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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

esperando... esperando.. waiting.. waiting...

Last Saturday, 28 February 2009, was spent shopping in the morning and then waiting in the afternoon. I just want a weekend sex, hopefully with Alexis. Well, he said yes and to give him some variety, I sort of called on other people, so Cero, Cogie, Ric38,and Marwin said they would come.. oh my.. there would be six of us, when I was just thinking of a threesome... but as Alexis described it.. irresponsable! I waited for 3pm, Ric38 was excited and kept on texting me.. but after 2 pm he was called for an emergency and have to bail out. Cogie wanted to join, but he did not come, no explanations. Marwin said yes and then he remember he need to pick up a friend at the airport. Alexis was already late and Cero - he was late and even got lost!

Was it worth the wait? Yes! Alexis´s dick is definitely worth the wait. I even took time to sucking it while waiting for Cero. And the picture of his cum? Wow, priceless!! If there is anything I guess I am I can regret, I did not get fucked by Alexis that afternoon. I was thinking of Leafar who said he would spent the night with me ... the whole night of sex! So, I was sort of saving my ass for a night of sex.

Cero is definitely younger than me but he has long curly hair, such that when the ponytail was taken, it was definitely hair that a woman can envy - but, for the discrete or men seeking men, they are basically seeking another man, a vision of masculinity - yes, I did not get that horny with the hair and I think it affected Alexis too. Alexis was able to get hard and fucked Cero, who moaned with pleasure, I do not blame him, I have received that cock last week and so thus Marwin. Marwin was likewise infatuated and they become text mates I think. Back to Cero, well, obviously since I could not sustain my erection yet, and he was on top of Atreyu - Tadahhhh! My blue vibrator to the rescue.. and boy, did he took it, and relish it!

Alexis is a divine pleasure. He knows the need of touch, as he caressed my body and sucked my nipple. We were rolling over each other in bed. I savored sucking him slowly, trying to get every inch of his cock in my throat - of course, I tried but I simply could not get it all in. He would twitch my nipple and then kiss it, nibble on it ... such when Cero texted that he was there, I sighed with frustration ... oh well, later.. later... so just enjoy the souvenir photos.. as I did

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