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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

the guard once more ...

31 August 2009. The guard or Señor Juan called me up last Saturday. He was asking if I would drop by again. I was too tired last Saturday, had to look for a ballast that early evening. Well, I did spent the whole afternoon with Cesar, which would be my next post. For this one, I just have to recall that although the third time did not happen, I did have a second time with Juan, and I was a bit more prepared - I had my camera with me!

The second time was more like the first time, it was late evening and I was on my way home. As usual, I feel tired and a bit resentful of having too work too much. What kept me going working late is the chance to see that guard who has a graveyard shift. On my way home, I would deliberately pass on that side and see if he is again the one on guard duty. He was, and he called me!

It was a little chit chat, hi, hello, where are you going.. but my eyes was looking at him, screaming - I WANT TO SUCK YOU AGAIN!! He looked at me, and asked "quieres?..." (You like?...) I did not reply back, I just nodded my head, up and down, sort of a warm up when my head would be bobbing up and down on his cock.

He opened the gate for me, and I proceeded inside, walked direct to the hidden alcove beneath the concrete stairs, the place supposed to serve as a stock room and a resting place - the one that has a worn out sofa, where I would sit, as I suck his cock. We are more efficient, I know where to go, he knows what he wants, we went in, and he opened his pànts, fished for his cock and sticked it out for me. I sucked him, enjoying every inch of his hard, pulsating cock. Yes, it was throbbing with desire. And I enjoyed every second of sucking I did... although I was surprised to note that it was all less than 15 minutes inside that sinful, dirty place of his. it was not long and he unloaded his semen, in my mouth, he was quiet, but I felt his shudder, and I tasted his sperm... before I had to spew it out. :)

A bit awkwardness was on how I asked permission to take photos, I said only cock, no face.. (foto de su pene, no cara). I took a shot, showed him, and then took some more. That is what happened on a saturday, my second time with him.. next time, i want him inside my ass... next time


  1. i hope you die soon ..
    ur such a shame for our country!

  2. What? Oh, thank you for your ill wish.

    I was not aware that having a blog would be so much shame when I have not rob a single centavo or hurt any other human being.

    Sex is a part of us, whether we admit it or not. There are more who enjoy having sex with others, except that I think I am one who have written about my sex life. Not writing about their sex life does not mean absence of it from their life.

    I also realize that not all have the opportunity and courage to engage in it, whether they publish it or not - that reading my blog have been an alternative for them, thus I continued my blog.

    And so, THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR YOUR COMMENT. I guess this is the balance for the sex I had last night with a 24 yr old Latino Dennis, of which I had a lot of pictures to share.

  3. Hey anonymous. If it is such a shame, why do you go to so much trouble to get to the blog??? You open the blog and get your excitement, then say "Shame."??? Well shame on YOU!!!!

  4. hope u suck me too

  5. can i have a cell number or your boy toy bert? please... i am not out yet... and i really want to have sex na w/ a guy... i want him to be clean ha.. (no STDs).. ty..