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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Monday Massage

09 March 2009. Pedro wanted to experience a threesome. He was my original curved downwards cock and so I wanted him to experience Cogie, so both of them can have the experience of their special dick. Pedro was hesitant and did not confirm, he said, maybe, would try - best efforts. So I made a precaution and called up Atreyu. If Pedro would not show up, at least Cogie and Atreyu would have some fun together. Me? Oh do not mind me, Rasco, would be dropping by later - I would be saving my ass for him, I want it a bit tight for him.

Then in the afternoon, Pedro started exchanging text with me, he now seem eager, ready, and apprehensive. When I told him Atreyu and Cogie would be there, he was hesistant... I replied that he should relax and things may not happen. Atreyu have confirmed but then nothing yesterday afternoon. Cogie was a true professional, he was there on time. The elevator was damage anew, so we had to walk six floors to my apartment. Its a good thing I learned a little massage during my 6 yr relationship with Rico - being the gracious host, I gave Cogie a massage while waiting.. waiting in vain! Atreyu got stuck in traffic, there was an accident (typical here in Caracas!) and would not make it. Pedro got the jitters and backed off.. what the fuck? And so, I just gave Cogie a long relaxing massage... and extra.

The extra I planned was simply a blowjob, afterall, I want him to be fully relaxes, with no sexual tension left on his groins. So I started sucking on his cock, I was still fully cloth. But I could not help myself with his hard cock, it was reaching my throat and yet, I know he has meeting... there is a time limit. Without wasting time, so I disrobed myself, put a condom on his cock, and rode his dick! We changed positions, with me on my back, he is now the top, holding my legs! Wow, he is a good top .....

... sad to say, although it was good, very good - it was not over! BITIN! His phone kept ringing to remind him probably of his appointment. So, basically coitus interruptus.. oh well, its a good thing.. I still have Rasco to finish the job later. Cogie took all in stride, a true gentleman.. a true treasure in bed. (Sorry, have no new pics, so just uploaded the rest of Cogie´s pics with Carlo36, which was taken a week earlier).


  1. wow mr bert... i love this session! one guy barefoot and the other wearing socks.. damn so hot... wish they have another session... feet licking if i may suggest... hahaha

  2. Hello in there Bert! Derick here from Cagayan de oro city, remember me? bwahahah! email mo nga ako at and pls, give me you give me your phone number matawagan kita minsan... Have i told you the last time we talked, i'll be leavingfor NYC? here na ko for 2 years now. let's get in touch ok? baka makapagbakayon din ako there in venezuala , be going home sa pinas this June- July. Take care...hope to here from you soon!