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Thursday, September 13, 2007

he passed ... WITH FLYING COLORS

13 September. Jeric was apprehensive meeting me. I told him that for first timers, I usually dont have them jump into an orgy, except with Ernz that is. He was texting me all day if we would be really meeting and what would I be doing with him, what is expected of him. He definitely surpassed any possible expectations ... he is more than welcome to come back again ... and to cum again and again!

Jeric is a long time reader of my blog, a long time friend exchanging messages on the g4m network, all the way to the time he was based in Mindanao, then Visayas, and now in Luzon! So now while he is here, he decided to give himself a treat - to experience orgies. Oh yes, it would nto be easy to schedule him with the others I like best, but I would definitely have him back with others. I would not be surprised to have him, me, and Arnold together this weekend. Arnold was listening as Jeric humped and pumped my ass. That was one of the most unforgettable of the experience, he is a hard fucker ... it felt like he had not sex in months.. which turns out to be true. Oh well, I would welcome him always, his cock is long and hard, what more can I say? Gauge the pics, they do not lie.

He is young, but he has no pretensions about enjoying sex.

" Oh shit.. oh shit, bert" he moaned and called my name, as I my mouth was all the way to his balls. I felt him shudder when I deep throat that mother fucking cock to my throat.


  1. Sama, sure why not? Jeric is open to it ... actually I enjoyed the sex so much that I invited some friends over that I met in the past, so tonight, I am hoping to meet Jonathan, Jam, and Arnold for some get together, Jeric has not yet confirmed.. so if ever, there would be five of us....

    ouch! oohhhhh so yummy...

    been so busy lately that i still have to upload pictures and hae more time for sex... it was a good thing that Jeric was so patient with my schedule.. was getting tired and lazy that night.. but his hard fucking, the very slap he gave me really woke my senses... arnold was listening via our suncell....

  2. sama rin... hehe
    cum on
    how do i get in touch with you

    show the pics of this guy naman

  3. that was really nice bert.. hehehehe... its nice to be with you guys... just text me up.. ill be around... isang text mo lng reply lng ako kung indi ako busy or not. minsan kasi busy din sa work... so just keep in touch

    ****** ------ jeric ----- ******

  4. sama me din plz...

  5. Oh wow, to that last ANONYMOUS poster, you want to join but you declined to give any info about yourself, no contact point whatsoever, so how can we invite you to join us next time?