the good and beautiful.

Looking back, I find it now funny, to have the morning with someone older than me by a year or two, married with children and to spend the evening with someone so much younger by 23 years and single. Flonoir message me that day asking that he finds my photos interesting and that he is only 21, he would love to learn, to experience what I can offer. Based on his profile, Flonoir is only 21 years old, 5-6 and around 130 lbs. But he lives in another city and already working. I said yes but was very sceptic, doubtful if he would really show up on my doorsteps, the day then did not start right. But it did end well, Flonoir did show up, around 930 and we parted around 1115 pm! It was not just a quickie.

I hope I did teach him well, I let him experience my tongue, my cock, and my ass. He reciprocated by doing the same thing, he was either well experienced or simply a past learner. I would rather think he is a fast learner ... only had to caution him for taking too much time on my leg - ended up with a kiss mark there. I cautioned him to not dwell too much so he would not leave a kiss mark. No one likes a kiss mark. We talk and exchange notes afterwards, thus prolonging our time together, I have to push him out and steel myself, else we would have spent the night into morning.

Young and shy, no cock pics but I was able to take some pics... enjoy!


  1. puede po makuha number nya?

  2. Ahmmm..pag-iisipan ko po if I can give u my number..:D

  3. Sarap, hope I can experience the same thing.

  4. hahaha...what kind of same experience u want to have????