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Sunday, March 15, 2015

Casa Berto or Berto's spa

My pics validate validated that Jonas do know how to give a relaxing, detoxing massage. Likewise, some have inquired if he does offer additional services for a complete relaxing experience. Hope this set of pics would prove that he can massage and more! Oh, do not ask me about his rate, I have no idea or interest in knowing. Call him and negotiate with him. Me, I just set him with another friends and this time, am back behind the camera again!

After I got my sample massage and pics. I texted Mark and asked if he would be willing to partner with Jonas and he agreed. As can be seen from this photo shoot, he is an experienced top. Mark was initially moaning from the fuck, saying it was so big but he made no effort to escape or push the cock out!

Actually after taking the pics, i went to my room and left them. Jonas told me that Mark stayed after his inadvertent release and was able to cum twice more! Well, that shows the initial pain of suck a cock is worth the pleasure.

Caveat emptor.... do not expect him to be good looking, I never said or wrote anything about it.  He is actually bald even. What I hope to write and impress is that he is an experienced masseur and that he can provide a complete relaxation package... :)

Friday, March 13, 2015

Berto's Spa or Casa Berto ?

I receive inquiries as to the massage of Jonas since I did not post any pictures. Well, I did not have any new pictures so I simply posted his number. Jonas learned to massage by attending a 6 month course offered by Don Bosco way back then. I also have his pics in my early years of blogging. It is my opinion and that I maintain he provide a legitimate massage service. He can be reached at his 0928 631 2726. Am I his manager or something? No, just endorsing him since I have known him for years and he did give me a sample massage in which I was so relax I ended up sleeping! Well, what was in it for me?

 Payback period, paying it forward. I know there are a lot of masseurs out there but trying someone is like playing the casino, taking chances. I myself have a lot of fiasco or massage encounters that I simply wish to forget, time and money that I simply charge to experience. I endorse when I met a person and deem that person worthy of endorsement.

So please take a good look at the pics wherein I got to sample the various techniques....

Ideally, the person should be naked so the masseur can simply move his hands all over your body without fear of staining your underwear with the massage oil. BUT its really a matter of comfort zone or rather a sense of modesty.

Jonas used Zen Zest lavender aromatherapy oil which is my personal preference. I want to be able to relax and sleep after a good massage and other masseurs use peppermint or those that would be classified as invigorating or uplifting! Duhhh... I prefer oils such as lavender as they are referred to as calming.