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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Scary Sunday Surprise

Saturday, March 14, 2009. Eli wanted to drop by around 6 and I said no. I had a headache and I just wanted to be alone. He texted again around 8, and feeling better I said yes. When he arrived, we left for Sambil (the nearest and biggest commercial center in Caracas, Venezuela). There I bought immediately my diabetes medication, I was thinking that perhaps my lapse in medication is causing my feeling being off - and it being a weekend, why should I waste the time resting when I could be having sex!

I treated Eli for dinner and we went back to my place, he used the computer and I allowed him. Then, of course, we had sex. And it being late, he stayed over ... apparently surfing the net, looking for more hook ups. It was his first time to sleep over and I was on a slight alert. I have a copy of his resume, his address, true name, and references so I have a security net.

I found myself waking up around 6am, it was still dark. AND I found myself alone in my room. Oh my. Where is he? I stood up and went outside the bedroom, I was still hazy, no eyeglasses. He was out and greeted me wearing my bath robe, and in the dark I saw this stranger, a black big fat guy. I was quiet and afraid, who is he? What is he doing here? Eli explained that he already told me about him.. this guy was very, very afraid of my cat, chiquito. He said they were friends and know each other before. Oh, apparently, Eli took my keys and brought him up, with the intention of having sex with him in the sala ... I do not mind new people, but I believe in sharing, it is my place, if I would be placed at a risk, let me have some sex please! But of course, I was still annoyed, more from his selfishness.. duhhhhh

I was initially scared but I find it comical that no matter that the guy is fatter, bigger than me, he was genuinely scared of my cat! In that aspect, I was no longer afraid. I took the situation, and we all ended up in my room ... and yes, I ended up sucking the guy´s dick. And that is when I knew that Eli cannot be trusted, and that he had abused my hospitality.

The surprise was not yet over... I thought of ridding Eli by lunch. After the guy left, I let Eli sleep on my bed - sure, his big cock that makes me drip, is an experience but... he is still just another prick. Atreyu was excited and have come by early that morning. So it was a threesome! My top friend became a willing bottom for Atreyu, and one time, while Eli was fucking me, Atreyu mounted him on the back. And what better revenge I guess but to take pictures of them... Eli gave me a scare, a surprise.. so.. some pictures to remember the sunday by.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Scissor...

Thursday, 12 March 2009. Carlo36 is a lifesaver! As mentioned in the preceeding post, he agreed to drop by my place for a full threesome. Now, a position that I noticed is that similar to the V (both legs in the air, resting on the shoulder, the legs would simulate a V. This is pretty basic and a variation would be the top to hold both of the legs to open them wider), is that only one leg would be resting on the guys shoulder while the the other leg is stretch on the bed or on the sides, instead of a victory V, think of the of the scissors wide open.

This position is something I took more notice here in Caracas, basically I have a matrimonial bed here while I only have a single bed in the Philippines, it requires space. I find the scissors to be more intimate, it sorts of reaches deeper inside me, but.. as in BUT I do find it strenuous for the legs, it requires a certain agility, otherwise, after the cock leaves my ass, I feel the strain on my legs and not on my buttocks.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Super Fast Quickie ...

Thursday, March 12 2009. I have set up Cogie and Ric38. I have mentioned that Ric38 is a tall person gifted with his cock. My first time with him, it was a bit fast for me. I gave him the benefit of the doubt and had him for a topsy turvy threesome on a saturday, well, he lasted longer since he was not only top but he was forced into submitting himself as a bottom. So, for the third time, Cogie was not disappointed with his endowment, he was likewise taken with the size... and like my first time, it was a quickie and he had to rush off. Cogie commented it was too fast, I do not blame him, I was there ... so as host, what do I do?

It was simple, I aspire for satisfaction - and I called up Carlo36, who was more than willing to drop by after his work. In the meantime, Cogie and I kept the bed warm until Carlo36 arrived. Carlo36 cock is big but not as big as Ric38, and that would seem fairly obvious comparing both pics, using the ass of Cogie as reference. Cogie had more fun I guess considering the various positions they undertook. I find the "scissors" tp be the most difficult, I think of it as a stest of agility, the ability to stretch the legs, and thus open the ass wider for a deeper fuck.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Small Guy Big Cock

Tuesday, 10 March 2009. I exchanged messages with Eli and agreed to meet him. But he was asking if I could give him some money since he said he got robbed last Sunday. He is jobless, looking for a job, has a sick father who needs some medical test so he needs around BsF150 (us$30 or Php1500) rounded figures. There is some money involved ... that made me stop, think, think, and lose interest. And yet I could not back out, what if he is telling the truth? If it was a scam, the money is something I can absorb as charge to experience, no big deal. I was more afraid of him being a robber or worst - I can lose more than the amount he stated. He also said he had seen my blog and would be more than willing to pose for more pictures, if it was a scam - he could rob me of my new camera BSF981 (US$196 of PHp9810). I dropped my Kodak Camera by accident and so I had to buy a Panasonic this time. I have a spare Blue Samsung, which I find to be so awful! So you see .. should I or should I not?

I did but I said I can only help him as much as Bsf100 and I left my Panasonic Camera in the office. I would only use my Samsung Camera, which I bought for US$100 in the US, although it sells for around BsF1000 here in Caracas! You see, whatever the US price of an item, usually they multiply it by 10 to get the retail value in Bolivar Fuerte, and the official exchange rate is only BsF2.15 = US$1. There is black market or mercado negro which sells the US$1 as high as BsF5.50 as of today. Oh sorry, occupational hazard, I am a numbers guys so I usually run the Fuerte or Dollar amounts and calculate the risks. I decided that if he is upfront in asking for financial help then he cold not be a thief, robber, rapist or killer because he would just do me in later. Ergo, even if I give him the requested amount - not so much since I would also be spending the same if I would be dating someone to end up in bed. It was a GO!

I arrived at my building just in time to see a small guy, just around my shoulder height - thus if he is a bad person, I can definitely and surely handle him. I felt more secure and safe. We walked up 6 flights of stairs, the elevator is damaged again, which I only take when I am with other people. I was already trapped there twice, and the conserje told me - she herself is afraid to take the elevator, duhhh!! So that is why she always takes the stairs. So after taking 6 floors - we were both catching our breath. I offered him water and after a little chit chat, we went inside the bedroom.

The pictures show he is well endowed, he is gifted in terms of size and hardness. It was a delight sucking his cock, in my mind, I was already thinking of giving him the full amount he needed - he was well worth it! Just a good thing he did not exactly ask me to lick his balls since he had placed talcum powder on it, which is why it was powdery white. I could not take his cock fully nor my ass was able to fully take it in. I hate to admit it, but he is one that my left hand was on guard, I had to push him a little bit, for when he tries to fuck me fully.. his dick was reaching deeper than other cocks! Yes, as expected, it was a bit messy, it was not only the condom that showed the evidence, even my bedsheets! And yet, it was so blissful!

He knows his cock, he fucked me in different positions and all I could try to do was to moan, groan, and placed my hand on my ass, so even when he thrust fully, it would not go all the way. I cannot take all of him! Embarassing to admit, I had to hold him off, not only push him at times. but to stop and even go to the bathroom! We stopped and took a break. Likewise, I tried the second time but could not last - there had been others as big as his cock but they go a bit soft after a while, thus I could take every inch of their manhood, but Eli´s cock was different! So different, I was stunned to see my cum just oozed out of my puny little cock! I stopped moaning and simply stared.. yes my cum just slipped out of my prostate, that is how much pounding I got from him! Well, this is definitely a first for me!!!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Monday Blues - BLUE BALLS ...

Rasco is a true professional, a rare breed here in Caracas. He was on time, actually, he was even early for the appointment! I thought how lucky I was to have him ... afterall, the sex with Cogie was good but was terminated so soon, it was like a teaser, just like an appetizer.

Sadly... a taste is all I could get! I have waited for more than a month, patiently. All good things come to those who wait ... but I have to wait a few more nights. His rightful partner called him, an emergency emotional breakdown. A good mistress knows his limits, where he stands. So, I know we cannot have sex but as a reminder of his meat, he let me taste it, and took pictures of his dick - less I forgot how it taste, how it feels. Duhhhhhh ... how can I forget his cock when it reaches the inner sanctum of my well being.

My only recourse and release was... my inseparable Mario aka Mary Palmer aka, my hand! But then, who or what else can I depend but myself?

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Monday Massage

09 March 2009. Pedro wanted to experience a threesome. He was my original curved downwards cock and so I wanted him to experience Cogie, so both of them can have the experience of their special dick. Pedro was hesitant and did not confirm, he said, maybe, would try - best efforts. So I made a precaution and called up Atreyu. If Pedro would not show up, at least Cogie and Atreyu would have some fun together. Me? Oh do not mind me, Rasco, would be dropping by later - I would be saving my ass for him, I want it a bit tight for him.

Then in the afternoon, Pedro started exchanging text with me, he now seem eager, ready, and apprehensive. When I told him Atreyu and Cogie would be there, he was hesistant... I replied that he should relax and things may not happen. Atreyu have confirmed but then nothing yesterday afternoon. Cogie was a true professional, he was there on time. The elevator was damage anew, so we had to walk six floors to my apartment. Its a good thing I learned a little massage during my 6 yr relationship with Rico - being the gracious host, I gave Cogie a massage while waiting.. waiting in vain! Atreyu got stuck in traffic, there was an accident (typical here in Caracas!) and would not make it. Pedro got the jitters and backed off.. what the fuck? And so, I just gave Cogie a long relaxing massage... and extra.

The extra I planned was simply a blowjob, afterall, I want him to be fully relaxes, with no sexual tension left on his groins. So I started sucking on his cock, I was still fully cloth. But I could not help myself with his hard cock, it was reaching my throat and yet, I know he has meeting... there is a time limit. Without wasting time, so I disrobed myself, put a condom on his cock, and rode his dick! We changed positions, with me on my back, he is now the top, holding my legs! Wow, he is a good top .....

... sad to say, although it was good, very good - it was not over! BITIN! His phone kept ringing to remind him probably of his appointment. So, basically coitus interruptus.. oh well, its a good thing.. I still have Rasco to finish the job later. Cogie took all in stride, a true gentleman.. a true treasure in bed. (Sorry, have no new pics, so just uploaded the rest of Cogie´s pics with Carlo36, which was taken a week earlier).