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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Attacked front and back...

I have always enjoyed Leafar with his curved cock, thus when he texted that he wants to drop by for my ass. I said yes. Then, he mentioned that he would be bringing a friend. Yeah right ... I have no objection, I know he does not have a place and thus he wants to bring someone into a threesome, some would say that I am sort of being used for my place, who cares? I get the sex I want. That is the bottom line, at least when he comes over with someone, I am part of that action. I have sort of banned another friend, because he brought someone, and he asked that I leave my own bedroom so he and his friend could have sex. Duhhhhh! Now, that I do not condone - I did not leave my room. Instead I had sex with Carlos36 - he and his friend had sex in the sala, on the cat hair infested blue sofa... and since then, he was no longer welcome.

Leafar brought Darwin, a versatile bottom on his vacation. Both of them uninhibited and so the threesome was good. But, what I did not expect is that Carlos36 would be there that night. Common courtesy, I invited him but he declined saying he is tired and stayed in the kitchen. I guess he got horny later on and he joined us! Thus, the threesome became a foursome, and I got my threesome pictures of them three!

One of the highlights of that night is that I served as a top too. Darwin is white and so versatile I could not resist putting on a condom and fucking his ass, Leafar was encourage me and I obliged.. BUT. HAAAAAAAAAAA! ASSHOLE! AS IN SHIT! As I was fucking Darwin, his legs in the air, Leafar was on my back, I thought he would just be dry fucking me, caressing me on my back... but no, he brutally entered my ass with his dick. My eyes bulged out... I was in heaven and hell.. it felt good fucking and it hurt in my ass, and yet I enjoyed all of it. I bore the pain, which became pleasure. I do not recall being fucked while fucking... in earlier occasions, I was the bottom part, the one fucking me, would be the one fucked by my partner... this time, I was in the middle... it was my cock in someone´s ass, and someone was fucking me... oh yes.. I LOVE CARACAS!

Darwin was a delight! He was a pure bottom that night, sucking the three of us, and being fucked by all of us. I was definitely excited and surprised that he was able to take in both cocks of Leafar and Carlos36 at the same time, in two positions!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Doing it with Daniel again...

Since I am in a reminiscent mode, I also remember having sex with this Daniel. He also has a big cock, a very fat cock - the minus side is that I feel it could be just a bit harder. This is the down side of big cocks really, they require more blood to make it bigger and hard, so at times it would engorge but not really as hard as wood. I had the pleasure of being reacquainted with Daniel, and it seems I have not posted any pic or story of him.. well, that happens, sometimes I do not take any pictures with my first time experiences .. I am a bit cautious on the first time, afterall, most of the time, I do want them to come back again.. just like Daniel.

the night watchman

Its now more than a year and yet that one night is forever etched on my memory, back then, I was living in El Rosal which was around 45 min - 1 hr walk from my office. I walk to and from the office, and at nights when I go out to buy food, I see him. He must be old with that wriggly face of his. He reminds of Charles Bronson, wragged face and yet, there is that unquestionable masculinity - except that he would qualify to be halfling! He is a short guy but his body is proportionate, still a lot shorter than me since I stand around 5 feet 8 inches, he might even be just 4´11. I was still new and definitely craving for man sex. When I pass by, he would smile or greet and I would greet back - and I simply took it as being friendly. In my head, I wish I would have him inside... yes, I know, I was kinda desperate... and back then, he was the only other guy friendly. So I smile back and simply fantasize, until that night.

That night, I bought a Church chicken promotion of chicken wings. On my way home, he was again there, standing, smiling. I smiled. He said something, I smiled innocently and apologetically - my spanish is not that good, I do not understand much. He seemed more sympathetic, and he looked right and left. Well, he is the night watch man of that garage repair shop, obviously he would be in trouble if he is found to be inviting people in. I flashed and donned that innocent look of mine, my eyes wondering and beseeching, my mind flashing... sex! Let me please suck your cock, and then fuck me senseless!

We ate the chicken. He brought some tissues to clean his hands, and I simply suck my finger as provocatively as I can, and yet innocently that I was just savoring the chicken flavor. He smiled, placed his hands on my knee. I looked at him wide eyed, wondering what is he up to, is this what I was hoping to happen, I had black face, someone unsure, unwanting, hesitant - a victim, when I am the hunter in a sheep´s clothing. He said relax, place my hand on his crotch, the more wide eye I was. I felt the hardness and that as he was not deprived of height, he was well endowed than taller and bigger men! I took my hand instinctively away, looking surprised (easily done!) and innocently unsure of what to happen next. I let him seduced me, I let him take my clothes, and guide my mouth to his cock. I was excited already, I had to take his cock, inch by inch, I should not show eagerness, I should be his conquest and not him as mine. This is the power of positive thinking, I have wanted him, and now he is in my mouth!

His hard throbbing cock was more than enough to satisfy my mouth. But it was not enough for him, he brought me to farther inside the garage, to a side of car. I can smell the grease and oils, it made me more excited, I am going to be fucked by a hard core male. He was talking in spanish, assuring me its ok, telling me that it would be just our secret, that I can take it all in. He have some lotion, paper, and condom! The prick is a predator! He probably have befriended and fucked other guys this way. I am just eager to please.

My pants and briefs were gone. My legs are in the air, spread eagled in a Victory position. He had placed a condom and lube. He was very slow and deliberate in pushing his cock. I know it would get it, it was hard, it was just the size of it! I stared at the ceiling and simly braced myself for it, enjoying every inch that he put it too. It was a mixture of pain and pleasure. I was breathing deeply and slowly, enjoying the slow onslaught, until he had fully put it in! And then started to fuck, move back and forth. Oh wow! Double Wow! He continued fucking me until he came. I was hard but I did not release myself.. will wait till I am on my bed and not on the garage floor.

It was great! I am embarassed to admit it, but it was a bit messy! People think I am that practiced and experience, but still when I have such enormous cocks, I expect them to be messy, and a bit let down when it is not...It was such a big and hard cock from a small guy, that although I have nothing to share or prove that night, it is in my memory forever.. I still think of him, and that somehow, there might be a repeat...

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Sex with a Scorpion

Scorpions are basically described as insatiable in sex. True or not? Well, I simply relish having sex with them, for they would be basically a challenge in bed. Dennis texted me asking me when we could meet and do some time in bed, and I thought it would be nice to do so - and I did!

The pictures do not reflect how endowed Dennis is, but he has a fat cock, it is big. Well, as posting my sex with him.. I had the luxury of sex again with him, last night with two other latinos - and they likewise both squealed in pain and in delight over his cock!

Dennis made sex almost like an exercise, straining my muscles to stretch and all with the various styles we did. Well, he did come twice that night and my ass was well sated. I wished I had someone to take pictures of his creativity.. at least I had the insight to take a pic when we were doing it sideways...

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Ceasar´s Surprise!

Going back to schedule, I am sure you delighted with the endowment, the manhood of Ceasar. Actually, that twosome was supposed to be a threesome, however the third party did not came due to a headache. Nevertheless, Ceasar was definitely more than enough to fill me up, up and down, front and back.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Higher level now!

07 September 2009, Its another blue monday. Well, mondays are always blue, its the start of another gruelling work week and all. This time, just a bit strange. I see him, the white latino on his table wearing his green fatigue uniform that speaks of his military profession. How I wish to say that my lips are sealed or that my hands are tied, and yet my fingers continue on the keyboard... just like the song.. Oooops I did it!

Yesterday, was a sunday, another overtime day to catch up on work that keeps on piling on my table. From a security guard to a national guard? Oh wow.. oh my ...

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

the guard once more ...

31 August 2009. The guard or Señor Juan called me up last Saturday. He was asking if I would drop by again. I was too tired last Saturday, had to look for a ballast that early evening. Well, I did spent the whole afternoon with Cesar, which would be my next post. For this one, I just have to recall that although the third time did not happen, I did have a second time with Juan, and I was a bit more prepared - I had my camera with me!

The second time was more like the first time, it was late evening and I was on my way home. As usual, I feel tired and a bit resentful of having too work too much. What kept me going working late is the chance to see that guard who has a graveyard shift. On my way home, I would deliberately pass on that side and see if he is again the one on guard duty. He was, and he called me!

It was a little chit chat, hi, hello, where are you going.. but my eyes was looking at him, screaming - I WANT TO SUCK YOU AGAIN!! He looked at me, and asked "quieres?..." (You like?...) I did not reply back, I just nodded my head, up and down, sort of a warm up when my head would be bobbing up and down on his cock.

He opened the gate for me, and I proceeded inside, walked direct to the hidden alcove beneath the concrete stairs, the place supposed to serve as a stock room and a resting place - the one that has a worn out sofa, where I would sit, as I suck his cock. We are more efficient, I know where to go, he knows what he wants, we went in, and he opened his pànts, fished for his cock and sticked it out for me. I sucked him, enjoying every inch of his hard, pulsating cock. Yes, it was throbbing with desire. And I enjoyed every second of sucking I did... although I was surprised to note that it was all less than 15 minutes inside that sinful, dirty place of his. it was not long and he unloaded his semen, in my mouth, he was quiet, but I felt his shudder, and I tasted his sperm... before I had to spew it out. :)

A bit awkwardness was on how I asked permission to take photos, I said only cock, no face.. (foto de su pene, no cara). I took a shot, showed him, and then took some more. That is what happened on a saturday, my second time with him.. next time, i want him inside my ass... next time