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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Tuesday with Jam and Jeric

Its really hard to plan things, for it does not usually work out the way one wants it to be. I avoid planning these things, less I would only expect and get frustrated. This time, last minute texting showed that Jeric would be doing some office overtime and Jam is already available but willing to wait... so wait we did in my pad, and the threesome sex was worth the wait!!!

I cleaned up my pad a little while we were waiting for Jeric. When he came, I shove them both to my bedroom, opened the vhs player, and took my shower. I came back with Jam dry sti fucking Jeric. I thought it was real, it was just a dry fuck. I joined them immediately but having my head in between the two and taking Jam's cock into my mouth.

I left my camera at the office ... good thing my Nokia already has a 2 megapixel camera, still not the same as a regular camera. Was able to take some pics before Jeric goes on top, with Jam on his back... the second time when Jam came. Oh yes, those cum shots were of Jam ... so hard, nice, a long time cumming...


  1. Sarap naman sumali... hehehe. Anu number ni Jeric?

  2. wow nice naman. e ako aya kelan makakaranas ng ganyan hanggang ngaun la pa alam sa ganyan ah

  3. hi bi male here too im ralph.. here's my number 09159035354.. heres my pic.

  4. Sorry, Jeric declined to have his number posted.

    In terms of experiencing such threesomes, I believe it is a personal decision. If you really want it, go ahead. After all, if there is a will, there is a way, otherwise, there would always be an excuse.

    To Ralph, I have visited your friendster page, you are handsome!!

  5. mabuti ikaw nagagawa mo ito ang lakas ng loob mo bilib ako sayu.....