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Monday, October 22, 2007

Missing Bruce

Bruce was my first blog encounter entry. Reading my 2006 blog entry brought memories, it was then 15 October 2006 - it was my fourth blog entry. He went into the massage just so to be able to save enough capital for a small business. He got out soon and became a vegetable vendor in a public market but it was not enough. So he came back to my pad for some help, and gladly showed his wares.

As I have mentioned in my blog entry - he would not be categorically be classified as handsome - he has a sun marked, craggy face that the charisma of Charles Bronson comes into my mind. Anyway, hope you like his pictures, and would give him a call, try his massage service before he decommission himself.

The pictures were taken by Ernz, sad to say I was not able to taste him again after a year. Work and forced overtime is keeping my sex life at a minimum, but of what I see in the pictures and of what I know about Bruce - he is basically trustworthy and his cock very much worth each inch that one can take.


  1. hello. searchable po ang blog mo sa google. try mo with the keywords bert baltazar lalabas agad. you can also try titles ng entry mo, although marami mashadong lalabas pag ganun... still, may lumalabas.

    FWI, kapag unlisted, hindi lang sya included sa google blog directory. pero when you search for keywords sa net, lalabas pa rin sya, the mere fact na public ang access ng blog mo.

  2. Wow, thanks for the info. At least now I know that if people forgot the url, they can search for me.

    What is important is that it is unlisted, meaning I have no intention of really having this blog for the general public.

    True, it is searchable from google, but unless you have heard of me - you would not know how to search my sex blog.