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Sunday, October 7, 2007

Flashback with Jun

On sick leave, feeling so bad. Jun drop by since I have known him for years. I don't mind, besides even if I would be very cross he would understand. Sure enough, with my irritability, I asked him to leave. He was looking at my blog, and then asked me for the names. "Who are they?"

I replied, "don't you know how to read? There!" I pointed out the name as listed in the story and in the picture!

He was quiet. And I followed it up with... "well if you would be just asking stupid questions, perhaps you should go home" he smiled. He understand. He stood up and hugged me.... we proceeded then to knowing each other physically.

No pictures, but I would look at my file...I know I do have old pics of him

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  1. sana may pics.loved your short stories.. :-)