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Monday, May 24, 2010

My first addiction....

Sunday, 23 May 2010. I just finished reading Trudi's Black Magician trilogy - that had been my anti stress this week. I have not really gone out fishing online because I had been reading. Reading books is my first addiction, I remember the times I would stay awake all night to finish reading a pocketbook, and the times I cannot be absent, I would report and then spent most of the day inside the restroom, continuing reading my pocketbook! Oh no, I still had sex this week, thanks to good performance, I had three repeat sex, and someone new today!!

It had been pretty stressful at work and online - I received two comments from the same person, it was so hateful - saying and cursing me, and telling me not to return to my homeland less I spread plague! Duhhhh, well, thank you Mr. Anonymous hater for I did felt bad by your comment, for a moment that is... then, I know that there is karma, and if I feel bad, I would also feel good in time, like this afternoon!

I had My Lord Jorge last friday, yesterday was Bambini, and today it was Euclides - nice repeat sex. And then, I met Jerry. I am one not so good to be cooped up for so long. Euclides has a nice cock but I was so much into my reading, the sex was more of a break. We were done in less than a quarter of an hour, and I immediately took a shower and dressed up - to forestall any second round, I continued reading again.

I have been exchanging messages, email and text, with this Jerry so when he said he is here, duhhhh.... time to boot out Euclides, afterall, he already had provided the warm up sex. It was a bit frustrating at first, because Jerry was waiting at a different location!! Talk about miscommunication. Then I saw him, he is dark, shorter, and dimpled.


  1. would be better if every entry publish with text (stories) and photo..

  2. I know but my problem is that I do not always get the chance to get Photos... hmmmmm.. let me think ....

  3. Hey, you have been busy on your site.

    Nice. A change is as good as a holiday....unless the holiday is with someone special!!!


  4. Rumours mention that he no longer there in this space.

  5. What? Oh my god ... I was again busy with work - the non sexual aspect of it, thus have fallen behind. I exist.... still do...

  6. That's good news...that you still exist that is!!! We'll keep tuning in for more installments of your fabulous life