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Monday, May 24, 2010

My first addiction....

Sunday, 23 May 2010. I just finished reading Trudi's Black Magician trilogy - that had been my anti stress this week. I have not really gone out fishing online because I had been reading. Reading books is my first addiction, I remember the times I would stay awake all night to finish reading a pocketbook, and the times I cannot be absent, I would report and then spent most of the day inside the restroom, continuing reading my pocketbook! Oh no, I still had sex this week, thanks to good performance, I had three repeat sex, and someone new today!!

It had been pretty stressful at work and online - I received two comments from the same person, it was so hateful - saying and cursing me, and telling me not to return to my homeland less I spread plague! Duhhhh, well, thank you Mr. Anonymous hater for I did felt bad by your comment, for a moment that is... then, I know that there is karma, and if I feel bad, I would also feel good in time, like this afternoon!

I had My Lord Jorge last friday, yesterday was Bambini, and today it was Euclides - nice repeat sex. And then, I met Jerry. I am one not so good to be cooped up for so long. Euclides has a nice cock but I was so much into my reading, the sex was more of a break. We were done in less than a quarter of an hour, and I immediately took a shower and dressed up - to forestall any second round, I continued reading again.

I have been exchanging messages, email and text, with this Jerry so when he said he is here, duhhhh.... time to boot out Euclides, afterall, he already had provided the warm up sex. It was a bit frustrating at first, because Jerry was waiting at a different location!! Talk about miscommunication. Then I saw him, he is dark, shorter, and dimpled.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Surprisingly young...

Thursday, 13 may 2010. I had been resting for two days so far, yesterday and today because of a bad stomach, its my periodic diarrhea! Being on a house arrest does not do me good, I spend the day watching tv, reading, surfing - getting restless. Perhaps against my better judgement, I decided to see someone. His profile says he is 21, no mobile phone but he called me up.

I was there in Metro Chacao, waited for almost an hour and decided to go home, enough people watching, not to mention my stomach was acting up again. I know it was a bit frustrating but I believe that I would have a good karma anyway. But I was not home enough when he called me again, saying he was there waiting for me. Duhhhh, but then they do not have a good sense of time. Oh well, why not give it a shot? So I went back and tried again, looking here and there, this time i was getting a bit angry at myself, stupid for being conned twice. I mean, if he is not going to show up, what does he get from this? I said, one last round up, and made another tour of the meeting place only to find him there... young, he could not be in his 20s yet, a twink but a more defined V shape body.

It was dinner time, and I am hungry. I decided to bring him to Sambil - and being the mature one, tried to ask him any food preference. He throws back the question, hmmmm, being very polite or he does not have any idea as well, trying to bluff it out. I decided to have japanese food from bonsai sushi. Venezolanos are suppose to love japanese food but its his first time, and he does not even know how to use chopsticks or palitos as they call it. He really is sweet and young and tries to speak english as well, unfortunately, half way through the meal, i felt a churning on my stomach! From there on, it was simply yes ... si... and come tu comida (eat your food). I was rushing him, as I need to rush to the comforts of my own place.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Getting better on a threesome

Tuesday, 11 May 2010. Jose sent a message online saying he wants a threesome. I said yes but I also replied that it should be better that I was a little upset or molestiado that although the sex was good, my ass was left untouched. Sure, the guy he brought has a nice body and a very good kisser, very accomodating actually that I jacked myself to cum. But that was it - I like his cock, I like it fucking me and I felt left out when he did not do so. As such, I expressed myself. I had doubts then if he understood or was hurt or something with my reply. Nothing. I confirmed later that I was home.. if he would still come and bring his friend. He said yes.

There is really something like sexual chemistry. When I saw them at the door, I already felt nothing, that somehow the guy is not interested, and it reflected on my attitude. I could not even remember his name although he had offered and I asked it again. The guy is dark and is just a little bit more full than Jose, they are almost of the same color, he seems detached. Only later did I know he is a dentist and knows english - perhaps his detachment or lack of interest is being new or afraid of the situation, afterall, I still get to manage a hardon from him and he seems endowed. Surprsingly, he came into my mouth! So I rushed off to spit it out and gargle anew. I went back and we started again.

This time, I was the only available bottom and so they fucked me alternatively, and it was almost hard to tell which of the two pricks were fucking, until the dentist decided to simply offer his cock, and I was sucking and fucking at the same time.

Yeah, Jose C was not so sure that the did not come. The dentist said he had to leave, thank heavens! I did not have to shove them off the door in time for my massage at 8 pm. But looking back, there were times I enjoyed the fuck and the suck - except for the feeling that there was a lack of lust, something missing.

Longest workday - Monday!

Monday, 10 May 2010. Also known as the election day. By chance, we need to prepare and submit our reports that day. Having Wixon sleep beside me was very comforting - and then the phone rang! Oh my God! I was suppose to wake up around 330 am since the company car would pick me up by 4:05 so we could be in the office to start our job and meet the deadlines! My boss is calling me, I must have overslept and I am the one missing at work... I was in a state of panic. Then I noted the time - 3 am!! No wonder I did not wake up the alarm, the alarm had not sounded yet! Damn my boss! Oh well, I had a good fuck with Wixon, this must be the karma...

It was so early but then I thought, earlier we started, earlier we finished and I could go to a sauna in the afternoon. Relax and have some fun, I was looking forward to that. Sleepy and tired, she did not let us go until 730 pm!!! But my Lord Jorge already texted me, he said he would be available around 8 and if i could find another bitch for him! I already replied that I am not sure to find someone on a short notice - I do not want to make promises, but I got word from Carlos Castle that he would be free by 9 pm. An ace I kept to myself.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Webcam Sex with Wixon!!

Sunday, 09 May 2010. I had been pure for the past two days - no sex last friday or saturday. I did not fish really or seek out meat since Wixon had already texted that he wants an overnight sex with me. And today is the day, he would go to my house around 5 pm until morning.... then I had work so stayed until 545 pm and when I was about to leave, it was raining! It was frustrating, I was afraid it would not push through. I have known Wixon for more than a year and we have sex occasionally, and I have already posted my story with him before. He has one of those big, fat, curve dicks. And I like his body, his legs, his weight, his solid mass alone makes me tingle with excitement when he is on top of me - so I would not miss this opportunity! I would never cancel a chance with him so I canceled possible hook ups with Murdoc and Jose Colombiano who said he has another top. No, Wixon by his cock alone would already fuck me full.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

A dental exam on Thursday night

Thursday, 06 May 2010. Having gas from all the stresses of life - professional and personal! Thus, when I reported to work, my boss ordered me to go hom and see a doctor, actually she arranged for a medical appointment - left me with no choice but to see the Doctor! I had peptic ulcer already before, and use to take antacids and all - zantac and maalox, except now I am not sure how it would interact with my diabetes medication (genetically inherited!). Anyway, if I am going to have a medical exam, hopefully I would get a dental exam tonight! I hope Hector would visit me after his clinic hours ... he said 630 in the evening... clock ticking ...

I kept hope and around 715, he sent a text, he is down there! Oh yeah!!! Oh yes!! Hector would insert his tool in my mouth. I love that!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The morning after ....

Wednesday, 05 May 2010. I woke up early, go back to sleep, woke, sleep, woke - then, Oh my God! Am late. What the fuck, my stomach is still queasy, tense and all, minus well rest. I would send my apologies to the office later, most likely to report half day. Carlos36 was there in my apartment, already helped me out by cleaning the kichen and have started his exercises. I was just doing my own business, thinking on how to make myself relax and make my body heal. I have been burping and all, its my hyperacidity acting again! Stress, I know.

I felt a presence, I turned and saw Leon! The Alaska Boy! He was just here last night, what.... oh yeah, Carlos36 likes him. He asked his number and... Now what should I have for breakfast? Leon or bacon? Both! Leon and then something to swallow for my stomach, bacons and egg!

Alaska boy Grown up!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010. Been exchanging messages with a 20 yr old, based on his profile that has no pic. I did not put much into it, for if I remember correctly, I had exchanged messages with him before - just presumed he backed out, simply for the reason that he is young and simply experimenting and thus got cold feet.

He seemed impatient with his text messages, most probably bored in their summer brak and now just looking for something to do. He texted he had to do something and would just advise me later upon his arrival ... and so when he texted that he is downstairs, I find it very surprising. And more surprising when I saw his face, his body - 20? I sincerely doubt it. The image that I have in front of me is the curly haired blondie Alaska Boy, except he is in the flesh and with brown hair! How old could he really be? I dare not lay even a finger on him.....

I asked him what year he was born, he was looking directly in my eyes. 1991 he said. Then, I also remembered he drove a car to get here which is why he was concerned about a parking space, and assuming they do not cheat on driver´s licenses, he must be at least of the legal age of 18. And he took the matters in his own hand, sort of, he took my hand and placed it on his crotch, oh my god.. there is hard on already there and it was very promising.

Well, following one of the dictates of justification and reason leaving my head. Yes, we proceeded to have sex. Wait, I asked if I can have a picture of his cock, so pinkish, so big, and it will be inside me. He was hesitant and so I showed other pics in my camera. He asked if the Moreno in the pictures are Carlos36, and I said no (they are of Hecmar and Jose C9). Carlos36 was there, so I asked him to join us, or at least give him a taste. Perhaps, he would come back for a threesome.

He is definitely not a virgin, he knows. Also, the cliche of doubt "Te gusta?" (You like it'". And of course, the cliche answer of "Si" (yes), afterall it was the truth, I was enjoying it.

It was a delight to suck that cock from the tip of its clans to his balls. It was so hard and so pinkish. I was afraid that I would be sucking him to cum prematurely, he was dripping pre cum a lot. He asked me "coger" (fuck) and I took out the Durex condom, the one that has a bigger size for him. The Trust condom I have would be of no good, it would just rupture. I put a pillow under my buttocks, lie on my back, and raised my legs in the air. I want to see his face, his angelic face, we were looking at each others eye, when I am now squinting from the pleasure pain of his penis. It was a delight to feel him full inside me.I enjoyed the moments, and soon, he asked for another position, he wanted me on fours.. "cuatro". He then inserted himself, no resistance, he fills in my hole. He was fucking me in and out and I was enjoying every inch of him.. then i felt him shake, and grunt... he came.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Second Time Failure!!!

Monday, 03 May 2010. Just finished eating dinner - fried it myself from a freshly opened can of Maling (luncheon meat made in China). Nothing really planned, just catching up on work and did a little shopping. I recieved a text message asking me when I would like to have sex with him, or rather a threesome with him and a friend, and he said they are 19 and 17! Oh great, how do I get out of this? Simply agree and postpone it to another day. Then, I proceeded to get my occasional massage (been with him for more than a year... nothing more). Yeah, boring monday...

Then Jose the Colombian texted me, he was asking me where I was and that he has someone. Oh well, the day is not over yet, I might still get lucky. The friend, Marcos, is handsome, latino, nice body, a hard one, oh I was excited, it would be so nice to have him inside me! It turns out, he is not exactly a venezolano by blood, but by circumstance. His father is from Brazil and his mother is German, huh? He explained that it was some sort of an adventure.

It was exciting to see Marcos and Jose get undressed, I love the body of Marcos. Jose went to clean himself, and I ended up mouth to mouth with Marcos. It was so nice, and he allowed me to take pics - just no face. What is the failure...

Jose brought someone who seems not aroused. I mean, I kissed and sucked and all but it was not that exactly that hard. Marcos' member became erect but not enough to fuck me. Jose tried to be the director, telling us what to do - I just kept my silence... how can Marcos fucked me with such an erection that is lacking? True enough, Marcos himself stopped trying. To make do with the situation, I changed position to suck Marcos, and we ended up in a 69 position, with him on top, and I see Jose's cock slowly enter his ass, and see it moved. Oh yes, it was exciting to see the cock in motion, the same one that has fucked me a lot in the past, and I was thinking I would be next.

Second time failure - Jose had brought someone before that did not get aroused, so is this one. Second time failure, disappointment, I came from the kissing and nipple sucking of Marcos, but Jose did not fuck me! Yeah, I came but still pissed off, and so I just took more pictures. I even got a 15 second video of them fucking, the same way that Jose used to fuck me. Then, I left them and watch tv. Bitin!! (lacking!)

Anyway, as they left, I gave a calling card to Marcos, he might not be endowed or function that well - but he is a bottom I can share with other tops or activos that I know. Marcos, he is still welcome! Any suggestion on how I can post their 15 second fuck?

Monday, May 3, 2010

Surprise blind setup

Sunday, 2 May 2010 - Darwin have already texted me as early as Friday that he would drop by for a visit - with two friends, one for him, and one for me. And so, today, as much as I still want to go out shopping for books at the book fair, I rushed to be home by 5 pm. I know, what some may think of my having an open house - I might be the third wheel, a friend with a place, condoms, lubricant, and towels. But then, fishing is better done in company. And you know what - when I saw who Darwin brought with him - I laughed, and laughed. Its a small world after all. He brought Hector, who I met around february 2009, I think - I have posted a story about it. He was still wearing a white shirt, incredible pecs, still the same black skin, silver earings - and that unforgettable thick cut cock of his!!

Now, I asked for his permission. He said no.. I asked again specifying that there would be no face pics and showed this blog, he agreed!! So - enjoy the pics, as Darwin and I enjoyed Hector. Darwin and I alteranated sucking hector, his nipples, lips, balls, and ass! Hector was delirious from all the attention.