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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Saturday Sex with Sebastian

12 JULY 2008. Saturday ... what would I do? I answered back a text message asking me if we could meet around 11 am that morning. Well, gallivanting would only drain me financially and I do have my laundry to do and who knows? Finding a prince is never easy, one has to kiss a lot of frogs or in my case, I have to suck a lot of cocks and be fuck with it before finding one that would stay and love me . . . from sex to a relationship, that is my route. Others wanted some friendship or relationship first, then they have sex... and then that would be the end of it!

I met Sebastian from Manhunt but I could not recall who is who. I am 41 going 42, why bother trying to memorize the nicks / aliases with the picture when one is not sure which ones I would really end up in bed with? I just play it by chance. Wow... another text ... he is looking for my building and asking for reference points. Duhh!!! Hmmm, a commuter, he has no car. Oh well, I agreed to meet him at the Sacred Heart Church, its basically two blocks from my building and a bit easy to walk. Besides, the first and last time I did wait on the church - I ended up with Eduardo (a bit player) a very handsome latino and gifted, truly gifted in terms of size and performance (sorry, he would not allow me to take any pictures since he plays bit roles in tv, so he says, but I do believe him. He is so handsome, and my heart melts with his every smile. I would have been a willing sex slave for him.) Sorry, I transgress - bottom line, I agreed to meet him at the church.

Waiting in a rendezvous point is exciting and scary indeed. When one sees someone goodlooking coming, you hope its him, and when you see an undesirable man, you fervently hope its not him!


  1. Hi Bert, No update for long time. Are you still on earth?

  2. Hi Bert... how can i join your orgy... I am definitely a virgin, but wishes to be divirginized sooner... My cp is 639167183610

  3. david50s@yahoo.comOctober 21, 2008 at 8:55 AM

    Hey Bert. I don;t believe you have been soooo quiet since July. What's happening. Have you found THE one???

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  5. are you still alive bert?

  6. hi,you rock!!
    im pao,nakita ko lang acount mo
    ang saya!!
    more power!!

  7. Bert, can i get ur yahoo group?

  8. So sorrry, no update for I had been so busy with work - and the little time I had left, I sneak a little sex.