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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

FOURSOME surprise on a sunday

06 Julio 2008. Jorge is someone I met from the streets. It is not advisable to meet anyone, any stranger for that is how unsafe Caracas is. I was a few steps from my building when I noticed this Six foot two inches venezualan, he is white, carrying that typical castillan face. He also looked in my direction - there was that something. That something we played for a while, I stayed on the doorsteps of my building, I did not enter, looking back at him - and he stayed on the street corner. Oh, if this was the Philippines, I would have taken the first move and approached him. Time is precious to be wasted on waiting game, but I am still new to this place and I have limited Spanish. What if one cannot pick up guys from the streets? What if the eye connection is different?


  1. where are the pics bert?

  2. ooops... have not gotten to editing and posting them.. so sorry. still adjusting to my new life here. getting to know the culture and the language.