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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Massage AND Extra

October 29, 2007 - Votes have been cast! and I am now officially 41 yrs old. The week have been hectic. I want to relax, I want some rest, my aging body is screaming for a massage and yet my mouth is salivating for a cock to suck - good thing, there is Jonas, who dropped by for new pics since he has a new number. What happened? He massaged me, while I would be gropping him, touching him, sucking his cock.

The pictures, good thing, Ernz is back, so he took the pictures - and after that, he added his cock in the foray, so I have two cock, on the left and the right.... and Ernz later on fuck me while I continued sucking Jonas


  1. yoo, bert baltazar...

    nice reading your sex stories....

    i hope that i can be part of your life stories...

    I'm free this friday afternoon... can i join? i'll be leaving the following day... out of town.

    get in touch with me through 0916-6741230. hope to text and have a great time...

  2. Hey bro happy birthday, I envy your successful sex life. Also many thanks for your blogsite!

  3. at bumoto pa po si jonas ha! talaga naman

  4. happy birthday! is jonas any good? as a masseur?

  5. may indelible ink pa ung fingernail hehehe

  6. kaninong titi yun kay jonas o kay ernz, type kong matikman.......



  7. hai.. my massage parlor ba sa cubao with extra service? email me at tanxs...

  8. his face looks uncomfortable. you should have blocked his face. he looks like he was forced and i don't find it sexy at all. sorry but that's how i felt. anyway thanks for sharing your intimate moments with us

  9. In previous pics, I usually block his face afterall its not exactly one of his strong points. However, prospective clients usually ask for a face pic and he had experienced being stood up - ergo, a one way eyeball that is a way of his time and money going to the rendevous just because he was found wanting physically. Thus, this time, it was his express wish that his face be seen, as in caveat emptor.

    His strength lies in between his legs and his skills as a masseur.

  10. Thanks for the explanation. I am not really particular about the face. Besides would he be using his face to massage me? A good physique would also count as it would mean he could really work on your body. For those who are particular about face, better hire a callboy or macho dancer instead.