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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Second wife? Santi?

In a chinese movie that I have watched, there is this wife who celebrated her 40th bday, likewise it was her 25th year of marriage. The clan was surprised that on this occasion she chose to have a second wife for her husband. Then, as the story progress - she have accepted that hers is a loveless marriage, a fixed marriage by tradition. She also have been "servicing" her husbands sexual needs, and now - she got him a second wife so she could pass the sexual obligation to the second wife.

28March2007 (Wednesday)I did not have sex with Ernz yesterday, and this lunch I went home for quickie. It was mind boggling, it was a great fuck. Ernz was really hot and instead of a quickie we did it even dog style. I would usually be on my back, legs in the air, forming a Victory shape, clenching my ass muscles as he goes in and out. Somehow the high noon heat have made us literally hotter, perspiring and yet enjoying the sex more than ever. From the usual, we did it with my on my fours, I was screamin on the pillows. It felt like his dick was even longer than what i hae tasted in my mouth. It was painful, and yet it felt good. I hurt, feeling every nerve of my body, screaming for more, wanting for more. Thus, when we went back to the so called traditional or missionary way - I was so primed up, my cock aching for a release. He has a habit of slowing down, moving deep, inch by ince, and then would fuck me furiously, slamming his groin against mine. Ernz is shorter than me, thus it was easier for him to easily suck my nipples as he continue to fuck my ass. It was so heavenly, but alas, I came, and then he followed suit. He came inside me, plentiful as I saw them captured in the rubber.

It hurt, and yet it was splendid. Sad to say, I also know I cannot afford to have another fuck tonight. But I know how hot he is, I literally feel his body temperature to be that of feverish heights and yet it could only be normal. Thus, I volunteered the idea of Santi. I joked to him, Santi is an ideal second wife. A hot bottom and yet a good suck, and I find comfort that it was simply lust, sex for him. No emotions involved thus I am secure he would not try to grab Ernz for himself. I do not mind sharing Ernz, but at the end of the fuck, he is my better half, not a souvenir to be taken home, although I could count on a few for trying to do so.

Santi was cool. He has no objections to another sex eyeball. I smiled and asked Ernz to be ready for the second wife. But this time, I tried his pierced tongue! Santi was 30 minutes late but we did not mind. We were originally set for 1100 pm but moved it to midnight since "premonition" started 940 and ended 1120 something. Santi performed as expected, a good suck and a good fuck. How shall I describe the sucking? Imagine a smooth sucking movement and yet there is this a bit mettalic cold ball moving on your cock. Different, it was a different feeling and yet... unforgettable.

After experiencing Santi's cock, I left the two. The "second wife" might feel inhibited having the first wife in the room. But of course, as you can see, the best picture would be of Santi sucking me while he is on his fours and Ernz fucking his behind.

How does Santi feel about it? No.... Me and Ernz are his "kuyas" (older brothers). And for the information of others that would be asking, yes, he relented me to share his number but please email me for it. And, please be a little kind, try to give him some load at least or transportion fare. Well, no shame in it, we did give Santi some load and some allowance for merienda, afterall, school is over and his student allowance is currently discontinued.

Hmmm.. where can I find a willing second wife when I cannot be there for my Ernz? I hope I can find some volunteers, as in the past.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Got scared . . . so we had sex

21March2007. Marc from the Middle Kingdom was the working title, it describes him. But there are those that have berrated me for having sex with him, for he is only a teenager, less than half of my age! In defense, when he told me his age, that he is only a teenager, a twink, I said, you are too young, and I had no idea he was a virgin! Perhaps we could just talk, watch the m2m movies he inquired. His replied immediately strongly "PUTANGINA NAMAN!!! NAGPUNTA AKO NG MALAYO TAPOS WALA!!!" (which can be translated as "FUCKING SHIT!! I WENT HERE FOR NOTHIN?!?"

Scared shitless, I simply said "OK, no problem" and went for his crotch, opening his belt. Sensing my difficulty, he help me get himself naked.

** to be continued, also more pics to upload his dick. ** sorry took time to write and upload, felt that I was taken advantaged off!!! I prefer guys to be 21 or older at least, but I dont like hysteric teenager giving tantrums just because I could not oblige them for I find them young and inexperienced. **

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

First time ? Not really . . there was Santi!!!

19 March 2007. I felt sadness, rejection. I presumed Yani came to my pad earlier to have some fun. I asked him directly what are his expectations, "wala lang" (just nothing). He commented on the unkept mess my pad and demanded that he be given a seat so he coud sit, a place to put his jacket - and proceeded to sit on my computer chair and placed his jacket on the seat.

Yes, my pad is very much unkept. I have been depressed due to a family problem, business closure, office stress, and even relationship problems. Same reason I have not been as active sexually as I want to be. Yes, there is only one chair in my small pad - so when guests arrived, I immediately guide them to my day bed where they can sit and watch male porn. This way, idle chitchat is minimized. And of course, presumably, things are easily guided to having fun once the lights are off and the male porn have suggested what can be done in that small room.

But what is most distracting was the jacket label - that is of a Radio/TV Broadcasting network. Although it is my place, my pad, "SETUP" was foremost on my mind. I dont want to be shown on television as another expose or something. I asked that we talked outside my pad instead, and there, given the benefit of the doubt, I talked to a "new friend". He was very secretive and unsure of his answers so in the end, we parted ways. He seems dejected, I might be wrong but better to be safe than sorry.

I do not like to reject anyone for I do not like to be rejected myself. Thus, the incident made me restless and meditative... . . . but hmmmm.. come to think of it Yani came from Mandaluyong to Pasay, but Santi came from Novaliches to Pasay - and since Santi was drunk, we sent him home too. We asked Santi to come back later of which he had sex already with Ernz and Gary!! I guess if things are meant to happen, it will happen.

So in reminiscing, found some more pictures of the fun then with Santi. Enjoy! Bottomline, sex is fun, but dont let lust rule intuition - if you are uncomfortable, then don't go for it.

Monday, March 5, 2007

A pierced tongue.....

"ohhhhhhhhhh, it feels so good"
"he is so good"
"that is because he has a pierced tounge..."
"oh wow"

Sunday, March 4, 2007

Ultimate Foursome

03March2007. It was a sensation overload. The height of it all, Gary just came in Manila from Cebu. The best foursome since Gary is versatile, two pure tops - Ernz and Paul, and a bottom like me! Gary and I were sucking each other, imagine 69, while both of us were being fucked! I was on my back, legs in the air, and Ernz pumping my ass, Gary sucking me while I sucked him back, and then Paul inserted himself in Gary's ass! I was witnessing the onslaught of a hard fuck, while I was feeling that myself.