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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The morning after ....

Wednesday, 05 May 2010. I woke up early, go back to sleep, woke, sleep, woke - then, Oh my God! Am late. What the fuck, my stomach is still queasy, tense and all, minus well rest. I would send my apologies to the office later, most likely to report half day. Carlos36 was there in my apartment, already helped me out by cleaning the kichen and have started his exercises. I was just doing my own business, thinking on how to make myself relax and make my body heal. I have been burping and all, its my hyperacidity acting again! Stress, I know.

I felt a presence, I turned and saw Leon! The Alaska Boy! He was just here last night, what.... oh yeah, Carlos36 likes him. He asked his number and... Now what should I have for breakfast? Leon or bacon? Both! Leon and then something to swallow for my stomach, bacons and egg!

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