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Wednesday, July 16, 2008


12 July 2008. It was not our first time together. I remember meeting him at Marriot Hotel, I was only wearing shorts and he came wearing a checkered polo and standing taller than me! I stand around 5 feet and 8 inches and with my built, I am not easily intimated by size but this time, I was quiet, I was aghast to find him taller than me, with a bigger built. I had mixed emotions. I was scared - what if he is not a good guy? He can easily overpower me. I was also excited - I could just imagine his hard solid body on top of me, pleasuring me like so fully. I was quiet for he is unexpectedly handsome!

We walk from Mariott Hotel to my place, each step making me more excited, he is confident and his smile was very reassuring. Our conversation eased my fears but left me more expecting on what is to come.

That first time, I was so eager, I could not wait. I help him disrobe, and immediately sucked on his nipples, those soft nipples that hardened in my mouth. My hands were busy undoing his belt, his pants while my mouth continue the nipple play. My heart was beating fast with the anticipation. My hand came over his crotch, and dig in - finding a hard snae, a python, an anaconda!! I was shaking with excitement, I moved my lips downwards, giving him kisses as I proceed to his manhood. Oh wow, it was not easy sucking his cock but it was so good. The size of his dick was such a pleasure to suck again and again.

Saturday Sex with Sebastian

12 JULY 2008. Saturday ... what would I do? I answered back a text message asking me if we could meet around 11 am that morning. Well, gallivanting would only drain me financially and I do have my laundry to do and who knows? Finding a prince is never easy, one has to kiss a lot of frogs or in my case, I have to suck a lot of cocks and be fuck with it before finding one that would stay and love me . . . from sex to a relationship, that is my route. Others wanted some friendship or relationship first, then they have sex... and then that would be the end of it!

I met Sebastian from Manhunt but I could not recall who is who. I am 41 going 42, why bother trying to memorize the nicks / aliases with the picture when one is not sure which ones I would really end up in bed with? I just play it by chance. Wow... another text ... he is looking for my building and asking for reference points. Duhh!!! Hmmm, a commuter, he has no car. Oh well, I agreed to meet him at the Sacred Heart Church, its basically two blocks from my building and a bit easy to walk. Besides, the first and last time I did wait on the church - I ended up with Eduardo (a bit player) a very handsome latino and gifted, truly gifted in terms of size and performance (sorry, he would not allow me to take any pictures since he plays bit roles in tv, so he says, but I do believe him. He is so handsome, and my heart melts with his every smile. I would have been a willing sex slave for him.) Sorry, I transgress - bottom line, I agreed to meet him at the church.

Waiting in a rendezvous point is exciting and scary indeed. When one sees someone goodlooking coming, you hope its him, and when you see an undesirable man, you fervently hope its not him!


09 July 2008. It was a horrible day, office politics is very stressful, it simply drains the life of you. Knowing you are a junior, a newbie, of a lower rank makes you an easy target, helpless - I did not shed a tear but I was all so crumbled inside. I felt so low. Work have been my life, my priority and yet there was no satisfaction. I felt sorry for not writing and enjoying other aspects of my life.

I have just finished my monthly reports and now I have some slack time. Only now did I take time to read and reply to my emails. I felt bad that I might have missed the chance meeting Pedro - he had sent his pictures, he is white and okay. Based on the attached pictures, he is the average guy, nothing spectacular, nothing extraordinary, you plain joe, to talk with, to cuddle, to have sex with.

EXPECT THE WORST or expect nothing. I have always tried to think this way so one would not be disappointed or frustrated - and so it feels better when reality sets in like Pedro! I agreed to meet him in Sambil Mall, at the Efe Ice Cream - I need some comfort food after being dressed down and humiliated by an older senile officer in the office. I did not wait for him, I simply ordered a banana soft, its sort of a banana split but uses soft ice cream in lieu of the regular ice cream. Two ladies then shared the table, I smiled at them since I do not understand what they are saying, I thought it was the polite thing to do. Then came this good looking Spanish guy with salt and pepper hair (think of Richard Gere but slimmer, thinner) and I was smitten! Spanish is already difficult for me, more so that I am distracted by this smiling face of Pedro. Now this is karma - bad day at the office, and my reward is having a new friend like Pedro ... it might be end up a one night stand only, but definitely one that I would relish, smile, and feel good about. I offered my ice cream to him, and he did share it with me .... no scrupples, very open, very friendly... oh yes.. ice cream for now.. later.. i will share every inch of his body, and that manhood of his!

FOURSOME surprise on a sunday

06 Julio 2008. Jorge is someone I met from the streets. It is not advisable to meet anyone, any stranger for that is how unsafe Caracas is. I was a few steps from my building when I noticed this Six foot two inches venezualan, he is white, carrying that typical castillan face. He also looked in my direction - there was that something. That something we played for a while, I stayed on the doorsteps of my building, I did not enter, looking back at him - and he stayed on the street corner. Oh, if this was the Philippines, I would have taken the first move and approached him. Time is precious to be wasted on waiting game, but I am still new to this place and I have limited Spanish. What if one cannot pick up guys from the streets? What if the eye connection is different?

Saturday with Nicholas Cage look alike ...

28 June 2008. He looks like Nicholas Cage!!!

Wicked Wednesday

25 June 2008.

Sunday Morning Orgy

22 June 2008. Yes, the title said it all. I have been advised that Jorge and company would be dropping by. Just like before, it was on a sunday morning. This time, I have anticipated it - a waste basket for the used tissues and condoms, more dry towels, soaps, and condoms!

Its basically the massage party people plus Rommel! He is handsome, slim, and young.


June threesome




18 May 2008. Jorge invited some friends over. He told me that they are here for a massage party - we massaged each other. He did not mention any sex, but I could only hope for something.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Picked up on the streets

02 June 2008. When I was younger, in my 20s, which was about two decades ago - being picked up on the streets was at first a novelty then it was part of the alternative life style. I use to work up late and it was on those times that on my walk home that I got picked up. It was exciting, your heart pounds fast, so unsure of yourself. The times changed, and that the makati area I used to walk on my way home became risky, patrols and cops monitor the area. Its not the robbers or bad elements that you have to be careful off, its the police who would catch you in the name of moral decency. The internet came, and I cruise in cyberspace and consumate all that fucking and sucking in my pad.

Now, in a Latino country, I have become a Latino´s bitch - my guerrero. I have not written in this blog for more than two months. There was work, sex - and drugs! One time, I was drugged, only once - thus the absence of blog entries, I wanted to forget and move on. I have always been advised how dangerous this country is and I have experienced it first hand.

Last night, I had to work up late. By 930 pm, I was rushing home - afraid of going home although I was always re assured that my work and residential area is safe at night. I walk everyday to the office and back home, its around 45 minute walk, and the reason I got back in shape a little bit - back in my early 30s body, the one that I strut around in a bikini around the beach. I stood at a street corner waiting to cross the street, and I saw this Black, hot Latino looking back at me. Our eyes met, he looked away, into the street, then back at me, I was looking into him... Honk... Honk... reality checked in.. There are others cars and he had to driveaway ... it was a one way street, he coudl not just turn back... unlike back home in the Philippines, I cannot wait on that street corner. Not safe, I continued my walk home.

One street corner down, turn left. Walk again, main street, busy corner. Then as I turned on my left, there he was staring at me!! He started talking, I was excited. I was scared. He is handsome, gorgeous, my knees became weak. The very little spanish I know flew out of my head. I was stuttering, its been five months here, I know sufficient spanish to get laid but words elude me. He just motioned forward and drove on. I saw his car crossed, speed on.. and parked.

I crossed one step at a time. My mind was debating, I was caught up in a moment. But I was also scared, what if this might be another set up - everyone cautions me about how dangerous these Venezolanos are, how I have been already victimized once and could not go to the police or any authorities. Should I? It would be more prudent to just walked on by. And there I was standing beside his car, and he went out of the car, offering his hand. Chit chat, grasping whatever spanish I could say.

"Donde vives?" - this is what I understand from all those spanish.. the magic phrase

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Nunca en mi vida ...

Never in my life ... have I experienced someone like Jose Luis. He is young, mid 20s, slim, and very handsome. We met on the internet, which is a safe way to meet like minded individuals. The internet offers discreetness that one's real boring life of daily clerical work, day to day living, povides some excitement.

What makes Jose Luis so different? The Latinos, the venezolanos I have encountered are attractive, have not failed to make me hard and horny. Well, they are all endowed, gifted with their third leg ... and his so far is the biggest of them all. I met Jose Luis in McDonalds El Rosal. It is usually best to meet someone in a public place, a common ground. His smile got me, but inside I was hesitant, a bit sad and afraid - I thought I was lucky to meet someone in the flesh someone so young and charming. I had doubts if he would want to have sex with me, to go to bed with me ... but he flashed a smile, a very warm smile. I may not end up with him but at least I had some time getting to know him.

Jose Luis was very not only handsome, he was a good dresser. His clothes are fine and I felt shabby compared to him. But he was nice, and despite the language barrier, we tried to talk to one another ... and my heart skipped a beat. He is willing to go to bed with me, he wants to try my expertise.

We walked from McDonalds to my pad. I was thanking the Gods for their mercy, I could not believe my luck! Jose Luis smells so good. He looks good, smells good, definitely slim ... I did not want to hope much but I was already happy. Being with him was already a delight to begin with. He is tanned, his skin is golden brown, I know I would kiss his skin slowly, lick his body, his cock, his balls, taking my own time. I was going ahead on what I hope to happen, on what I would do.

I have to take it slow. I do not want to scare him, he has to be relaxed. I do not want that smile to disappear. Its a good thing I live alone, thus it was easy to invite him in. I showed him the sala, offered some drinks, then told him I have some porno, hot man to man action that we can watch in my bedroom. He smiled, I hugged him, felt his warm, smooth body and guided him to the bedroom. Its a studio type so there is no door to open or lock from the sala, just a divider wall. I have it prepared, a DVD of male porn is already in isnerted in the player. The condom on the bedside table drawer and the lubricant.

We both lie down, watching as two guys were doing it. I hold his hand, he looked at me and that innocent, disarming smile. He let me hold his hand... while his other hand was on his crotch, a bulging one. I think he was getting hard. I moved my hand to his leg, touching him, petting his leg. I lied on my side, one hand holding him, the other hand, slowly sensing his body. I was touching him, sensually, slowly.

I got to place my hand on his other hand, on top of his bulge. His cock was definitely hard, and big! I moved his hand away, he did not stop me. I opened up his zipper, and pulled out his dick. Oh my - yes he was big!! He is uncut, that is a given, but he was so hard, his foreskin was pulled to the max, he seemed cut.. I simply without speaking kissed his little head. I licked the precum at the mouth. I looked at him, he was smiling from ear to ear, no protest, enjoying my warm and moist mouth. I continued my sucking his dick. I tried my best to gag on his manhood. It was not easy to take him, but I also felt his hand guiding my head.

Too hot a mouth for more ... Luis ...

Mi boca es muy caliente para mas? My usual repertoire is too start with oral sex and then proceed from there. Afterall, it is in oral sex that one can determine if the cock would be hard enough for something more intimate. Believe me, there are those dicks that would not be stiff enough for more than oral sex. But then, that would be another discourse.

I got to chat with Luis. He said he wanted to have sex. I said yes but it was a work day, I was not sure if he would be able to come after work. Luis is white and rosy cheek. He is heavy but attractive in a certain way. He walked along El Rosal till he found my building then he miscalled me. I was looking for my keys and I was surprised the concierge already let him in. We met on the ground floor, on the elevator. He was flushed with walking.

Married is Casado in Spanish

I still maintain my bias with married men, even with Venezolanos. He is married with children, the stamina and cock hardness is good but his performance is better than single men. I guess its because that being married one gets more experience and more maturity to think about his partner.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Young and horny Mak

From mature to youth. From Black to white. It was a contrasting experience. Mak is someone I likewise met on the internet - from proving itself as the site to meet others, from the Philippines to South America.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Maduro means Mature

He described himself as Maduro, meaning mature. I did not shirk from him, afterall, we all do age, it is inevitable. Aging simply means one is still alive, for death would be the only thing that stops aging. Besides, in my experience the more mature ones having more experience are definitely better in bed. So I gave it a shot and I was not disappointed.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

My first black, and boy!!! He is big

I have been warned several times of how to be extra careful here in Caracas. Somehow hard to be believed that I am usually home by 8 pm and in the last two months that I have been here, I can count in my hand, the times I went home late - all work related! Practically, it was a sex life that is a complete turnaround. The internet is my haven, my only social life, and blessed me with a new friend. I met JV and he was so nice.

This reminds me of tips that was frequently asked of me. In getting men, there are factors that are spell success: internet access, mobile phone, pictures, and a place. Best if you have internet connection at home so you can surf and be contacted privately. A mobile phone for communication, giving out directions, best it be prepaid so one's privacy can still be protected. Without need to say, landlines are not good to give out, let us face it, there are stalkers! Pictures are good, afterall they are somehow re assuring. A place, better is having your own pad or room. Plus factor in seducing? Porno! Men are very visual. Thus it is the same for JV. He is bisexual and all, so when he walked into my bedroom ... and I played a male porno firm. His attention was fixed ... it was easier to touch him, have his pants down, his cock out... and my mouth on his manhood.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

He is the best! Mejor!

03 February 2008. Another Sunday, again I got meet Pepe. I know I still have to write about our first encounter. The second encounter, last sunday was better, for this time we did it in my own apartment. Actually I did not get to do much that day, it was sex-lunch-sex and the afternoon is over. It was so much that I did not bother to get the cameera. I guess he enjoys my mouth and my ass, that he came again. I hope he considers me a fuck buddy at least, personally he is so adorable, handsome I would really want him to be my lover, my boyfriend, it is so easy to fall in love with him, if I am not just guarding myself. I gave him a tarot reading last sunday and I saw that he would leave for another country within the year. He opened up and admitted his wishes, he desires to go again to another country. So here, on our third sex, I got the camera to take more pictures, more to remember that good man, that very nice cock of his, not to mention the way he fucks me.

He asked me if I would like to have sex before we go to Avila, that is the mountain here where they all trek about. I said sex first, who knows if we would still have the energy after. That is when I had the pleasure of this additional pictures. In fucking, he would ask me not to move, which does makes me crazy, moaning since the more I feel his dick push in and out. He explained later that it was basically referred as tantric sex... hmmmm no wonder he had made me a sex slave to his manhood.

Friday, January 11, 2008

A sigh of relief.. day almost over...

ooops.. hve to rush back to the office... although i am hesitant since it is already nigh and i have to commute