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Sexcapades 3


I am now 30. And I know I would not get any younger, and that I have resigned that I would never have a family of my own - but I definitely would have my memories. One of my fondest memories was the time I watched

Battlestar Gallactica, in the early eighties. I was in high school then, a teenager. I was in my senior year, around 18. I had just taken my second quarter exams, and I wanted to reward myself. I deserved a treat. Unfortunately, my classmates wanted to go home and sleep after a night of cramming. I was not used to watching movies alone but then I gathered enough courage and went to Rizal Theater. Now,the Rizal Theater is gone, on it stands Shang Ri La Hotel.

I remember wearing a nylon underwear - it was quite shiny. I was initially scared and apprehensive going to the movie house alone. But then I was transported to the make believe world of the space, then I felt fingers touching my knee. I was startled, and I was definitely scared. I did not know what to do. I discreetly took a look at the guy next to me, he was definitely a man, a tall man, he was big. I though he would be robbing me, I stiffened. Should I stand up or cry for help? But if I brought attention, would it not be embarrassing? I was then so naive, I was scared for the wrong reasons, but then I was still a virgin, totally uninitiated to heterosexual sex, more so with homosexuality.

I just sat there. I thought, it would be better to ignore it - concentrate on the movie.

And as if I did not feel the fingers, I moved my knee away from the stray hand. Thus nothing happened, I thought I did right. Then I felt his hand, more firm, more sure, on my right knee. He was on my left, what should I do? What if he sticks a knife to me? I was scared but I was getting excited, there was something to his touch. No one had ever touched me, it was in a way reassuring. But what does he want, what was I supposed to do?

Then his hand slowly walked to my crotch. He had gone bolder, he unzipped my pants! I, I was helpless. What can I do, I definitely cannot ask for help - it would be embarrassing to attract attention with my fly open. Fight him? He was a man, and I was just a boy - he was definitely bigger. And who knew what he had with him. Relax, breath in, breath out. I was getting excited, everything was new. He placed his hand inside, I had gotten hard. My penis, had not experience any other hand then, just mine. I had not even sported much hair - my pubic patch was relatively scarce. But I was sure hard, and getting hornier.

I realized then that he could not be a robber. He wanted my cock, now what? I reasoned out the traditional lines about men, we can be promiscuous, we can sleep with any girl there is nothing to lose - so why not with another man? I was randy, I was hot. I mirrored his actions. I placed my right hand on his crotch, he right pressed on it. He opened his fly. He pushed my hand inside. He was hard! He was huge! He was around 7 to 8 inches, with a diameter of around 2 to 3 fingers.

I was breathing heavily. I looked around, other viewers seemed oblivious to what was happening. They were focused on the film. My heart was thumping fast. I was excited. He started pumping me. Two can play the game, I pumped him too. If felt good, I really felt spaced out! Young and inexperienced, I came. I was shooting cum, and he was ready with his handkerchief. He wiped my cum. Then I returned the favor, I continued to pump his big dick, and it throbbed. And he came right into his handkerchief.

I was exhausted, I could not think, but it felt good. It was so nice, I learned to overcome the fear of watching alone. I was looking forward to another encounter!

14 -REYMON - Married with Children

Reymon is a married man. He was an office mate and then his family rented one of our apartment units. He had two kids when I first made love with him in their rented unit. He was a tenant and an office mate so no one though otherwise, nor did I, when I went to their unit. He invited me to watch a movie, we were alone, his wife and kids were already sleeping in their room. We watched a blue Filipino movie. I do not find it exciting after knowing man to man sex, but I watched it with him, focusing on the guy's cock.

Then I felt his hand, he took mine and placed it above his crotch! I was surprised, we should respect each other. Reymon is very fair, around 5-9 and very slim for his height. Without even the touch I already know what to expect from the likes of him, he would have a long slim cock too. And my touch confirmed it, he was not big or fat, but it was one long snake, the type that can safely slither in any one's ass very nicely!

I don't look bad myself, been working out at the gym. I stood at 5-8 and weight around 150 lbs, quite tall for some Filipinos and a nice built at that one. Sex was relatively easy with my physical attributes, but I did not expect it from him!

He stood up and lock the door. I was dumbfounded but have started a hard on. I like tall slim guys, just like him. He was so full of himself, but it did not repulse me. He knows his cock, and I was yearning for it. After looking the door, seated I was, he stood before me, offering his cock. I look pleadingly, unsure.

"What about your wife? Your kids?"

"They are in the room upstairs, its air conditioned, they would not hear us. And if they go out, We would hear them. They are sound asleep."

I bowed my head and took his raging hard on. It was pinkish, not like the usual Filipino color that is purplish. He has some Spanish blood thus he was so fair. His cock slithered inside my mouth. I was not so sure of sucking then, I just held my mouth as he moved his hips, fucking my mouth. He somehow enjoyed it, I wasn’t.

Then, he hold my hand and guided me upstairs. Across the family room, we went into the empty room where there is a barren bed. He guided me, undressed me. He had taken his white briefs. He produced a condom and placed it on his cock! Oh my, that is my favorite - I love being fucked on my ass. He lied down on his back, and I straddled him. It was such a full feeling. His size just right, not big that I did not need to concentrate blocking any pain. It was an immediate rapture! I felt his dick touching my prostrate. My whole body bobbing up and down, his hands on my hips guiding my movement. Then he would suck on my nipple. I was moaning from the delight. Then I move around, as if siting on a chair, a human chair with a long dick inside me. Then I felt his hands move to my chest, caressing my nipple. I moved and rocked faster, up and down, forward and backward. The feeling was pure ecstasy, he was also moving his hips.

I moved forward, holding on his legs while my ass was gyrating more on his cock. I was fucking him, and he was fucking me. The feeling was great! The ecstasy was further enhanced by the risk, the danger that his family was sleeping in the other room, and they could wake up and check our noise! Reymon was fucking me like there was no tomorrow! I was enjoying his body, more so his cock. Then I felt it bloat, felt it grow a bit bigger then the calm. But he continued to do small fucking movements, then I felt my own climax! My semen spurted out of my cock, it flowed like a geyser from my dick landing on my chest! My body was covered by my own semen, and I enjoyed the sight!

Reymond transferred to another office and apartment, there have been no other great sex until years later…….. but that’s another story.

15 - STAR CINEMA - a dream fulfilled

June 26 was a dry hot Saturday. I just finished my work out for my chest, shoulders, and triceps the last night. I stayed in bed until lunch. My body ached from the strenuous workout.

My work out buddy, Bong was impressed with the progress of my chest development. He even said I could use my chest to squeeze - I knew what he had on mind. Yes, I could even control my chest muscles to move.

Noon, I had my breakfast, which was also my lunch. Outside, it was a hot. I planned to go out but not to work so I decided to wear my green Giordano shirt and my black Bench shorts. The shorts had green and white stripes on the sides. My outfit did justice to my body, my big chest was outlined well and my small waistline was showing.

I really have a nice body. I decided to watch a movie at Star Cinema, just for an hour, to get respite from the afternoon heat. I came in at last part of the movie they were showing, Eraser starring Arnold Schwarznegger. It was also hot inside the cinema. I proceeded to the left side of the balcony, near an electric fan. It was dark, I had to walk slowly as I could not see anything, even the outlines of others who were standing. I sat down on a seat in an empty row near the corner - I was alone, but not for long!

Somebody had followed me and sat down next to me. As I positioned myself in anticipation of his move, he immediately began feeling me up. I wasn't wearing underwear thus giving his hand free access. I pulled the front of my shirt over my shoulder while he pulled my shorts down. I was not able to look at his face. I could only see his silhouette.

I suddenly felt his hot tongue, his mouth engulfing my cock. I have gotten harder. He sucked my cock for sometime. His tongue was warm on my dick, giving me a tingling feeling. I let my hand roam on his body which was warm and hard. He then invited me to move seats.

We moved the front-most row of the theater. There, under the light of the screen, I noticed his features. He was quite good-looking, medium frame, and smooth skin. He took off his shirt and immediately proceeded to suck my cock, then my navel, then my nipple. I was ecstatic, but I take time coming and I told him so. He was determined to get me to come, he continued his ministrations, making me roll my eyes in ecstasy. His tongue had a mind of its own. His mouth was hot, coating my cock with saliva. I could not stand it anymore. When I was about to come, he came down on me again, and stayed down till I finished. My knees were shaking, my legs were tense. I couldn't believe he let me come in his mouth. He let me rest, he said he was not finished yet.

We moved back to the post near the electric fan. He pulled his pants down. He didn't have any underwear on. He pressed his ass to my front, and I got hard again. I dry fucked him, no penetration, just moving my hips back and forth, my cock in between his ass cheeks. It was when this guy in black, came by. He just stood there watching us. He was cute - I then realized he was the hunk I was desiring for at Greenbelt Makati! I always stole a look at him, fantasizing about him - and he was just standing there! He was simply a man, very masculine.

He then left and stood near the stairway. I excused myself from the sucker, after all, as I was dry butt fucking him, he somehow managed to catch another guy whom he started to jerk off. I moved to the stairways, my head down, though eyeing Mr. Black. He moved toward me. He simply said "My turn", and went down to the lobby. I followed. He wanted me inside him! I immediately got a hard on. I nodded, and asked, where?

He went to the ladies comfort room, with me seconds behind. When we were inside, he locked the door and proceeded to take his shirt off. Wow! His chest was big.

I let myself be the giver this time. I sucked his tits, while my hand was jerking him off. I felt his asshole. He was tight. I felt it pucker. Then he begged me to insert the real thing - he moved in front of me, pointing his ass toward my stirring front. I put on the condom I had in my wallet. I am always ready. One never knows.

I just slid right in. It was pure heaven, his ass was round and soft, squeezing my cock. We were moaning from sometime, I moving at all possible angles, fucking him hard - then we heard somebody trying to open the door! I lost my hard on. He was considerate, but he was not spent yet and he wanted me to suck him. As a rule, I do not suck - but he was my hidden desire, a dream realized.

I went down on him, sucking him, moving my lips on his head, flicking the piss slit with my tongue. I tightened my mouth on his dick as my head went up and down. He has gotten hard, really hard - and the more I enjoyed sucking his dick. He said it would be nice to fuck me, oh I was wild, I simply stood and positioned myself. After putting on a condom, he entered me. I didn't anticipate the pain, it was searing throughout my body. But I bared it, letting him experience full enjoyment of my sacrifice. Later on,

I relaxed, and his fucking then made me intensely hard. Oh, wow, his cock was moving in and out, I could feel every movement. I was delirious from his fucking, it had been a while since I had sex this good. When he was about to come, he removed himself, making me feel empty but with still with a raging hard on. He removed the condom and continued jerking off, while I did too, and he came, and came - his cum splattering on the floor. He touched my left tits, I closed my eyes, and opened them in time to see my own cock spewing my spunk - not so much, but still a spectacle as I shot three times like a fountain. We both smiled.

It was good, more so because he was the one I had desired secretly. He said he usually did not come in the theater. I simply smiled. He did not know and I did not tell him. He was the first who had fucked me but the pain was worth the bliss, knowing I finally got the man I have lusted for!

Well, till my next viewing.

16 - URBAN SEX - U can bank on a married man

Urban Bank is one of the fastest commercial banks, sad to say it went on a bank holiday in 2000. Ironically, it advertises itself as a lasting relationship, guess they advertised wrong. But Urban Bank would always be memorable, for one of its managers. Let us just refer to him as Urbs.

My best friend Mer works and lives in Makati City, one of the major business districts here in the Philippines. To those who are in the game, know that Greenbelt is one of the cruising spots here in Makati. Actually, Greembelt has already been mentioned in Spartacus – a magazine that was an eye opener about my country!

The area is great for cruising for those who walk and especially for those with cars. One can just stay and count the cars who go around and around in circles, looking for some action. Mer and I were one of them; we drive in circles looking at some people walking and those who are also in their cars. There was this other car that was also following us.

We had been going in circles and Mer was flashing lights and so forth. We stopped at the Greenbelt Park and the car parked behind us. I was horny that night and a bit daring, I went out of the car and slowly walked to the other car.

The guy looked directly at me, he was wearing a shirt and tie, definitely an executive. I felt more secure that I would be safe, that there is no harm, but a probable ecstasy. He opened the door and I immediately sat beside him. He was a bit chubby, almost like a daddy. He turns out to be a father of three children! He had even taken up his masters, and he know works for Urban Bank, never did made it with a banker before. I got excited, he must have a lot of pent up sexual energy and all.

Urbs invited me to go with him to some place private. I went back to the car of Mer and said I would be going with the guy. Mer was laughing, asking me to promise him a story later on. Urbs was quiet, he asked if I had been to a motel, I said “yes” but it was a long time ago. He droved all the way to Pasig City. Never been to Pasig City and I was apprehensive and excited. Pasig City was known for its motel rows, with motels known as short time private and cold.

Urbs disrobed quietly, and I did likewise inside the Pasig motel. The motel room has a motif of red and black, and of course a white bed with white sheets. Urbs was chubby in a way but he was sexy, specially his chest hair. Chest hair is not common for Filipinos. He gave me an instant hard on. I was also kissing and smooching him, he was likewise excited. We were dry fucking each other; he was on top and thrusting himself on me! I was so horny that I opened myself to him, and he was hurting me like hell! He was big and without proper lubricant it was difficult and painful for him to fuck my ass. He was touching my body, kissing my nipple. I was so relaxed and so ready, but he could not penetrate me!

Damn, he would be missed; he should be on his way home. His alibi of doing overtime at work does not give him unlimited time. We had perspired from the effort and the literal body heat. We headed for the shower; they’re soaping each other, fondling each other’s body. I was hot and wanted him inside but it was so difficult with his big dick and my tight ass. Somehow he was soaping me, making my whole body slippery. I felt good with his hands, thus I thought of nothing when he positioned me. I simply then screamed!

I screamed from the surprise rear attack, did not imagine him to really penetrate my ass. It was hard, and painful. But feeling him inside me was so good. I bent over in the shower as he rammed his big dick cock again and again, and again. It was so good; I continued masturbating and was moaning while about to cum. He came with his loud grunts, and I came in his hands! It was my first time to be fucked inside the bathroom, never did imagine it that way. He was so nice.... the bank is in holiday but my memory of him would be lasting....

17 - VER - an encounter in Club Bath

The Philippines is not as progressive as other countries, but we are very good at the English language since we are educated by it. Likewise, gay life is not as lucrative since the population is not that much but there are thriving businesses for gay people, most popular are the gay bars where some guys dance and gyrate to the audience. There is however one and only one bath house, which I heard compares badly to other bath houses in other countries. I was told it was better before it got burned in its original location, and I was told that they are improving the current one with other similar businesses but not exactly the same concept.

Club bath, is the popular name. It is located along Harrison St Pasay City. Others refer to it as the "Bahay na Bato" or House of Stone. Nice thing about going there is the knowledge that the other people are there also for sex, well except for a few. Once I met someone who was there to really while away the night and think about his suicidal tendencies. From its initials of CB, other nicks came about like China Bank, Central Bank, and cheeseburger.

Club Bath is so discreet that even married guys yearning for man to man sex even goes there. I was surprised at first to meet married men there but later on, I have grown accustomed to them. I guess their wives would not suck their dick or they are just going after what they truly want - a cock! The Philippine society do exert a pressure on men to be men, to get married, and have a family. So, its no longer a surprise that some bisexual or gay men get married.

The Bath house has three floors. One can either rent a locker, a dressing room, or a cubicle or so called room. One can see the guys wearing either a towel around them or something sexy, or at least what they think to be sexy. Some walk wearing trunks, skimpy ones, a supporter, or plain underwear - once I saw someone walking around wearing nothing.

For the more discreet ones, they would simply rent a room/cubicle and would not go out but simply leave their door open and wait for someone interested to have sex with them. It was around May 1998 when I visited Bath house again. I take time in having sex. This time, there was this door, it was open, the guy was sitting inside. I choose to take a look inside, to assess him and for him to take a look at me. My heart was beating a bit faster, it is exciting to know if he likes me too or not. He seems to be the daddy type, at least in his 30s, married, with children, and with a growing beer belly. He seems to be dark with curly hair.

He did not close the door or ignored me. Thus taking a chance, I came in. He opened the door and closed it as soon as I came in. I was wondering if he would like me. Then I felt him hugging me from the back, kissing my nape of my head. The sensation was thorough. I elicited a light sounding moan. He was wearing only a white underwear, which I think he has pushed down, feeling his big cock at the back of my ass. He is big, at least around 7 inches and hard. A seven incher is already big, at
least among Filipinos based on my experience.

No questions, no talk. He proceeded to lick my whole body. I could not stand it anymore, I lay down the bed. He continued to adore my body, kissing and sucking my flesh. I was slowly writhing in the sensation of his mouth. Then he placed his mouth on my nipple - oh my! My flesh was alive, all my cells tingling with desire. Then I felt his hand pump my very hard cock. I can feel his hand going up and down, while he continue to suck my nipples, alternating between both of them, while the other hand caress my other chest. This was too much, my body went rigid, I was cumming and then my spunk came from my cock, showering my body and his head with it! Wow!

It was then that I gave him the same attention. And he came, it felt better to masturbating him, my hand over his hard dick. His was a lot bigger, and harder. It was good pleasure to wank his prick. Then he tensed for a while and released himself. But unlike me, it simply spewed out, it did not shoot out. Still, they were a lot! I guess he has not released himself for a while.

Only in the aftermath, did I learn his name which is Ver. He is married with children. I gave him my pager number and he promised to keep in touch. He did page me up and I was able to talk to him several times but I never did got to meet him again. Regrets, I wonder how it would be to feel his dick inside me - he is so big and hard. Someday perhaps, since he still do call from time to time.

18- Zozo Zooming from the Sky

I was the typical nerd in college. I made good grades and while preparing for my Accountancy board exams, I took up weights. I believed that a sound body would lead to a sound mind. Thus by the time I was a certified accountant, not only was I standing at 5-8, I was weighthing 145 lbs as well. That is physically good for a brown Filipinos.

In time, I started to get clients and had to learn to socialize. I had one client who opened a cafe, and he invited me over. A common friend said that I should learn to be at ease with people, and he would guide me into it.

The party was nice, full of the people belonging to the upper society. I did not feel very welcome. My friend Bong was with Zozo, said to be a general manager of one of the airlines in our country. He seemed to be in his 40's or so and he already had 3 or 4 children. Up to now, I only saw his picture in the society pages. He seemed the type who was a happily married man.

I was coaxed into trying a drink, and I had a screwdriver. I simply got dizzy. Not being used to drinking, I wanted to empty myself and went to the rest room. The comfort room had a peep window! I noticed Bong using the toilet, but as he turned around so was Zozo! It seemed they were relieving themselves, but then I realized what was happening. So, I simply went back to my seat without going. I kept silent.

Both of them appeared from the rest room. Zozo is a typical Mestizo, he obviously had some foreign blood, not the typical Filipino, probably Spanish. I was curious, I did not expect them to do such a thing,nor did I expect to walk in on something like that.

Anyway, I simply excused myself on the basis that I was dizzy and a bit excited because of what I saw. Bong said he was worried about me and had arranged for Zozo to bring me home. Zozo likewise agreed that he should take me home afterall he had a driver. A driver? A third party, I simply agreed.

In the car, Zozo and I sat in the back. Looking at Zozo I understood why Bong had sex with him. He was attractive despite being a mature person. He looked so neat, so decent, so clean. I could feel his hands touching my knee! I was getting excited, the alcohol making me feel a bit liberated. I love to surprise people, so I reciprocated by touching him. He simply opened his pants, and I got to touch his genitals!!! It was big, and getting hard.

He then asked the driver to go to his house. He said he would be the one to bring me home. Thus, we had the car to ourselves and we ended up at an apartment where he knew the guard. We went straight to one of the units which was being renovated.

There, hot and excited, we kissed and gropped at each other. He brought my pants down and sucked me like I never have experienced. His head was going up and down, tightening his lips, his toungue lashing on my head from left to right, from right to left. He twirled his tongue on my head. Then he sucked it tight, making it slick with his saliva. I couldn't helped it, and I came in his mouth.

His turn!!! I simply kissed and sucked his whole body, focusing on his back to his buttocks. He had a nice ass, so smooth. He moaned, masterbating and finally with my tongue on his ass, he came. I saw it plastered on the wall.

Well, that was one party I would never forget in that December of 1997. It was really a year of firsts for me!

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