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Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Massage and more from MIguel 09213186106

I was tired from the office, and yet there was Miguel referred by someone I trust. He was dark and hunk, he has meat in him. He was a sight enough to make my blood alive, so I asked him to wait while I take a shower, to be clean, and make the massage feel good.

After the massage, I asked if I can at least hug him.. he was still unsure, but he obliged me, and I laughed! Although he tried, I sensed that he was shaking, he was still unsure. Oh well, he admitted that it would be his third time, and that he would have not dared if he had other choice. He told me his story... its a sob story, and I do believe him. He claimed to be only 19, and I believe him - if you have doubts, check his nipple, check the pics, he body still developing. Well he did not mind the face pics, but then, he texted me later his doubts, that perhaps he would just try look for another job. Hell, no way, I enjoyed him, and I see no justification for others not to be able to experience him, such fresh meat. I know others would find me lecherous, to be predatorous but I take my meat whenever it came my way.

However, as as concession, I did not provide any face pic - just take my word, no one would say he is ugly although there would be some who may not find him handsome, to each his own taste. Me, I love the moment I cuddled in his arms, I love his arm, somehow I find it comforting to have my face in that dark flesh of his.

Oh well.... those wanting to experience the same.. try calling him at 09213186106


  1. hi! alam mo. believe ako sayo..kc.. alam mo i am a member of yahoogroups.. and i read ur postings..just read ur blog.. and it seems na u are full of energy.. no inhibitions at all.. lots of sex experience.. no hangups.. very open.. whereas me.. also matured..very very discreet.. but still.. alot of inhibitions.. daming iniisip na baka.. kc, i honestly dont have friends and company who can relate.. even the family doesnt know about one to talk to regarding this matter.. am just contented in reading stories here in the net.. watching videoclips.. thats it.. kung minsan nga naiisip ko.. makipagkwentuhan d2. kaya lang sino naman..ewan ko.. basta dami kong mga ifs and buts.. sana nga meron akong maging kaibigan d2 na pwwedeng makakwentuhan one time.. di ko alam kung kelan art kung sino.. na makapabibigay ng mga constructive na advices.. etc... anyway.. tnx and more power to ur group and enjoy..

  2. i was wondering if you can feature videos of your encounters too in your blog aside from the pics. IT would be much titillating to see your encounters on video.

    more power to your blog!Really great posts!

  3. Videos would be nice but there are several issues to it, (1) willingness of the participants for a video shoot for the sex is for sex, personal enjoyment, and not for others (2) hosting, blogspot offers video but they should not be of pornographic nature, they allow the pics and blog entries but it does not extend to the video.

    Personally I already have a suck video that I could not post here. As soon as I can, one can find some videos in my blog. Thanks for being a reader.

  4. Idol!
    matagal ko na pong inaabangan palagi at sinusubaybayan ang mga sexcapades nyo sa blog. hehehedati hangang panood lang po ako, dahil sa inyo, nagkaroon na po ako ng lakas ng loob para makipagkita at sumiping sa mga discreet na tulad ko. Salamat po at ingat palagi. - wildon g4m

  5. to the anonymous guy who posted around 1:43pm (hi! alam mo. believe ako sayo..kc.. alam mo i am a member of yahoogroups.. )

    email me sa
    i can be a friend. sobrang lawak ng pang unawa ko pagdating sa mga ganyang usapan

    discreet here as well, 38 5'6, work sa greenhills nightshift, then uwi ako ng pasig sa mga tita...

    call me albert

  6. Bert what happend sa bintangpinoy2 yahoogroup?