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Monday, March 7, 2011

Male Sex Freshman

Tuesday, 22 February 2011. I am not talking about power and that with great power comes great responsibility. Sex is a responsibility because one has to ensure that newbies or virgins should have a good time particularly with their first time, sex should be an enjoyable experience not only to be remembered, but repeated again and again. If a person did not enjoy the first time, chances are, it would not be repeated. This is one reason that I used to avoid teenagers or those in their early 20s, I feel obliged to make sure they have a good time. Otherwise, it would be their first and last. Likewise, such people usually require patience and tack that although they are willing to experiment, they would at times have doubts to what they are doing or personal doubts about themselves. Thus, in terms of sex, it requires a lot of patience and reassurances.

In previous years, I my partners in crime would do the so called "honors" but he is now in a relationship. So ... here comes blue, a 20 yr old guy. Actually, he already went to my pad last year, and then just walk out! It turns out from that group, someone talk and talk to him that he felt "crowded" and decided that group sex is not for him and just left! So now, he still wants to experiment and try it with me. I have no choice, it was more of an obligation. Personal satisfaction is not an objective or goal, it was simply out of the question, but why do it? I believe in karma, I believe in paying it forward. So, what are the "rules" or do's and dont's for somehow like Blue?

First, no rush. Take your time. Do not push them into bed, get their clothes off, suck, and good bye. No, one has to cuddle them, hug, caress, touch, comfort and assure by embraces, exploratory touches. This is where watching a male sex educational tape comes in, men are always visual - porn would generally be exciting. You touch the shoulder, the chest, legs, like I said, exploratory, not straight to this crotch!

Second, as you do not rush, when you finally get to touch his genitals, grope him gently, make him hard, and bring your hand inside, you can open his pants or shorts. You do not pause and ask him to disrobe, you take it step by step.

And the next step is to take that hard dick of his into your mouth! Yeah, it seems hardly erotic to suck the guy fully cloth but you cannot rush him, you should have him disrobing when he feels secure and that there is no turning back - and this is usually after he experience the warmth, the moist tongue, and gentle sucking. One suck his dick while your hand would continue to caress his legs, his body, his nipple.

A permutation is likewise from caressing his body is to tweak his nipple, nibble it with you mouth and then work your way done. Or from sucking his dick head, move your tongue upward, then sucking his nipple, moving from one to the other - and at this point, it would be voluntary for him to take the top off. See, now, he is partially naked. (to be continued ...)


  1. Hi Bert, always great reading about your adventures. I just hope you're not so slow and steady with us daddys!! hehe

  2. Daddys are a different type of partners - one has to be quicker, faster. Since they have a wife or family that would be looking for them, when they go to the pad - its sex they want, they cum and they go. They know themselves so its a different thing. With them, you guide them to the bedroom, they can very well undress themselves, have fun and leave ... ganoon lang, just like that

  3. hi bert musta kana? sory kung medyo naging insecure ako sa akala mo nung last time na nag mit tayo at nung pumunta ako sa pad mo... medyo nag iingat lang din kc ako lam mo naman im a married man with kids... anyway musta.. patrick to.