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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Paulo and Jay21

05 September 2013. Paulo brought Jay21 with him. Contrary to what others would like to think of me - I welcomed both of them. There are those like Absex who had called me "selfish" for not allowing others to make use of my pad. Duhhhhh.... why should I welcome others who have no care or interest in having sex with me - but simply to have use of my pad?  I can only presume they do not have money to pay for a motel room. Well, if its selfishness not to allow others use my generosity.. so be it.

How do I know or sense : its the matter of texting or asking.  I mean, you receive text like, is your pad available? I think that is very straightforward - these people just care for a room, for some privacy... its an immediate NO.