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Monday, March 9, 2009

Silence is golden...

Thursday, March 5. It has been three nights of rest from sexual activity - that is how satisfied I was from last monday´s double threesome. I was ready for another sexual encounter - but this discretoman was a no show. He made me wait for nothing, I felt my time was wasted I could have done some work instead of watching tv and waiting for him. Carlo36 came into the bedroom with me just dressed up watching tv in bed, I know I needed to go out and buy some dinner but I was definitely pissed off exchanging text messages with a maldito. In the Philippines, maldito would refer to a bad boy, or a nauchty boy - but here, maldito is the worst adjective to be used, one is supposed to use restrain in using the word. But I could not help myself.. I called him maldito! And I guess as he stood me up, along came Carlo36, a surefire relaxing fuck friend.

I forced myself to get up, go out and buy dinner. Carlo36 was then busy with the computer chatting, searching for a hook up. Oh well, its his turn. He did find someone, another blanco - coincidence or he is more into white guys, as in opposite attracts. He said his name is Raymundo, a chef, he came prepared with his own lube and condom in a pouch, and yet - he was very talkative. Blah.. blah.. I was watching my thursday favorites - Ugly Betty and the Ghost Whisperer. I did nothing to start the ball rolling or to start the party, so did they - and when we were all naked, touching and fondling, me sucking and so... Raymundo still kept on talking. He is slim, with long cock, but rarely enough, even though hard, I have to push back the foreskin. Weird I know, because most of the uncircumcized would show some of the cock head when erect, but it was not exactly short either... I guess he just had a lot of foreskin.

Somehow he was more into Carlo36 and so I just let them be after a while... and I was just surprised, that they both stand up and started dressing up. Duhhh.. Carlo36 could no longer take to his talking.. of no... no.. that he finally lost the mood, and Raymundo left nicely. Moral - in sex, mouths are for licking, kissing, and sucking - not talking. As I always remember posted in Club Bath, SILENCE IS GOLDEN.

Friday - the morning after I was late for work, as I took a feel on Carlo36, he has his morning stiffy and since we really did not get our rocks off the previous night, I simply suck him for the taste, put on a condom on his dick, and rode him like hell! So I started my friday, the last day as I did last monday - by having sex with Carlo36

*SORRY NO PICS. My saturday sex partner inadvertently deleted all my pics!*

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