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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Monday Blues - BLUE BALLS ...

Rasco is a true professional, a rare breed here in Caracas. He was on time, actually, he was even early for the appointment! I thought how lucky I was to have him ... afterall, the sex with Cogie was good but was terminated so soon, it was like a teaser, just like an appetizer.

Sadly... a taste is all I could get! I have waited for more than a month, patiently. All good things come to those who wait ... but I have to wait a few more nights. His rightful partner called him, an emergency emotional breakdown. A good mistress knows his limits, where he stands. So, I know we cannot have sex but as a reminder of his meat, he let me taste it, and took pictures of his dick - less I forgot how it taste, how it feels. Duhhhhhh ... how can I forget his cock when it reaches the inner sanctum of my well being.

My only recourse and release was... my inseparable Mario aka Mary Palmer aka, my hand! But then, who or what else can I depend but myself?

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