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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Attacked front and back...

I have always enjoyed Leafar with his curved cock, thus when he texted that he wants to drop by for my ass. I said yes. Then, he mentioned that he would be bringing a friend. Yeah right ... I have no objection, I know he does not have a place and thus he wants to bring someone into a threesome, some would say that I am sort of being used for my place, who cares? I get the sex I want. That is the bottom line, at least when he comes over with someone, I am part of that action. I have sort of banned another friend, because he brought someone, and he asked that I leave my own bedroom so he and his friend could have sex. Duhhhhh! Now, that I do not condone - I did not leave my room. Instead I had sex with Carlos36 - he and his friend had sex in the sala, on the cat hair infested blue sofa... and since then, he was no longer welcome.

Leafar brought Darwin, a versatile bottom on his vacation. Both of them uninhibited and so the threesome was good. But, what I did not expect is that Carlos36 would be there that night. Common courtesy, I invited him but he declined saying he is tired and stayed in the kitchen. I guess he got horny later on and he joined us! Thus, the threesome became a foursome, and I got my threesome pictures of them three!

One of the highlights of that night is that I served as a top too. Darwin is white and so versatile I could not resist putting on a condom and fucking his ass, Leafar was encourage me and I obliged.. BUT. HAAAAAAAAAAA! ASSHOLE! AS IN SHIT! As I was fucking Darwin, his legs in the air, Leafar was on my back, I thought he would just be dry fucking me, caressing me on my back... but no, he brutally entered my ass with his dick. My eyes bulged out... I was in heaven and hell.. it felt good fucking and it hurt in my ass, and yet I enjoyed all of it. I bore the pain, which became pleasure. I do not recall being fucked while fucking... in earlier occasions, I was the bottom part, the one fucking me, would be the one fucked by my partner... this time, I was in the middle... it was my cock in someone´s ass, and someone was fucking me... oh yes.. I LOVE CARACAS!

Darwin was a delight! He was a pure bottom that night, sucking the three of us, and being fucked by all of us. I was definitely excited and surprised that he was able to take in both cocks of Leafar and Carlos36 at the same time, in two positions!