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Friday, March 18, 2011

Friday Night Fun!!!

Friday, 18 March 2011. I have not much time for fun lately due to work. So, to make sure I would have some fun, I have invited some friends over like Markietot, Dennis, and Mankid. Yeah, Markietot again, but then, can you blame me? The guy is game and he has a hard dick that never say die! I look back at what we had done and I want a repeat. Reviewing my earlier post, there are still some pics I have not, so sharing them - and I guess there would be no question what being sandwiched for sex is so nice. Gary was very accommodating that I also dared a double sensation for him, having Markietot's in his ass and his cock in my mouth! And here is the pic, one of my favorite things to do for fellow bottoms in my bed. :)

I wanted a repeat but then Gary was not available. But I was hoping that this new friend, who surprised me by sending me a text that he wanted to meet me and more. Oh, I was hopeful. But, when he arrive, he was a snot. He looked at my placed and consider it unkept. Oh well, I can sense this things so I just continued changing the curtains. Then, when I was finished, nice that I was, I did invite him to my bedroom. Hmmmm, I do not like what I was sensing but minus well give it a shot, after all he did exert effort coming here. So, I started my SOP (standard operating procedure) turn on the tv, place an educational porno, turn off the lights, have him in bed, and lie on his side. Then he said "dont you have any other porno?"

Huh, ah ok, so I turned on the lights, gave him something to choose, and I put out my laptop and log on the net. Yeah, he watch or texted, I surfed. End of story. I tried being nice and I did not boot him out, let him rest, let him watch.

Then Dennis arrive, Markietot, and Ting ... The snot was looking at them. Dennis and Markietot asked if he is joining, I said NO... he is leaving. Yeah, time for him to leave, I do not want an orgy go sour with him - nothing happened between him and me, I would not risk it happening in group sex.

Negligible sex as in None

Tuesday, 15 March 2011. So sorry for the long hiatus. There are several reasons for this - time,life does get in the way and when I talk about time this likewise includes the SUN connection - sometimes it is simply that slow! But of course, I do have to be understanding since I am paying quite cheaply for it - Php649 per month. And the last and best reason that I stop blogging was this experience. This negligible sex, this experience with this guy.

What is so bad? His attitude that he is sort of doing me a favor when he told me "oh sige, game na", and he was protruding his genitals, prodding me to action.. what the fuck? Just like that? So I said, " ok fine, sige " and I simply pulled down my shorts and sort of mooned him.

Yes, it was sort of being treated like a sex object, and yet, normally I would not even mind - why was I feeling bad about it? Why was I sort of feeling the rejection? One thing definite, it stopped me or inhibited me from updating my blog. Likewise, disinterested he was, I did not even bother taking pictures, he was simply not worth it.

Tienpachet texted me that night to drop by my pad - he said he wanted to have sex and yet when we were in my bedroom he commented on the porn. We ended up talking, apparently he has issues with a long, long time friend. My personal opinion is that he has feelings with this male friend of his, which he denies, again and again, that for us to have sex.. "ok sige na.. eto, pero ayokong maghubad, para mag iba" = duhhh, actually he does not want to disrobe just in case his male best friend becomes available, he could easily just leave, which he eventually did! He was pissed off that his friend since his high school years would rather go out with his friends than him, and yet he insist he only has friends since he has a lover!

And that was the last I heard and plan to see him. So, what gives? How come I am back online? I am still up from a good sex with Arel earlier tonight, he likes to have photos taken while having sex, it was one of those cocks that I feel blessed to have. I lost the drive to blog because of that night and recent comments I got, but as I count my blessings since then till tonight - Arel got the best of me, and here I am blogging again. Life is sweet .... and sour. Sometimes one would be up and sometimes you have to go down. Sharing the best pic I have with Arel, that broke this "bloc" I had with Tienpaochet. And what would I wish for Chet, enlightenment, we all have our denial stages, but there would come a time that we have to accept reality and embrace the truth, I hope that comes to you soon.

Sanwiched for Sunday Sex!

Sunday, 13 March 2011. Funny thing with nicks and names is that it gets confusing after a while. Markietot would be coming back again and I love his hard fuck such that I partnered him with Gary who I remember is willing to explore. But as it turns out, its a different Gary! Its just a good thing that I trust my instincts of going with the threesome, it was simply great.

Sexually, it was so superbly delicious. When Gary arrived it was then that I realized I was wrong but it was being his first time in my pad he was willing to try out. So, I was there in bed with them initially at the middle - but the chemistry was so right we were kissing, hugging and sucking. I felt this time Markietot should fuck another ass, not just mine but Gary already expressed that it has been a while since he got fucked. So, remember the fucking order - the smallest dick first and the biggest dick last! This prepares the bottom for something bigger and the top would not get an ass that has been stretched wider by a larger cock. And for the newbies or those that have not done so, it also allays fear.

Gary did not oppose my fingers and from there I prep him up for my dick. Do not forget I am not really a top but my small size dick bears experimentation, its not threatening, its not menacing. After my two fingers, I proceeded to stand and got a condom for my protection. Gary was quiet, no opposition so I was on top of him, his back on the bed, his legs in the air. Then .. Gary said

"Wait!!! ..."
"Relax ... its just me, I will be slow, I will be gentle, it would be just like my finger", I replied soothingly to Gary.
"Yeah, its not like I am going to fuck you -"

I quickly admonished Markietot. I keep secrets but I do not lies or small promises. I intend Gary to get used to me fucking me and then it would be Markietot's turn, by then, he would not longer be able to refuse, having tried me, he would surely try something bigger. My previous threesome partners are already accustomed to this practice, I forgot to mention this to Markietot, oh well, will tell him later, this would not be the last time, it is our first and we would be doing it again!

So there I was, fucking Gary. Markietot was watching us, he was watching me fuck another ass. I motioned him to put a condom on his everhard dick. I was getting ready to pull out and have Markietot inside Gary - that was the plan ... oh my god! I was so focused on Gary's ass I forgot mine! Markietot was ready to fuck but he was aiming to my ass ... hmmm ... ohh... and I let him, let me try it... OH MY GOD! OH MY!! I have to take some deep breath. It has been a while. I have been used to be bottom layer of a threesome - it feels great to feel two guys on top of you, feeling the thrust of the uppermost through someone else, looking at that handsome face grimace in pleasure and pain ... now, in a sandwich, it was my turn - and it was even better than in Venezuela! Yes, Markietot's cock is not as big as the one in Caracas, but that one was fatter, larger that when he fuck me, the pain in fucking Darwin;s ass was lost. But here, now, the feel of Markietot inside me is just right - I was lost in pleasure of my dick inside Gary and the pleasure of Markietot inside me! It is for these double pleasure, double sensation in front and in back that versatiles have it better than bottoms or tops! Yeah!! Yes - life has its up and downs, the last sex was a downer and this surely drowns the sorrow, this experience affirms my love for threesomes!

I excused myself after a while ... it was simply divine. The sexual chemistry between Gary and Markietot stayed even without me at the equation. They did a lot of positions - and this time, my role was that of a photographer. I documented the remained of the sex taking pictures and they were so lost in their fucking they did not mind the flash!

Betrayal of Trust

Thursday, 10 March 2011. I met Kulas in Pasay Libertad, which is on my way home from a trip to MOA. I bonded that evening with Hilda after the night before. I thought I would be having some good reward with Kulas. He was a bit insecure about his body, already commented if I should take pics and post it less I lose readership, less anybody would read my posting. I had to assure him a little. He is stocky / chub and dark.

Ting was in the pad already waiting for clients to call, so although Kulas was bigger than me, I was not really scared. The sex was good although I initially was sceptic since his flaccid dick was not promising, but when he was finally aroused, it was a very decent size, good for sucking and fucking. I did not take pics less he lose his erection and the chance to have my ass fucked. We started with me on fours, doggy ass, but for his height, I ended up standing, nakatuwad. He was brutal, hard fuck. I took it. Then he lied down and jack himself to release! It was so much come that is when I took pictures. He allowed me. I had four pics, I showed him. It was clear pics, just his cock, his cum.

Later, we even discussed of upping the level - not only of pics, but perhaps we can have a video like he suggested and to maintain secrecy, we should use ski mask.. hmmm.. promising. He also then took the camera to take look at the pics. I saw nothing missing of my things. We even texted after sex looking forward to next time.

When I was to download the pics - ei, the camera memory is empty! I texted Kulas what happened, and that is when he admitted that he is not yet ready! Oh my, I felt betrayed. He lost my trust. He could have just asked me point black that he is not ready and not to exchange text and all as if he would be a partner in crime. I felt bad about this betrayal, for if he can delete his pictures without notice, he would be capable of doing other things without my approval or notice. It is for this, it would be the first and last with him.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Bisexuality Validation!

Wednesday, 09 March 2011. My last two posts have no pictures and I apologized for that. This posting would have some, although the number of quality and pics would not be like last Sunday - March 13! I am writing this posting already as sort of response to recent comments. I understand why some thinks I am shameful of what I have done, written, and posted, but for good or bad - I guess I have no sense of shame!

Imagine, I even assisted Hilda in meeting her sexual fantasy and that is having sex with two or more guys!. Previously, she only ended with Absex and then with Popoy! This time, Popoy is back and I have invited Daddy John and Dennis likewise! I admit to being gay, I would not make any claim of bisexuality based on a single fuck with a female prostitute around 15 or 16 years ago! But these guys ... I posed the question, care to claim bisexuality? Can you get a hard on and fuck a pussy? Of the three, one was not able to maintain his erection and fuck Hilda ... who is gay or bisexual?

Dennis arrived first, then it was Popoy, and then Daddy John. I already had sex with all of them, I had no problem with their performance - actually, readers would be most aware with them since they are definitely no strangers to my bedroom. And Hilda, I want her to experience the same delights that I had. It was no problem setting it with Popoy and Daddy John since we had talked about it before. Dennis was a gray area, although I already had a threesome with him and more I am not sure of his bisexual nature. It seems that he only had sex once with a girl, in a situation forced by his group of friends, and one that was rushed and certainly unromantic. He was willing to try.

Funny, Dennis and I at first were already smooching and having fun. Yes, it was fun sucking him again, having the first lick or suck. :) But when Popoy arrived, he was more than welcome. Daddy John was the one who was a bit shy this time but he looked gorgeous on his black bench brief with the golden garter! I smiled looking at him, never did saw him that dashing before. And again, this time, we were already having some fun when Hilda arrived - and really my fault as of not closing the door! Damn, I guess I was really excited my head was not functioning that much.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Suddenly threesome, a sudden end

Sunday, 06 March 2011. I did not schedule any meetups that weekend, I even excused myself from work. It was reserved for bonding with my Mom. But that sunday night, it was done and over with and I thought having been good and nice, perhaps there was still some time for a little naughty me. Markietot was up and ready, he texted BILF, meaning Bert I Like to Fuck ... oh ok!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Friday Friendship!!

Friday, 4 March 2011. I have nothing planned but to meet my more than a decade long friends! We have been friends and partners in crime for a long, long time - even up to the days that we cruise the famed Experimental Cinema of the Philippines (ECP)! More than a decade ago, there was only one bathhouse then to my knowledge, know there are a number of places like queeriosity (owned by a friend of mine, have not visited but knowing my friend, it will be worthy of visit, jokingly, I was asked not only to visit but to work there ... hmmmm).

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Wacky Wednesday With Wako

Wednesday, 02 March 2011. It was even a bit wet if I remember it correctly. It was a crime of opportunity, and when opportunity knocks, I open wide my doors. Wako is one of those married men that fantasize threesome. He is on a vacation from his work and thus being here he can have a bit of time, he was requesting if I can set up a threesome when I was saying it would be better to get to know him first. He looked and described it as screening, well, people do like to have labels for everything and I was not in the mood for arguements. Threesome is great if there is chemistry, otherwise it would only be good for one or two persons. And like I said in previous post, any first time should always be good, that one would want to repeat it again and again. It is marketing, one need not aspire only to get a market share or for people to try, but for them to enjoy going back, and yes, it then becomes my call whether to invite them back or set up something for them!

Wako is very secretive and discreet that I have nothing of him, no idea. Suffice to say, he was willing to meet late at night that our fun spilled over to the early hours of 03 March as evidenced in the pictures. He described himself as tall and moreno, and I am a bit careful of guys who are as tall or taller than me. I do like to have the advantage of height and size, in case, something goes wrong. He was texting that he was already in the vicinity and if I can go on the terrace. Ok fine, and I was surprised to see someone in jacket and shorts already on the terrace! It was a shocking moment - honestly, I was scared quiet, shock. He is not bad looking, its just that his appeal is that of a not so nice guy - reminds me of a villain in Mara Clara (a soap opera), his presence rings a bell of caution and yet that what makes him more appealing. I know he is a professional, and yet, his attitude was so relax, no care in the world, ika nga, parang tambay sa kanto, iyong tipong nambubugbog ng bakla! So, I guess forgive me if I was shocked and was off my game for a while. Why off? I know I commented that for married men, it should be straight to the sex, and good be, the wife should not miss him, should not be able to note his absence.

Looking back at the photos, I have not bothered to get naked. I was just using my lips, my mouth, my hands to excite him. These tools of mine were already good enough that he was bare naked while I was still in my underwear. I know, some would say its wanting to have control and I would be honest, being cloth while he is naked makes me feel more stable and confident, slowly getting back my sense of security, I admit being off balance opening my door and finding him there relaxed at the terrace. I know I excite him, he was hard, trying to touch me, to fondle my chest, grab my genitals, things he had to while I have not bothered to take my clothes off.