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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Scary Sunday Surprise

Saturday, March 14, 2009. Eli wanted to drop by around 6 and I said no. I had a headache and I just wanted to be alone. He texted again around 8, and feeling better I said yes. When he arrived, we left for Sambil (the nearest and biggest commercial center in Caracas, Venezuela). There I bought immediately my diabetes medication, I was thinking that perhaps my lapse in medication is causing my feeling being off - and it being a weekend, why should I waste the time resting when I could be having sex!

I treated Eli for dinner and we went back to my place, he used the computer and I allowed him. Then, of course, we had sex. And it being late, he stayed over ... apparently surfing the net, looking for more hook ups. It was his first time to sleep over and I was on a slight alert. I have a copy of his resume, his address, true name, and references so I have a security net.

I found myself waking up around 6am, it was still dark. AND I found myself alone in my room. Oh my. Where is he? I stood up and went outside the bedroom, I was still hazy, no eyeglasses. He was out and greeted me wearing my bath robe, and in the dark I saw this stranger, a black big fat guy. I was quiet and afraid, who is he? What is he doing here? Eli explained that he already told me about him.. this guy was very, very afraid of my cat, chiquito. He said they were friends and know each other before. Oh, apparently, Eli took my keys and brought him up, with the intention of having sex with him in the sala ... I do not mind new people, but I believe in sharing, it is my place, if I would be placed at a risk, let me have some sex please! But of course, I was still annoyed, more from his selfishness.. duhhhhh

I was initially scared but I find it comical that no matter that the guy is fatter, bigger than me, he was genuinely scared of my cat! In that aspect, I was no longer afraid. I took the situation, and we all ended up in my room ... and yes, I ended up sucking the guy´s dick. And that is when I knew that Eli cannot be trusted, and that he had abused my hospitality.

The surprise was not yet over... I thought of ridding Eli by lunch. After the guy left, I let Eli sleep on my bed - sure, his big cock that makes me drip, is an experience but... he is still just another prick. Atreyu was excited and have come by early that morning. So it was a threesome! My top friend became a willing bottom for Atreyu, and one time, while Eli was fucking me, Atreyu mounted him on the back. And what better revenge I guess but to take pictures of them... Eli gave me a scare, a surprise.. so.. some pictures to remember the sunday by.


  1. so...what happened? why scary?

  2. Caracas is labeled by others as a murder capital of the world. Although I do hook up with guys, I sort of sense them out first. I was scared because ... I woke up alone and was scared I have been robbed.. and worst.. I saw a complete stranger in my house!

  3. I do appreciate you, but I think you are risking too much for having sex. Did something wrong happen?

  4. wow.. ur a sex machine bert....:)

  5. hi. where's the pictures? :D