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Saturday, May 31, 2014

This could be love ... or simply crazy lust!

It is not my first time to meet Inigo, and I could not remember the second time I met him.. but this third time? Whoaahhh! We had sex and it was crazily hot between the two of us - we consummated it without taking pictures. Inigo said it had been a week since his last sex and that he needs a release and I drowned in that need, that lust, that primal need. There were moans, kissses, caresses, touch igniting the senses. Yeah.. it was crazy, it was struggle to keep my sanity and place a condom and lube on his cock. The sexual tension was such that he wanted to fuck... even rubbed his dick and I was almost lost to allow him fuck me bareback... its hard to explain.. but I was able to take a breather, placed a condom and lubed him... whewww! (if it was so hot, how come there are pics? these are taken after he had released himself, my mouth resuscitated that cock for a second round)

Yes.. the pictures.. Inigo already came but I am sure that with his youth, I can revive him ... I placed my mouth on his cock and he replied " hindi na ako titigas .... shit... sarap ". That was the end of the discussion, obviously he got hard enough for some pics of his cock, me sucking, and him fucking me....

Inigo asked me to sit on his cock ...yeah, the first time I was on fours and then a various positions lost in memory with the ecstasy... all I remember was the sensation of his cock fucking me hard and deep. He was on top, in control, and I provided my man cunt to him, squeezing his cock till he came inside. This second round.. he wants me on top of him ..

The second round.. he took some pics on his own. It was fun to feel his cock on my ass.. yes, i was able to take in my mouth and then my ass ... it was a taste of heaven.

To make sure that it was mutual.. I suck his cock good, rotating myself...thus I lick his glans, that cock head really good.

It was crazy.. that I could have utter the words... i love you.. yeah.. it was crazy sex was hormones.. it was lust...

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Sex on a Saturday

Long time texting with Leon and it was a no go. Usually, its a question something like chicken or egg : which came first, the chicken or the egg? I get a lot of inquiries asking when is the next orgy and that i text them when there is a group fun. But then, how can I invite them when I never met them? They wish to come if there is an orgy, and I only plan to invite them if I know them!

And leon added another condition, no pics! So, what entice me to invite him? Nothing and that exactly happened.. nothing. But he changed his mind and relented on the picture taking.

So, as with the above pics.. Leon came over and have his cum all over his body. All I did was open my mouth, provided oral sex - never bothered to take off anything. Physically he is nice, so I would have no qualm in introducing him to friends, particularly XXXXX who will drop by later! Then .. Leon ask if he can view pics of XXXXX in my computer.. what the fuck? He wants to masterbate on these pic.. ah ok. being the gracious host, I simply brought out my netbook and showed him. He was looking for a face pic.. of which there was none! Hahahaha, i take pics already headless. The usual face that i crop out would be my face.  Thus, on XXXXX pics, he masterbated and ejaculated on his body. Attitude wise... fail. Nahhhh, I mentioned about the possible orgy but did not invite him nor mention XXXXX.

As if nothing happened, I went back to mom's place and just continued to watch tv, eat merienda. Leon was something I would simply classify as charity sex, something for good karma points. And karma comes so fast - got me another surprise visitor... and oh yes... my reward for being nice!

Yes, this time... after the initial necessary shots ... i took off all of my clothing and had fun. I suck and got fucked and he provided attention on my nipple till i ejaculated! Of course he is not perfect : he left kiss marks on my neck!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Finally! A Friday Afternoon Fuck

I had been in contact with NesRyan for a while. Twice I do remember him wanting to drop by at night and that he was slightly drunk, as per his text - both times I simply ignored him.

One thing to remember is never to expect but I was excited.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Warren ...0918 76 088 21 (updated number as of 17 July 2014)

It has been a while since I recommended  or supported a masseur, a massage is a relaxing activity for me when my finances allow me to indulge.  When I saw Warren at the door, there was this sense of familiarity and oddly enough he had massaged me before and given him an advise on his personal life : his relationships. He was younger then, only 18 and decided to go back to the province to be with his true love : it turns out, he ended being a father of two, with two different mothers! Thus, he was forced to come back to they city and seek wokr as a masseur, hence.. presence on my door step!

I am slightly heavier, stocky or what others would deem a chub thus I have a certain bias  towards slim, athletic looking men like him. Nothing much happened on the massage but as he said it," pasensya na po, taong gipit kayang gawin ang anuman, lalo na para sa mga anak niya". (translation : my apologies but a desperate person would do anything for his children)

His massage is average, nothing spectacular really and when I turned : I was more sensitive to his palm - i find it rough, a worker's hand. He apologized for his hands, but he was laborer, a farmer back in their province hence the roughness, the callousness. It did not turn me off, rather turned me on a little bit - here is a true, blue laborer, an old fashioned man... nag ko copra siya sa probinsya nila, no wonder he has that lithe body born of hard work and not of working out!

Well, if you would like to help and try out someone different... try Warren, text him at 0918 7608821