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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Fuck and run ? - Joshua

I have known him for years, since his student years and now he is a nurse. It was a quickie, we did not even had time to take some pics but then i already have pics of his cock long ago.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Foursome Daisy Chain....

Oh wow... there have been some unforgettable scenes tonight. The first was a foursome daisy chain, Jam was on the other end of the bed being sucked by Arnold, who was being sucked by Albert, who I was sucking with gusto! I only have a single bed, 36 x 75 if I am not mistaken. Small but makes compression easier, makes the sex easier!

Actually, Jam said he would be dropping by and I do not blame him - we all need some fun after a hectic work week. So with one sure friend, I texted others. Jonas dropped by to say Thanks for the endorsement. I waited for Albert and Arnold, of which the two have gotten acquainted, and of what happened - I dare not ask nor they did tell me much details except that Jam have already came!

Albert was proud of his endowment, selling himself as curved cock. I could only theorize that it had become curve from all the handling it got from seat mates, most likely in a theater. He sat on the right end of the bed, and when I hold his big cock, yes, it was a wonder that such something puny could grow so large. It was curved, fitting right into my hand and mouth.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Tuesday with Jam and Jeric

Its really hard to plan things, for it does not usually work out the way one wants it to be. I avoid planning these things, less I would only expect and get frustrated. This time, last minute texting showed that Jeric would be doing some office overtime and Jam is already available but willing to wait... so wait we did in my pad, and the threesome sex was worth the wait!!!

I cleaned up my pad a little while we were waiting for Jeric. When he came, I shove them both to my bedroom, opened the vhs player, and took my shower. I came back with Jam dry sti fucking Jeric. I thought it was real, it was just a dry fuck. I joined them immediately but having my head in between the two and taking Jam's cock into my mouth.

I left my camera at the office ... good thing my Nokia already has a 2 megapixel camera, still not the same as a regular camera. Was able to take some pics before Jeric goes on top, with Jam on his back... the second time when Jam came. Oh yes, those cum shots were of Jam ... so hard, nice, a long time cumming...

Saturday Night Sex

I enjoyed Jam and Jeric so much, who I met Tuesday and Thursday respectively. I planned to have them both Saturday and even invited some friends over. First invitee was Arnold, who listened on the mobile for the hard sucking and body slamming fuck that I had. I also invited Brian over. Hmmmm.. that would be four of them, plus me, five, my room would be too full.... ooopss.. Jonas texted me asking if he can drop over, so I said yes...

Thursday, September 13, 2007

he passed ... WITH FLYING COLORS

13 September. Jeric was apprehensive meeting me. I told him that for first timers, I usually dont have them jump into an orgy, except with Ernz that is. He was texting me all day if we would be really meeting and what would I be doing with him, what is expected of him. He definitely surpassed any possible expectations ... he is more than welcome to come back again ... and to cum again and again!

Jeric is a long time reader of my blog, a long time friend exchanging messages on the g4m network, all the way to the time he was based in Mindanao, then Visayas, and now in Luzon! So now while he is here, he decided to give himself a treat - to experience orgies. Oh yes, it would nto be easy to schedule him with the others I like best, but I would definitely have him back with others. I would not be surprised to have him, me, and Arnold together this weekend. Arnold was listening as Jeric humped and pumped my ass. That was one of the most unforgettable of the experience, he is a hard fucker ... it felt like he had not sex in months.. which turns out to be true. Oh well, I would welcome him always, his cock is long and hard, what more can I say? Gauge the pics, they do not lie.

He is young, but he has no pretensions about enjoying sex.

" Oh shit.. oh shit, bert" he moaned and called my name, as I my mouth was all the way to his balls. I felt him shudder when I deep throat that mother fucking cock to my throat.

Smooth and satisfying...

September 11, 2007. As Jhom does his exits, there wasw Jam already texting, waiting outside the building.

3 minute quickie?

September 11, 2007. Ernz was surprised that Jhom was already finished, he was still checking on his email.. and there was the guy, finished smelling definitely of semen and doing his exit. What can I do? The guy seems straight, just wanting to get his rocks off, and yet.. still so scared. He did not get naked so neither did I.

And when he came, he just pulled up his underwear, zip his pants, and said his goodbye. I know.. I did not get my rocks off, consider him my appetizer since Jam was already downstairs.