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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Yes Master Lu. Please Master Lu

Work is a necessary evil, it pays the bills although it limits the sex life. I have been quiet sometime not for lack of adventure, just the time and energy. The past weekends, friends would be dropping by, they would have sex but I would be doing something else that I need to do while they have fun in my bedroom. Oh well, this is life.

I know I am a submissive bottom but never realized that I a sense of masochism in me. Some might consider it kinky, say it is extreme but Macky Lu dropped by again this weekend before he goes back up North that is, or should I say Master Lu.

This time he slapped my ass, and I find it exciting, I was calling him Master, begging for his hand, begging for his attention. He nibble my nipple and also inflicted some pain, with his teeth ... no bite marks, no kiss marks but it was painful and yet it felt good, masakit pero masarap. He had me totally under his control and yet I allowed him.

Need I say he was so happy, he came twice!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Shy foursome . . .

It was a saturday night, rod txted me if I have other visitors and then glen texted me. Glen is an exclusive barely legal tisosy. I have met him before but I got some jitters so we ended up meeting only in McDonalds and then said our farewells. And just for good measure, I invited Jeric. So there, a square was formed.

I only had two pics - the camera made Glen's hardon to a microsoft, when his would be the biggest in the group!

Monday, November 5, 2007

Donato - RELAXING and FUN

November 3, 2007. Donato was referred to me, I was still in Glorietta window shopping at Powerbooks. So the usual routine, a sample massage, question and answer portion, and a trial extra or sensation, or what have you... then the deliberation should I endorse, or should I keep the experience to myself. Nahhhh.... best to share someone like him!

Donato was relaxing because I sense he was sincere, down to earth, I felt no need to be on guard. I mean there are those masseurs that you feel you have to be on your toes, those that are with out doubt, the professionals, those that if you slip, would simply take advantage of you. He said he learned how to massage from a reflexologist friend and from this massage house that he worked for two months, sad to say, he cannot stand the intrigues - those masseurs that are bi sexual and yet desire to have him in bedm finding that they stand no chance, chose to make issues about him. I did not doubt him, he is masculine, I love his body, and his face looks similar to Gardo Versoza, that is because he is slinky eyes, chinito. Sad to say, he declined to have his face taken.

His massage was fun because although his tecniques where limited, not as numerous as those of Jom - he really exerted effort in giving me a hard massage, such that he was perspiring. His sweat dropped on my body. But more so, I also found it so sensual - he was massaging my arms, and yet I found his whole body on top of me, his crotch on my ass - I find his hard body very, very arousing.

Should I take full advantage? Well, if you think yes - then so should you!! He had stopped after two months as a masseur and then worked as a book salesman for around three months in Batangas, where he got his dark tan. He was being asked to go home to Bicol but he found it difficult not having any money, so he is giving himself two months of free lancing. So... go ahead.. give him a call at 0910 741 4270

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Massage AND Extra

October 29, 2007 - Votes have been cast! and I am now officially 41 yrs old. The week have been hectic. I want to relax, I want some rest, my aging body is screaming for a massage and yet my mouth is salivating for a cock to suck - good thing, there is Jonas, who dropped by for new pics since he has a new number. What happened? He massaged me, while I would be gropping him, touching him, sucking his cock.

The pictures, good thing, Ernz is back, so he took the pictures - and after that, he added his cock in the foray, so I have two cock, on the left and the right.... and Ernz later on fuck me while I continued sucking Jonas

My last threesome...

Well, I am used to having my natal blues or the so call birthday depression which is why I have been so relatively quiet. I used to simply lock myself up in my room, moping up and all. Its a good think, Jam dropped by again, and Ernz is back from his Bicol trip.

I was still a bit blue, Ernz was sitting on my right, while Jam was sitting on my left. But then what the heck... I have two great guys, two good cocks, so I enjoyed both of them. I got fucked by both of them.....

This would be the last .... as a 40 year old cock lover.

Seduce them ... let them watch Porn!!

Jam dropped by. It was a quiet Saturday night, he did some internet and then we watched porn - so I ended up sucking his cock and then having him inside me. No new pics were taken after all, he is a fuck buddy.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Missing Bruce

Bruce was my first blog encounter entry. Reading my 2006 blog entry brought memories, it was then 15 October 2006 - it was my fourth blog entry. He went into the massage just so to be able to save enough capital for a small business. He got out soon and became a vegetable vendor in a public market but it was not enough. So he came back to my pad for some help, and gladly showed his wares.

As I have mentioned in my blog entry - he would not be categorically be classified as handsome - he has a sun marked, craggy face that the charisma of Charles Bronson comes into my mind. Anyway, hope you like his pictures, and would give him a call, try his massage service before he decommission himself.

The pictures were taken by Ernz, sad to say I was not able to taste him again after a year. Work and forced overtime is keeping my sex life at a minimum, but of what I see in the pictures and of what I know about Bruce - he is basically trustworthy and his cock very much worth each inch that one can take.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Now, it is friday, and I already had sex since Wednesday, with a count of 4 guys! Wow, unexpectedly I had Pol Ice as my visitor. He was dropping by and I mentioned that Albert and Joeyblue would be dropping by, curiosity got to him and he decided to wait for the two. Oh my!! A foursome? This would be great, Pol Ice has one of the best bods that I know, definitely one of the top 5 ( to give some allowance to those I might have forgotten). Sad to say, its his loss, Albert declined due to the heavy rains. Joeyblue took a taxi to be here.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Scorpio Massuer - Jom 0919 610 8999

I slept till after lunch and woke up with Ting already on my computer, which is great since I would be trying out a new masseur that is referred by Jonas. His name is Jom already working for around 4 months in a massage place somewhere in Quezon Avenue. I guess, the economy is still bad, for what else would push a good looking person to being a masseur? My mind was still half sleep so we took more time to talk ... he used to work in a Department Store - you know that brand with malls everywhere! Its just that they hire only for around 5 months and then look for new ones. His number? Jom can be called at 0919 610 8999

Joel Torre look alike ...

Rod is definitely a Joel Torre look alike! There I finally placed it in print since I would at times forget his doppelganger.... I have known Rod for almost a decade, it was a time that it was normal and easy to find guys inside a theater. That is where we met, we would almost have been together if I had not had been so scared of a relationship then when he asked me to be his. I guess I have to much love to share with only one... oh ok.. yes, let me admit it... I am such a slut that I cannot stay to be with only one cock, I mean, guy.

Sandwiched between a chub and slim

Rob is a chub and so is his cock. Ryan is a regular friend he is very slim, definitely underweight, but his cock is not. With the two, for the first time, I tried taking two cocks in my ass ... yes, tried.. tried....

Flashback with Jun

On sick leave, feeling so bad. Jun drop by since I have known him for years. I don't mind, besides even if I would be very cross he would understand. Sure enough, with my irritability, I asked him to leave. He was looking at my blog, and then asked me for the names. "Who are they?"

I replied, "don't you know how to read? There!" I pointed out the name as listed in the story and in the picture!

He was quiet. And I followed it up with... "well if you would be just asking stupid questions, perhaps you should go home" he smiled. He understand. He stood up and hugged me.... we proceeded then to knowing each other physically.

No pictures, but I would look at my file...I know I do have old pics of him

Friday, October 5, 2007

Trial entry

Nothing.. just checking if I can still post.. got a pop up saying that there are those who have contacted blogspot objecting to my blog.


My primary objective in this blog is self expression, documentation of my sex life which I accept would one day be depleted...Yes, I am a homosexual, and I would be persecuted by some religions, damned and cursed to the supposed bowels of hell. But then, as my pad is my heaven on earth, this blog is my refuge, my depository of my private thwarted life.

If you dont like.. leave me be!

Why bother reporting to blogger about my sex life? Is your sex life so wanting that finding others to have a happy one is worth yout time to bitch? If so, may be that is the reason you do not have one..

For the others, just me releasing steam.. anyway.. back to my bed.. back to waiting cock!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Macky LU .... in and out ....

Macky texted me last Saturday, saying he is Manila only for the weekend and then he would be back to his work assignment. I was not feeling well since Thursday night, so much work, stress was on my mind. Miguel was good but the stomach acid started again after tasting him.

Since it is a rare opportunity, I should make use of it. I welcomed Macky into my apartment since I have rested. The acid in my stomach seems to have been neutralized with his presence. It was raining and since he was wet, he took a shower first before we joined together in bed. I was in shorts, and he was wrapped in a towel. The VHS player was playing naturally a man to man porn, a collection of so long time ago.

I look at Macky and I opened the towel, he was looking into my eyes. No words were exchanged. I simply took him in my mouth, he was soft then, just right after the shower. I can smell the soap, but more so, I felt him quicken, getting bigger, getting harder in my mouth. I am so practiced that he was gasping and soon hard enough, in full glory! I stopped and that is when I grabbed my camera to take pics of his wondrous cock. Yes, because of my consistency in proctecting the faces of the men, he showed no qualms or apprehension. At one time, he took the camera, and started taking the pictures as I go down on him, as he fucked my ass with his dick.

Later after all the oral ministrations of my mouth, I positioned him to lie dow. I placed two condoms on his cock as per his request. His cock was big so I have to be on top, for it is the only position I would have some possible leverage.

I positioned my ass over him, and slowly tried to take him. Slow it might be, but
IT STILL HURTS!!! Finding my ass tight and warm, he tried to do a fucking motion but I quickly moved up my ass, his cock hurt... but it felt good... ahhh...

A few seconds of rest, and we tried a different position.

"AM A SADIST!!!" he said as he positionshis cock on my asshole. He was standing while I was on my back, my legs in the air, forming a V position. My eyes bulged out from sudden fear of what he would do. Would he hurt me? Would he marked me? Bite me? Box me?

"I will do you hard!" And he slammed his cock inside me, this time I cannot pull myself out. It still hurts, but not so much, more of ecstasy, feeling his manhood pulsate inside me.

"Ohhhhhh!!" My eyes opened, now I understand of what he meant. He wants to fuck me hard, again and again, till I want no more of his cock... but I yearn more... I moaned for more. I was taking it all, I was orgasmic with each hard thrust he made.

I LOVE IT!!!!!!!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Massage and more from MIguel 09213186106

I was tired from the office, and yet there was Miguel referred by someone I trust. He was dark and hunk, he has meat in him. He was a sight enough to make my blood alive, so I asked him to wait while I take a shower, to be clean, and make the massage feel good.

After the massage, I asked if I can at least hug him.. he was still unsure, but he obliged me, and I laughed! Although he tried, I sensed that he was shaking, he was still unsure. Oh well, he admitted that it would be his third time, and that he would have not dared if he had other choice. He told me his story... its a sob story, and I do believe him. He claimed to be only 19, and I believe him - if you have doubts, check his nipple, check the pics, he body still developing. Well he did not mind the face pics, but then, he texted me later his doubts, that perhaps he would just try look for another job. Hell, no way, I enjoyed him, and I see no justification for others not to be able to experience him, such fresh meat. I know others would find me lecherous, to be predatorous but I take my meat whenever it came my way.

However, as as concession, I did not provide any face pic - just take my word, no one would say he is ugly although there would be some who may not find him handsome, to each his own taste. Me, I love the moment I cuddled in his arms, I love his arm, somehow I find it comforting to have my face in that dark flesh of his.

Oh well.... those wanting to experience the same.. try calling him at 09213186106

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Fuck and run ? - Joshua

I have known him for years, since his student years and now he is a nurse. It was a quickie, we did not even had time to take some pics but then i already have pics of his cock long ago.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Foursome Daisy Chain....

Oh wow... there have been some unforgettable scenes tonight. The first was a foursome daisy chain, Jam was on the other end of the bed being sucked by Arnold, who was being sucked by Albert, who I was sucking with gusto! I only have a single bed, 36 x 75 if I am not mistaken. Small but makes compression easier, makes the sex easier!

Actually, Jam said he would be dropping by and I do not blame him - we all need some fun after a hectic work week. So with one sure friend, I texted others. Jonas dropped by to say Thanks for the endorsement. I waited for Albert and Arnold, of which the two have gotten acquainted, and of what happened - I dare not ask nor they did tell me much details except that Jam have already came!

Albert was proud of his endowment, selling himself as curved cock. I could only theorize that it had become curve from all the handling it got from seat mates, most likely in a theater. He sat on the right end of the bed, and when I hold his big cock, yes, it was a wonder that such something puny could grow so large. It was curved, fitting right into my hand and mouth.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Tuesday with Jam and Jeric

Its really hard to plan things, for it does not usually work out the way one wants it to be. I avoid planning these things, less I would only expect and get frustrated. This time, last minute texting showed that Jeric would be doing some office overtime and Jam is already available but willing to wait... so wait we did in my pad, and the threesome sex was worth the wait!!!

I cleaned up my pad a little while we were waiting for Jeric. When he came, I shove them both to my bedroom, opened the vhs player, and took my shower. I came back with Jam dry sti fucking Jeric. I thought it was real, it was just a dry fuck. I joined them immediately but having my head in between the two and taking Jam's cock into my mouth.

I left my camera at the office ... good thing my Nokia already has a 2 megapixel camera, still not the same as a regular camera. Was able to take some pics before Jeric goes on top, with Jam on his back... the second time when Jam came. Oh yes, those cum shots were of Jam ... so hard, nice, a long time cumming...