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Saturday, May 31, 2014

This could be love ... or simply crazy lust!

It is not my first time to meet Inigo, and I could not remember the second time I met him.. but this third time? Whoaahhh! We had sex and it was crazily hot between the two of us - we consummated it without taking pictures. Inigo said it had been a week since his last sex and that he needs a release and I drowned in that need, that lust, that primal need. There were moans, kissses, caresses, touch igniting the senses. Yeah.. it was crazy, it was struggle to keep my sanity and place a condom and lube on his cock. The sexual tension was such that he wanted to fuck... even rubbed his dick and I was almost lost to allow him fuck me bareback... its hard to explain.. but I was able to take a breather, placed a condom and lubed him... whewww! (if it was so hot, how come there are pics? these are taken after he had released himself, my mouth resuscitated that cock for a second round)

Yes.. the pictures.. Inigo already came but I am sure that with his youth, I can revive him ... I placed my mouth on his cock and he replied " hindi na ako titigas .... shit... sarap ". That was the end of the discussion, obviously he got hard enough for some pics of his cock, me sucking, and him fucking me....

Inigo asked me to sit on his cock ...yeah, the first time I was on fours and then a various positions lost in memory with the ecstasy... all I remember was the sensation of his cock fucking me hard and deep. He was on top, in control, and I provided my man cunt to him, squeezing his cock till he came inside. This second round.. he wants me on top of him ..

The second round.. he took some pics on his own. It was fun to feel his cock on my ass.. yes, i was able to take in my mouth and then my ass ... it was a taste of heaven.

To make sure that it was mutual.. I suck his cock good, rotating myself...thus I lick his glans, that cock head really good.

It was crazy.. that I could have utter the words... i love you.. yeah.. it was crazy sex was hormones.. it was lust...

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