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Sunday, October 7, 2007

Joel Torre look alike ...

Rod is definitely a Joel Torre look alike! There I finally placed it in print since I would at times forget his doppelganger.... I have known Rod for almost a decade, it was a time that it was normal and easy to find guys inside a theater. That is where we met, we would almost have been together if I had not had been so scared of a relationship then when he asked me to be his. I guess I have to much love to share with only one... oh ok.. yes, let me admit it... I am such a slut that I cannot stay to be with only one cock, I mean, guy.


  1. baka pwede matikman si rod bert... boring sex life ko..

  2. bkit walang pics po??? hehehehe. great site

  3. There are times I have no more time to take new pictures especially if it is a long time fuck buddy as in - cocks as they are generally stays the same. And with Rod... I guess I have been doing it with him for almost a decade, I think we met in 1997-1998 at the Star Cinema ....