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Sexcapades 2


1:10 am, November 29, 1999. Back on my keyboard, trying to note what happened less than an hour ago. Coming from Robinsons Manila, dining with my friends Caloy and George. My lover did not show up despite my invitation, he chose to watch End of Days with a supposed to be classmate RG. I was feeling left out and insecure about it. George was saying that my lover is worth being the martyr, I don't know, I was not sure, better to keep my brain on something else. If its any consolation, I have the cookies brought by Caloy and George - cookies for tasting.

I was not sure whether to take a taxi home, they have left ahead. Then there was this white taxi, with a driver typical Filipino wearing white - he was definitely looking at me, eyeing me as a passenger. A little voice said - go ahead, go home. And so instead of waiting for another taxi to pass by in front of me, I crossed the parking lot to him.

In the car, trying to forget my lover. I offered the taxi driver a cookie. He smiled and I gave him a chocolate cookie, he ate it and said it was delicious. I smiled really, then we noticed two cars which have bumped into one another. I said he should be careful. He said with this rain and all, it is not surprising that roads are really slippery.

"Oh be careful, I want to reach home, I want to suck someone"

Naughty me, I like to shock other people - mostly taxi drivers I would never meet again. People would not immediately conclude am gay, I stand around 5-8 and weight around 160 lbs. I was in good shape thanks to the gym and good genetics. He was silent for a few seconds, and he replied.

"No. You would reach home. Why would someone go to your apartment?"

Hmmmmm, possibilities! I smiled, I have not planned or thinking anything but this shows some potential.

"Well I would be making some calls, and who knows?"

He had finished the cookie. I said "Try this other cookie"

He took the second cookie, the chocolate crinkle.

"My friend baked them, he was trying out these recipes for Christmas"

"Is it commercial? What oven does he use?"

"Nothing, just an ordinary home oven. Which do you like?"

" I like the first one better."

"What do you think of the second one?"

"Its ok, but not as milky or as good as the first one."

"That is also our opinion. My friend would appreciate your comment. Would you like to have some coffee?"

"At your place?"

"Why not?"

"Hmmm, I don't know I might not like the coffee."

"Well, tell me, how do you like to take your coffee? We could fix it the way you want it."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes, I live alone."

"What is it? Your pad?"

"Just an apartment unit, its an apartment building."

We are nearing my place, just three blocks away. In less than five minutes, we would reach my place. Hmmm, just the right timing.

"Why don't you go down and have some coffee?"

"I am not sure."

"Hey, it is still raining I doubt if you can get some passengers. Likewise, its not the first time that a taxi driver came up my place."

"How many have been there? Are you that experienced?"

I smiled. And I told him about the time I have been fucked by a mature driver, the time I got fucked and fucked someone in return, and the first timer who came and came in my mouth. I know I was getting him a bit horny with my stories.

"There, that's the corner, that is where I live. Why not come down, have some coffee."

"I am not sure. The parking for the taxi is not that nice."

"Don't worry, you are not the first one, nothing ever happened before. The timing is nice, its raining, its cold - see not so many people around."

"I think some other time."

"Why waste the opportunity? There park on that spot. Come now. It wont take that long, usually its only from 10 -15 minutes."

I smiled, he was parking the taxi. He is neat looking, dark skin, nicely tanned. His hair is full, his teeth clean and nice. He has a flat chest, definitely masculine, definitely a man, just willing to experiment!

I went to the apartment, he followed. He was looking around my small pad, he asked for some water. I gave him some, and apologized that it is not cold. I led him to the room, and immediately opened the VHS, playing a man to man movie. Those usually attracts their attention since it is not so common here in the Philippines - for them to watch two masculine men copulating, sucking one another.

He sat on my bed and I opened his pants.

"I am not that big, I am small."

I smiled at him, I was not after size, I was after the situation. Imagine, a masculine man, a driver standing 5-7 around 140 lbs is in front of me - and I am going to have him. The thrill and excitement of getting another supposedly straight man, corrupting him, making him feel the orgasm of a man to man sex!

I opened his pants, nothing more, and pulled down to see his cock. It was still flaccid, yes definitely a straight man, just wanting to experiment. You see, that is one indication at times, he is not exactly horny or gay - otherwise, the cock would already be hard and ready at this time.

Soft as it was, I placed my lips on it. I flick my tongue on the head. I puckered my lips tightening on his cock. My head bob up and down. He was quiet, I continued to suck him, and slowly he became hard. His cock was getting bigger, yes…. I was finding it difficult to have him in

my mouth. What a modest man, such a nice cock to suck. His smell is that of sweat, definitely that of a man, open to experience but not so used to it. He just lied back, watching the movie as I enjoyed his cock.

"Sorry, I don't cum so easily."

I smiled and lick his cock, going down for the balls. I have not disrobed him of his clothes or anything else - it would not go more than 15 min. I just want to taste him, have a cock. I was touching his nipples while I suck, my hands moving. I then moved my lips to his nipples, making my tongue swirl each nipple, I felt his body quiver and his cock getting harder in my hands. I pumped his cock with my hand while I suck his nipple.

I know he was enjoying it, but I could not go on sucking the nipple. The cock was getting massive and harder, more enticing, more succulent to suck specially with its big smooth purplish head! I sucked him again while masturbating him. Then, his body was moving, I felt his legs tense, and I tasted his semen. I heard nothing, but I felt his body. His cum was sweet and good, I felt it come forcefully in my mouth. Yes…….. another taxi driver.

"You taste good. By the way, what is your name.?"

"Gerry." And looking still at the movie, "he has a big cock"

"They are foreigners, they have bigger cocks. But I like yours just as well."

Looking at the video, he was sort of mesmerized while Jeff Stryker was fucking another guy. By this time, I have spewed his cum and gargled Povidone Betadine. At this point, he just stood up (I guess my 15 minutes is up - right on schedule). I brought him to the gate and I gave my fare to him, normally I would only be paying Php 50 (equivalent to US$ 1.25 - yes, just a dollar and a quarter) but I handed twice the amount. He was quiet, seemed he did not even want to accept the money. I pushed it in, and smiled, "Do cum back again"

He smiled back. And I looked back at him getting to his taxi, and memorized the plate - it is a white Toyota with license plate TTD 814. Try him, if you see the taxi!


It was a bit rainy here in the Philippines. We only have two seasons, the dry and the wet season. The wet season is colder and bearable if you like carrying an umbrella. I get more bored during the wet season, however the colder climate seems to make more males yearn for body heat. In this case, I have not had some action from my lover. It was a bloody boring Wednesday, so off I walk to Greenbelt theater from Makati Cinema Square, passing by the Greenbelt park.

My eyes are alert, and as I walk I came cross a tall 5-8 140 lb good looking guy. He was athletically slim, my type. Our eyes made a contact, and I felt something, and as before, I continued walking straight and then take a look back. He had also stop and looking back. That is the way here, eye contact, then go on as if nothing, then check by looking back. If both of you have stopped and looking back, then there is the chance - good chances of possibilities!

I turned and walk backward, going nearer to him. He likewise have stopped, and walked back, nearer to me. It was raining. So we continued and met halfway, going near one display window, just two people sort of standing by for the rain to stop. I like at his eyes, so young and so expressive. YES! There would be something tonight.

I was surprised to know his name is gilbert, what a coincidence. I was sort of doubting his word, then he showed me his id and other cards showing he is indeed a gilbert. He then invited me back in his office which is just at the Corrinthian Plaza, right across Greenbelt Theater. He said he was the last one to close the office, no one is there. I agreed and we both went to his office.

He guided me to their pantry. One side is to the Paseo de Roxas, facing Greenbelt theater. I could see the cars and people walking by. I was wearing a jumper under my polo. I said, I feel constrained and wet, can I take my polo off? He said yes. I stand 5-8 150 lbs, and I used to work out in the gym, thus I know I have a good chest, and was generally in good form. He was looking at my body. I took my top off, exposing my chest. He let his hands wander and placed his tongue on my nipples. It was so good! He knows how to suck, my dick rose to the occasion. I was wondering if the people on the streets can see us, if they can see the silhouette of two people in passion. He sucked on my body, then proceeded to disrobed me, leaving me in my blue topsiders. We were in the pantry, with me seating on a table, as if an entrée where he is eating me out!

He stopped and guided me to the General Manager's room. It appears bare except for the sofa, table and chairs. Gilbert explained that the General Manager of the Yellow pages have resigned thus it is bare of office papers. He guided me on the sofa, then he straddled me, placing his cock in my mouth. My mouth openly accepted his member, and then he was fucking my mouth. I was ecstatic from the experience. I like his long slim cock, I can forever suck him. Then he guided me to lie on my stomach. I know then that he would try to fuck me, from behind, like a dog in eat. I offered no objection. I felt him force himself - I clenched my mouth from the pain, the intrusion of his cock inside my ass!!!

I held on to his hips, motioning him to stay, for me to adjust to his dick. He was still and then slowly moved on, going further and deeper into my ass. Then he would go out and in again, I was beginning to feel the pressure, the sweet happiness of his slow fucking.

It felt so good, he fucked me on my back while I jacked myself off. But it was so good, with his cock so long and full - I motioned him to stop. I proceeded to the President's table, there I lay down on my back, with legs up in the air. He then proceeded to enter me again, the feeling was so different. Hmmmmmm. I could forever stay in that position. He hold on, fucking in, fucking out. I could see his slim body. Then I felt it, my cum spurted high, drenching my whole body. It was so nice, we came together.

He cleaned me with his handkerchief, taking away any evidence of the fuck, the semen I came out with. So next time, open your eyes, who knows what may be offered to you. The yellow pages allows your finger to do the walking, but this guy is something else, he let his cock do the walking!

9 - Jeffrey a Star Cinema Viewer

People like to do it the dark, they love the thrill of illicit sex, of taking the risk in anonymous sex. Likewise, there is a problem in terms of the national economy. We have what we call third run theaters. Movie theaters that have not been maintained and have become run down, but still show movies at prices less than the good ones. Most of these movie houses does not have good air conditioning if they have one. But here, men love to watch these double featured shows but what happens on the seats and on the sides. The casual sex is easy, to watch a movie here is tantamount to saying you are cruising - the only problem are the professionals, for some it was for the pleasure of sex, and others are basically to earn money.

I did not report to the office, I was uneasy, my hormones were raging mad. My whole body was yearning for a release, it was crying for some hot male sex. Jacking off was useless, it would not suffice. Thus, I went to Star Cinema, a third run theater near Liberated street in Pasay City, it was walking distance to my place. Although I try to be discreet and all - the normal rule of never in your own backyard, this I do not keep in this place. After all, although I can walk going to the theater, most of the guys there are from far flung places, who are trying illicit sex in our city not theirs. I have visited the place several times, I was uneasy at first but I was getting used to it, comfortable in it.

So there, I went inside on the top section. It costs Philippine Peso 27 only, less than an American dollar. It was dark and I went to left side where there is an electric fan. There were already some people. Standing there, I felt some touching me already. I saw some guy being sucked, another guy was kneeling in front, while two were sucking each of his nipples! I did not come close less I be part of the ongoing orgy. I have fair skin and I stand around 5-8, taller than the average Filipino. Thanks for some Chinese / Spanish blood, I am fairer and smoother than most brown Filipinos - thus I attract attention.

I was watching it up close, and the sight is making me more horny, making me squirm. Then, I felt a hand feeling me up. I could not see his features, but I grope for his crotch. He is well endowed, he seems to be shorter and dark. His cock was ready, very hard and willing. Touching such a big rigid dick, send my mind swirling. I want him inside me! But not here, if I allow him to fuck me here, people would not only watch and fondle me - they would try to get a taste of my ass too. Although I have some condom in my pocket, I only have a few pieces.

My mind swirled and then I asked him to follow me. With a tent on his pants, we went to a door, the way to the camera man. We closed it, and I pulled my pants down. He also pulled his down, with me placing a condom on it - which was a bit difficult, he is so hard and so big! It would definitely hurt me! I bent over, he was at my back pressing his cock into my ass. Then I felt him go in, I was biting my tongue less I make a sound. He was breaking me, he was hurting me like hell, but I was holding on for I know it would feel better later on. A cock that hard and big is just ripe for fucking.

Then the door opened. There is this 15 year old boy who was shocked, he was looking at us. Me and my partner with our pants down, me with a raging hard on, his dick inside me.

"It is forbidden here. If the operator catches you, he would be mad"

I was too horny to be embarrassed. Ugh. Never been caught literally with my pants down, and a cock inside me. We quickly pull up our pants. I was not thinking anymore, no one has ever fucked me in my house - for the sake of decency and discreteness I have never brought a fuck inside our house. But then, I know my parents are at the hospital and what the heck, taking chances, with an interrupted sex, I simply invited him over.

There in my house, in my room, I personally took his pants down. He was still hard, all the time we were walking - it must have been painful. I was surprised his cock was still wearing to condom. There in my own bed, I got to smear him with some lubricant, and he easily fucked me. He was fucking me like a dog, but he was banging me with such tenacity, I could not stay being on my fours, I went down lying on my stomach. He was still fucking me till he came, his whole body shuddered, triggering my own orgasm! It was so wild, so fulfilling.

That was not our first time, it was repeated until we became lovers. It was only after our sex that I learned his name to be Jeffrey. Sad to say, I called the relationship off when I learned he went on a date with a friend of mine who told me about it although he was denied it. I remember the love, more so the caught in the act sex!! I would have been so embarrassed if I was not so horny.


It was in 1999 that I got to move to the Apartment Building. I would be somehow on my own although not exactly, since my parents just live across the street. We own the building so I would not be paying any rent, they want me to use it as an office. It was exciting, I have to save to get most of the things I needed. Likewise my best friend Loi's lover is moving on the third floor. The fourth floor or penthouse, whatever, is already reserved for my brother. He would be getting married this year thus he would be getting the whole floor.

Loi and I noticed immediately the open door of the apartment at the end of the third floor. The ground floor has two room, the second and third has four units. We only have one stairway for the building. I do not know them much. Somehow, they know me being the son of their landlady. We got to know the tenant of that room. Two of them are husband and wife, who left for Taiwan. The third tenant is Jun, brother to the girl. Jun is short, around 5-4, and 140 lbs but he has a nice smile. Loi immediately took a liking to him. I did not, I am not looking and my radar is off. I have recently parted from a relationship but I was still seeing him, and fucking with him.

I was surprised to know that Jun have been living in the apartment for around two years. He said its true, and that we don't know each other because I am snobbish. I was flabbergasted and was silent, all I could manage was a timid and modest smile. He then added that the usually see me in my towel at our house! OH my, our house across has big windows and we do not usually bother with curtains since they are tinted. But I remember when a friend was renting that apartment a few years back - I could likewise see into our sala from that place. And at night, with the room lighted, one could see inside. Oh my! But then, why should that bother him? A peeping tom for a tenant!

But then, why should my body interest him? Is he gay? Bisexual? I gave him another look, assessing things. He looks so straight, not a hint on my gay radar. And if he is open to gay sex, should I? My supposed lover is open that I try other men as long I have them only for sex and not for love - and that I do use condoms.

I do not remember how or when. He ended in my apartment, I was all alone. Being friendly I gave him access even to my room. In my room is a vhs player and some man to man tapes and some gay magazines. That would be a tell tale.

"What are these tapes? Can I watch them?"

"Uhmmmm, those are blue tapes. Man to man sex. I have sex with other men, please don't tell anyone. My parents does not know."

He look into my eyes and said "its ok, I had some myself in the past. Can I watch these tapes?"

I placed the tapes on, picking a very masculine but saucy one. I stayed to watch it with him. We watched, and it was obviously affecting him, he was touching his crotch. I have watched it several times thus it does not have any effect on me but I was also getting horny watching him. He knows I have a lover, I know he would not dare, I have to make the first move.

I advanced to him, touching his crotch. He did not mind. Our eyes locked to each other. We then hastily removed each other's clothing. I went down on him, sucking him. He was moaning like no tomorrow. Then I guided him on to my body, he suck my nipples, my big hard chest. I was getting hornier and harder than ever, my cock aching for a warm mouth. I pushed his head downwards, then he stopped - looked at me and said " I do not suck, I have never suck anyone."

It would have been ok but I want head! So with the most sadful eyes and facial expression I could muster, I said "Please? Even just a kiss?"

He was reluctant, taking his time, and I gave him time. He then slowly placed his lips on my dick hear, then I felt his warm lips engulf my prick head. I tilted my head up in ecstasy! Men, I love men, I love the way they suck. They are natural suckers, eventhough its their first time!

He was good, oh my - I guess from the countless times he had been suck and knows what makes him happy.

I was hard and I proceeded it to the finality of our sex. He then stood up and wanted to fuck me - I have expected that. Most men would want to fuck me, they are rarely content on having me suck them. I guess it thrills them more to fuck a manly looking guy, giving his ass - it reaffirms their machismo, specially after coaxing them to suck me. I placed a condom on his ass and I lay down on the bed, placing a throw pillow on my ass. The pillow would help.

He slowly eased his manhood into my ass cunt, it was a tight fit, but the lubricant help. Then he was all inside, he was not big, just average. But his hardness and size was something, I could feel every bit of his cock. With big cocks, at times I have to concentrate longer into not feeling the pain, into adjusting. His was average, so nice for fucking. He slowly moved, moving in and out, and I could really feel his every movement, I could feel him inside me. Thus I slowly writhe in the pleasure. I was biting my lips less I groan loudly. He was fucking me very hard, he was looking in to my eyes with deep concentration, sor of trying to take revenge that I made him taste my cock. He was enjoying himself, fucking me slow, fucking me hard, slamming his whole body against mine. I feel each and every movement, he startles my body, but I was taking it all. He was banging himself on me, but instead of pain, I was enjoying it. He liked it, fucking me furiosly than ever. I was gasping more and more, taking up air - breathing harder. He was fucking me harder and deeper. Then - I came! My come spurted out, flying into my chest. He saw it, and it triggered his own orgasm. He shuddered, making me feel more of his fucking. Then he stop!

Well, I guess he enjoyed it, for that was not the first nor the last. Whenever my lover is not around, he goes down. I do not keep secrets to my lover, thus, one time, my lover asked him down to play cards with us. In front of him, my lover asked me to feed him, kissing me in front of Jun. In a sweet way, Bosch showed who I am really subservient is. Jun got the message and I loss him. When his sister and brother in law left, so did he.


I have know Lidy for quite sometime. We, a friend of mine and I met him at Jeff's café, a sing along bar in Malate. Filipinos are artistic, they love to sing, thus we have a lot of sing a long bars where people can meet other people. He was seating alone. Mel, my friend thought he was a male prostitute thus paid him not much attention although he was sexually appealing. I pointed out that he has a pastry box on his table thus he could not be a working boy otherwise he would be empty handed. When he was trying to order and the waiter did not notice him since he was at our back, Mel ordered in his behalf and introduced himself. Soon, the three of us were in one table. His name is Lidy, and soon we all left. Mel was delighted with our find, he was well endowed but Mel is already committed. Lidy however became our friend, and I became the alibi. It was presented that Lidy and I have an affair so Mel's lover would not smell a thing.

As friends, Lidy is nice - he simply shows up with our gimmicks. And at another friends party, Lidy became the lover of Loy - that was June 26 1998 theoretically. I remember that day, Lidy was drunk and asked me to accompany him to a bed, and I did. We fell on the bed, and for a second we were looking at one another. Somehow the moment has a magic of its one, the scene was so theatrical, so typical of the scenes in a movie, except that we do not have a fireplace to make it more romantic. So I left him alone in the room. Later, while I was taking my breakfast, Loy approach with a dreamy eyed look. He was asking me if I have any feelings for Lidy, and I said no. As far as I know, Lidy has something for Mel. Loy then admitted that something have happened between him and Lidy - and that they know consider each other committed. Wow, so fast!

Loy and Lidy agreed even to go to Puerto Galera utilizing their centennial leave. I was to go with them as their chaperone, of which I have my own misgivings - I feel uneasy being with them both. Lidy then made an ultimatum privately with me, he would cancel everything if I would not go. I know Loy's income thus I was hesitant. Lidy mentioned that I am very important to him, for him, he would not mind losing everything as long as I am there. In our vernacular, it sounded so romantic (di na baleng mawala ang lahat, huwag lang ikaw). And so I went with both of them, I would not want to disappoint Loy who was so head over heels then with Lidy.

How was the trip? Oooppsss. It did not turn out to be the honey moon that Loy was expecting. When we were dressing up in our trunks, Lidy commented to Loy "Baltazar is so sexy, don't you think so Loy?". And in our dinner, Lidy attended to me - I know he was a waiter so he is used to serving. But I was already conscious of the looks of Loy. We only rented one cottage, so after dinner I made a pretention of walking down the beach. I want them to have the privacy and I have no plans of sleeping inside the cottage with them. Actually I only sat on one of the benches outside. Then when I saw the lights turn out and I heard nothing, I slept on the porch of our cottage. I was awaken with the worried voice of Lidy fussing over me, he wanted me to sleep inside with them three. I said no, It is cooler on the outside. I have gotten more conscious - Loy was just quietly looking.

At our breakfast, I have no appetite. I was uncomfortable with the attention of Lidy. I am not used being treated out, I would have paid my share if I was not jobless. Lidy mentioned to me that I should eat "I worked for it" (in our vernacular, "pinagpaguran ko iyan"). It left a bad taste in my mouth, it seemed that whatever happened last night was not out of love nor lust, but a straightforward business transaction. On our way home, Lidy sat beside me and at one pt placed his hand on my knee - I looked at Loy who looked at his hand on my knee then on our faces then he looked in a different direction, as if he did not see anything.

The next time I saw Lidy, we went out to a sing along bar and he gave me a stuff toy. He has not met Loy again but officially they were still together. The next thing I know, Loy have called it quits. Loy said that he woke up and realized he is no longer in love with Lidy. I was quiet, I hope I have nothing to do with it.

Lidy was becoming more open and I was going out more with him. I enjoy his company but how could I know of his sincerity? Specially about his remark that we should eat a good meal since he had worked for it? But then, on my birthday, in front of everyone - for the second time he said "Baltazar is very important to me, I don't mind losing everything as long as he is there". In the vernacular he simply said " Mahalaga si Baltazar sa akin, di bale ng mawala ang lahat huwag lamang si Baltazar." It was heart warming but no dice! I was in love with someone else.

I went to Puerto Galera again during the long weekend of November 30. November 30 is a holiday in the Philippines. I was with Loy again and Paul, the one my heart was aiming for. Loy found Tony and I found myself distanced from Paul, and having two nights of sex with someone else.

Sex was nice but love was nowhere. I guess I should give up loving someone who is not reciprocating my love, my attention. I thought it would be best to learn loving someone who is in love with me. And who? Arriving home, I learned that Lidy have been calling up asking for me. I replied that I would be in my office pad, we could meet there.

Lidy is not bad looking. Mel said he knows how to make love. He is around 5-6 with a very lithe slim body. Loy would not like him if he was not fascinating. Perhaps I should consider elevating the friendship into something else.

Lidy was playing pinball on the home pc. I sat at his back and guided him in pressing the keyboard, and then I slowly lowered my hand to his waist. I was pressing his sides, hinting when he should strike the keyboard. Then I brushed my hand on his crotch and was surprised to find him already hard! He did not protest and I released his manhood from its entrapment. He was big and very hard, quite bigger than the normal Filipino cocks I have encountered in my life. One that is such a mouthful. I look at him, and our eyes met. There was lust, there was love. I understood what should be next. I lowered my head and tasted him. I placed my mouth on his smaller head. I licked his cock. He shivered from the pleasure as I closed my eyes from tasting such a dick!

I wondered how I could have deprived myself of such a pleasure! I was looking in the wrong direction. I continued my worship of his manhood, kneeling on the floor, sucking his dick, while pulling down his pants. His dick was uniformly fat, so nice and so succulent to suck. I then found my head bobbing up and down, and his hips dulating. I looked up and saw him staring at the ceiling, his mouth agape, openly moaning. I felt the quickening, the throbbing of his dick and then I tasted it in my toungue. He came with such abundance in my mouth! I stood up, and we hugged.

He said "Now, its us. I don't want you to go out with anyone else."

From friends to lovers…


Erotic stories can be true, or somewhat true and embellished for the imagination. With the current technology, I never realized that by informing other people of the sexual going on here in the Philippine I would have further experience. I have received some emails where readers share their own experience. Some senders want to meet personally, and perhaps something more. Someone mentioned that he finds me "slutty", well, I don't mind at least I know I found good male sex here in the Philippines. Funny do, he wants to sleep with me!

The new millennium provided new insights. There is this Canadian theatre actor with a Filipino lover, they have been together in an open relationships for the last five years. He said he was in his 40s. He felt that Philippines is backward and very homophobic, and in reading the section of "In the Philippines", he saw some hope for gay sex here. I confirmed that gay sex do happen here in the Philippines, one just have to be a bit sharper to sense about it and a bit more courageous to get it.

Nigel said he and his lover would be here in the Philippines this October 2000. True enough, I was surprised that he called me up on my cell that he is here. He even asked if I was available. Nigel have been sending me pictures of his cock and other sexually implicit pictures. He is tall, he is a six footer and his built reminds me somewhat of a military man. Not exactly muscled but you know the hardness, the muscles are there. He did said admit that he took time working out before.

That Saturday, October 14, his lover was out with his family. Thus, left alone, Nigel contacted me. Well, I was supposed to go to the gym and all - but I know well enough to trust my instincts. I took a bath and went to his place. My heart was pounding while I was on the elevator. And when he opened the door, I was surprised to see him. He was wearing a black transparent polo and elastic box type black underwear. I could see the outline of his package. Sure enough, when I looked into his eyes, I see nothing but pure lusts!

We kissed, my mouth searching for his tongue. Others, don't like making out with guys in their 30s or 40s, but there is nothing like experienced mature men. I was jelly in his arms. We were kissing and groping each other. I find myself so restrained in my clothing. My cock was finding itself hard and constrained. I myself placed my mouth over his cock. He guided me to his bedroom. We were naked in no time, he has a nipple ring. And his cock was a sight to behold!

True to his promise, he kissed and sucked me. The 69 was good, we were in bed lying on our sides, each mouth at each others' mouth. The feeling was ecstatic, his cock was something to behold, he was making me a potato queen - a gay who prefers western or white cock. His balls were shaved thus it was nice to lick and suck his balls, I had a time trying to take his balls one at a time in my mouth.

Experienced as he was, my legs were up in the air in no time. His cock was already protected by a black condom and lubed. I eagerly anticipated taking that huge cock in, and it slowly fucked me! Normally I was quiet, but I had to let out a gasp as he shoved his cock in my warm hole. I could not control myself, I was screaming with pain, screaming with the sensation. It was not the size, although he was big, but more of the length. He was fucking me where no one had fucked me! I felt his every thrust, his every hump on my body. It hurt to have such a cock in my ass. I felt pain and yet I felt good having him. He continued on, thumping me again and again. He was fucking me hard to my delight. I shouted when he shoved his cock to my ass, air was squeezed out of me. My legs were entwined on his body, my ass undulating around his cock - I was enjoying the fucking moment. Soon enough, his short hard fucking made him cum! I had a break and was able to take my breath - he is the fuck of my life!

What a cock, reaching to the depths of my ass where no other cock has been before. I grunt with his every thrust, with every fuck that he made. Soon, I felt his whole body slumped on me, and that is when I learned how he came. There was so much cum in the rubber, I could see his milky white sperm fluid in the black protection he took.

I was drained, almost like putty with the experience. But it only proved me to try again and again for sex. We fucked again twice that day. There is something about his size and length, being of a different race, his was bigger and longer! Never been so noisy in my life but I feel every thrust that he makes! No one had fucked me so hard, I simply have to shout out the pain, but I still wanted more. I was able to hold on coming even after he had used a yellow condom. That second time, I even tried sitting on his cock. I tried to bob up and down his endowment. I succeeded only to do so a few times, he was nailing me on the bed as I lose control and have to lie down - with his manhood still in me.

We rested and talked after that second time. I have not cum yet, and caring giant that he was, with a little help from our tongues - we were gain hard. He knows how to touch; he knows how to tickle my nipple. I was squirming and ready again for the third time. This time, he was also sucking my nipple while fucking my ass - this time I was losing control. It was painful to have such a cock, but it was so much pleasure feeling him inside me. He felt it too, I was shuddering, I was noisier than ever. As I came in his hands, he came inside me! That is how much I enjoyed his fucking me over.

PS - We stayed in contact, he shared on how he was busy meeting others here in the Philippines. His second encounter was a doctor, and they fucked thrice too! Nigel said if he had known about this, he would have went here five years ago when he can fuck all night long!

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