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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Third time coming

Leafar have committed himself to sleep overnight and said he would fuck me all night, he even promised to bring another friend. That one I was looking forward, since I had him twice before. I really like his cock not only that it is really hard but it was bent strangely in an angle, sort of bent upwards on a 45 degree angle, so it feels so different and so good inside my ass.

He arrive as he promised that night, unfortunately, he came alone. But as I said, "no importa", not relevant, its ok. He even brought a dvd movie, MILK by Sean Penn. Oh ok, so we put it on, and lie on the bed fully cloth, and started to watch the movie. He put his arms around me and then placed his hand on my chest, cupping me first, and then twitching my nipple. I reciprocated.. not on his chest but fondling his groin, it was already semi hard. I dived into it, opening his denims, freeing his cock, and putting that latin meat inside my mouth! Oh, sure, third time together, and the third cock that I sucked that day... and yet I still hunger for it.

My head bobbed up and down, I took him in as much as I can. He let out a moan .. saying "Que rico". I stopped and looked at him...

Shall we continue to watch Milk.. or shall we have sex? Sexo! Ok, and so I stood up and took out the film, and placed an educational tape titled Aspen 4, The Rescue. If you are going to have sex, the television should only be playing porno and nothing else! Men are always very visual .. and the background of men having sex with other men is definitely stimulating....

And so.. that night, I get fucked for that day... and then I get fucked! Then we rest, and continued to watch the movie. The morning after, although he was already dressed up.. I said, can I kiss goodbye to his guevo, sure he said.. only like before.. the kiss become a suck, and the suck became a fuck! And the quality of his dick is still the same, quick, hard, and efficient!

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