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Thursday, August 19, 2010


Skin color is a cultural thing, thus people have certain reactions to a person´s skin color. Those who know me personally would only say that "Bert does not qualify any man based on skin color, but based on a person`s cock - basically if its stiff and working, or not at all". I mean I admit I am not one of the gifted ones so why should I discriminate BUT how can one have sex if the willy would not become hard?

Jose is a regular fuck buddy of mine and yet Carlos36 refers to him as "Bobo Feo", or in english - Dumb Stupid. Well, Jose is not exactly ugly its just that he is very dark, referred locally as negro (black). Funny in Caracas - they prefer morenos or the tanned skin (bronceado). Venezolanos like to spend their time under the sun, baking their skin off!


  1. thank you. now i am slowly getting inspired to post for more...

    sorry for the absence

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