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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Macky LU .... in and out ....

Macky texted me last Saturday, saying he is Manila only for the weekend and then he would be back to his work assignment. I was not feeling well since Thursday night, so much work, stress was on my mind. Miguel was good but the stomach acid started again after tasting him.

Since it is a rare opportunity, I should make use of it. I welcomed Macky into my apartment since I have rested. The acid in my stomach seems to have been neutralized with his presence. It was raining and since he was wet, he took a shower first before we joined together in bed. I was in shorts, and he was wrapped in a towel. The VHS player was playing naturally a man to man porn, a collection of so long time ago.

I look at Macky and I opened the towel, he was looking into my eyes. No words were exchanged. I simply took him in my mouth, he was soft then, just right after the shower. I can smell the soap, but more so, I felt him quicken, getting bigger, getting harder in my mouth. I am so practiced that he was gasping and soon hard enough, in full glory! I stopped and that is when I grabbed my camera to take pics of his wondrous cock. Yes, because of my consistency in proctecting the faces of the men, he showed no qualms or apprehension. At one time, he took the camera, and started taking the pictures as I go down on him, as he fucked my ass with his dick.

Later after all the oral ministrations of my mouth, I positioned him to lie dow. I placed two condoms on his cock as per his request. His cock was big so I have to be on top, for it is the only position I would have some possible leverage.

I positioned my ass over him, and slowly tried to take him. Slow it might be, but
IT STILL HURTS!!! Finding my ass tight and warm, he tried to do a fucking motion but I quickly moved up my ass, his cock hurt... but it felt good... ahhh...

A few seconds of rest, and we tried a different position.

"AM A SADIST!!!" he said as he positionshis cock on my asshole. He was standing while I was on my back, my legs in the air, forming a V position. My eyes bulged out from sudden fear of what he would do. Would he hurt me? Would he marked me? Bite me? Box me?

"I will do you hard!" And he slammed his cock inside me, this time I cannot pull myself out. It still hurts, but not so much, more of ecstasy, feeling his manhood pulsate inside me.

"Ohhhhhh!!" My eyes opened, now I understand of what he meant. He wants to fuck me hard, again and again, till I want no more of his cock... but I yearn more... I moaned for more. I was taking it all, I was orgasmic with each hard thrust he made.

I LOVE IT!!!!!!!


  1. May i know whos the owner of this blog

    text me
    # 09109540006

  2. Frank po ako!
    gusto ko po maki pag sex sa inyo!

  3. i wanna do the same with you.. hot.. can i?

  4. can i have macky's number? i wanna experience the same. please? would greatly appreciate it. thanks!

  5. great...i love your blog so jelous that you have so many great experience...but i think i can't make it...haha..

    take care

    from Malaysia

  6. bert..i've been an avid fan of your blog..i really enjoyed reading your interesting and intelligent writing of your wonderful experiences.the photos were taken tastefully...keep it up,coz i'll be waiting..

  7. Nice Blog Bert. It's amazing how you get people to have sex with you. It's really a turn reading it and seeing the pictures. Much more if I'm part of it. Haven't been into an orgy, maybe it's really exciting. Keep the experiences coming... Will look forward to more exciting pictures...

  8. Argel

    hi to evry1!

    mr. Bet pwede mag-apply sau kahit houseboy,train nyo na lng ako. gusto kasi ng dagdag na allowance para mag-aral ako kung ok lng po sa inyo.

    antayin ko pa ung reply nyo

  9. Argel

    Mr Bert Baltazar pala pwede po bang mag-apply kahit house boy nyo po, kung ok lng po..

  10. I need a houseboy but I do not have the finances to feed you or care for you.

  11. pwede ba sya ma contact pag uwi ko ng pinas? text me 09195886592

  12. WOW! WHat an amazing experience!