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Friday, May 2, 2014

AFTERNOON thunder (part 2 of 2)

Thunder took a rest room break, well who can blame him? He took in XXXXX and a white dildo, my "tisoy". After the break, it was back to anal sex and all.

XXXXX provided pleasure not only with his cock by providing variety in his fucking.

Then, Thunder was again on top sitting on XXXXX's cock. XXXXX filled Thunder's hole and embraced him with his big, manly biceps. That was very sexy, comforting... re assuring.. the joy of being a bottom

Thunder then move to face XXXX still sitting on that cock, he then extend backwards providing a deeper reach.

I was amazed with this extended position, it requires strength on the biceps and discipline.

and yet.... despite the prolonged sex ends.. with cum. actually, i also got fucked by thunder. there was the three of us still watching the porn, touching each pther, sucking one and all... i could not stand it longer and placed a condom on Thunder and sat on his cock, my legs were liquified and i ended on my back while he conitnued to fuck. XXXXX  wondered when we stopped suddenly - well, i thought the rubber gave with the hard fuck... and thus i had to stop.

Above are cum shots of Thunder - he came while XXXXX was still inside him, fucking him hard. Below are the second cum shots, after he had fucked me and my sucking his cock

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