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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Making my own "scandal" video

Its now 810 pm, 24 of September 2010. Its raining outside and been crying this afternoon. I went home with some colleagues, we brought some bread and I am alone on my bed. I got to chat with someone, I remember the face but nothing much - so I could honestly say it was not memorable! Wait, he wants to drop by again and perhaps play with my sex toys.. huh? I have sex toys, but for me to play with, not others to use on me - I mean, that reminded me... I do not want to sound like a size queen but if his equipemtn is lacking that he has to use my sex toy on me, why should I see him again? Minus well, insert that damn thing on my own!

It has been pretty difficult for me lately and I ended up playing computer games, reading books ... and then posting messages on a discussion board. Then someone sent a private message to me, invite him to my blog... oh yeah.. I have this blog! Although I have not updated it.. I still have it... so here I am writing, expressing myself.

But what shall I post? ... I was robbed, and I lost my laptop thus along with it a lot of pictures... hmmm, i wonder if my pictures with my face would surface over the net ... anyway for my partners, their faces are usually cut anyway. Its their cock that is usually uncut!

Oh yeah! I have started compiling some short video and I already have around 30 minutes footage of my favorite latino aka... Jorge!!!

We sort of had a threesome last 19 September, sort of because I ended up being a photographer! Its fun watching him fuck someone ... who was so into him, I dont blame him, I have been fucked by Jorge several times I already stopped counting! So, let the pictures show how much I love my Master Jorge!

The third guy, Alejandro is tall, slim, with curly hair. He said he was only 24. He said he is versatile but more of a bottom. He even asked if I could find one more active person. Duhhhh! With Master Jorge, I prefer threesomes, so my ass can rest - he is one of those that can take two assess! Besides, what I have in mind is to take videos of Master Jorge fucking this Alejandro. Thus, as mentioned, I always place a male porn on the DVD to add to the setting. BUT, this time, I placed a home made porn wherein Jorge was jacking himself, and the next part is me sucking Jorge and him fucking my ass. It was Master Jorge holding the cam, it was from his point of view, and he lost the perspective with the pleasure of my ass.

Alejandro was taken with the video, it was something to watch porn - more so to see the actors in the same bed with you. I was hard touching his dick, it was rock solid!! I fondled it immediately and placed it inside my mouth.

Master Jorge is a scorpio too, 12 years younger than me, so we are both of the same western horoscope sign, and even under the chinese horoscope, we are the same animal. I guess that makes us more connected that he took on himself to take pictures of me having fun orally with Alejandro. And at one point, I have both of their cocks inside my mouth. My mouth was stretched hard but it was simply a delight.

I know my role, I would be the base! Its my favorite threesome routine - I lie on my back, a pillow under my ass, and open wide. Alejandro was very hard and eager to fuck me. I let him be, enjoying that hard cock of his forcing itself on me. The second stage is to hug him, making him fold over and open his ass to Jorge. Jorge then would slowly insert himself, pinning Alejandro more. It gets to me, watching the changes inf Alejandro's face - the pleasure of fucking, the pain of being fucked by Jorge. He was experiencing pain and pleasure, pleasure and pain - divine sensation, that he moved his pelvic to fuck my ass and yet to fuck more the cock in his ass! (sorry, we have no third person to take photos of this segment ... we were lost in ecstasy!)

I have a room with a big mirror, Master Jorge like watching himself fuck someone. I like the sensation of a cock inside my ass, feeling that dick twitch everytime Master Jorge fucks his ass. It was awesome, i feel like being fucked also by Master Jorge! It was enough that Alejandro came before all of us ... I stop for a break but I know it would not be over for Master Jorge, like I said he is good enough for two shots..

I took a bathroom break and came back to find them fucking - this is where I took my camera and started taking pictures. Master Jorge trust me, and Alejandro was too lost, he was moaning and groaning with delight. Master Jorge, stopped and told me.. "he said its ok if you take video, as long as there is no face" PERMISSION! Who could resist that cock? I switched from camera to a video cam .... I got 10 Minutes of fucking with the last segment Alejandro groaning loadly with delight!


  1. Great to see you back on line, Bert. I have missed my regular up-date with your life.

    Keep it up, there are a lot of us who missed you.

  2. can u post the video? -postcoital

  3. Thanks for reading and following my blog.

    I have so much materials at time but I would become busy and lose track of them. I felt that with each that I grow wiser, I would soon run out of playmates.

    I was lucky to find Master Jorge unfortunately I do not know how to post the video. In posting a blog entry, there is an icon that allows a person to upload a video but there is also a warning that it should not be obsence or pornographic. So I could not use that feature. I do not want to encounter problems like with my first blog. This is actually my third one.

    I am even surprised that it has been basically 5 years of blogging, and still I received a query if they are real! I was speechless, I mean, I know there are some people who steal my pictures, there are those who claim to be me or have met me but why go to such extent? I see no reason to photoshop my experiences - just cropping, resizing, and uploading is already time consuming, much more .

    For all my readers.. thank you...

    If you have any suggestion on how to post the video or how I could share them, I am open to suggestions.

  4. nice i was entertain.. so much keep me uptodate perhaps post the video...

  5. can u send me the video..

  6. bert, where are the videos posted... please share the link.

    Yapz here btw... thanks.

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