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Monday, June 2, 2014

Stresses of An Event

Received a text from Randy that he is coming into town and so i fixed it at 9 pm, sunday, June 01. No argument on the date and time so I invited other friends for that time.  Got decline because of work, others did not bother any reply, some confirmed. And earlier, around 830 pm Randy himself is asking to move the time by 30 minutes! So friends would come and he is not here? I made the invites because of him and he would be the one not here? Yes, it was so stressful and why I have not been orgynizing lately and prefer a one on one or at most a threesome.

I had been asked why should I host a charity event? It is a charity and it gives me good karma point : Yyyyy and Jhayel are the surprise guest, they visited me although I had no advance notice. The other guests?  Yup.. no show, and yet when you have no invites, they will text and remind you. As the host, i keep my clothes on as I would have to open and close the door, welcome and bid fareweel to these friends. In this case, I only have the pictures to make smile and realize, at least they had fun. (AGAIN :  i got to know them before on a one on one basis. I find it so extremely irritating when a stranger ask me to invite them and introduce them to my friends: and they would not even offer picture or stats... just their number for me to text them for the next orgy.. duhhhh)

In such group fun, for the uninitiated : this is a sexual physical activity, thus 3 physical factors are important and not the sense of humor : the cock ( size and hardness, nothing so frustrating than a soft cock no matter how big or fat), the body ( hunks or muscle are preferred because they scream masculinity, thus  there are those who shun chubs / slims - "addict type skeletal showing ribs"), and the face! Randy and chet are already having fun with Yyyyy and Andy, who have the longest and the fattest cock respectively.  And yet, when Jhayel came into the scene, he did not lack attention. Soon, Randy was sucking him, while Yyyyy was on his right nipple and I was on his left nipple ;' he moaned, he release, that was it.... he was the last then to arrive and the first to cum, and the first to leave.

Inigo was the undecided, texting yes and no... and when I told him "loverboy" Jhayel would be dropping by, he then said yes but I did not took him that seriously. Jhayel was described by Xxxxxx as my "loverboy" because for some time he had been a regular weekly visitor and I would dotingly be his sex slave and masseur .. it was my pleasure to serve him. So Inigo arrived when Jhayel had left, with Chet and randy already dressed up and ready to leave. As host, I initiated in opening the pants, bringing out the cock of Inigo out of his pants and motioned Randy .. the host is obliged to push sex and end it accordingly by turning th elights on.  I would like to believe I am a good host : soon Randy had taken off his shirt and bobbing his head up and down. Inigo definitely was not "out of place or op"

I miss having an extra side kick, a door man. So when Chet opts to leave, I have to escort him out in case the gate is padlocked. When I cam back... ohhhh... Yyyyy was on top of Inigo with Randy on the side.. this time I was able to get more pictures of their position.. it was something, it was hot for me.. and to think that Yyyyy had already released himself earlier after Jhayel!

Oh yes, finally got a quota of hot pics, 2 big cocks pressed together.. and one in the background!

The cost of an orgy? Tissue, laundry, electricity... at least on this one, no condoms were used....

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