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Friday, April 30, 2010

Repeat sex on a Tuesday ....

Tuesday, 27 April 2010! I got lucky - Gustav came back, so I guess I am not a one night stand. Thank to the combined efforts of mouth, ass, and my hands - I got to enjoy him again and this time I was able to take pictures. So, enjoy them! I already wrote much about my first time with him.

The second time was a bit long fuck and it was different in the sense I could hear some air being fucked into my ass! I thought I would not last his onslaught. The only difference now is that I did not had any sex prior to him so I guess my ass was not warmed up or stretched prior to his invasion. Gustav is not exactly longer than most, but what appalls me about it is its size, its girth! I was afraid it would be messy really, and thank goodness it was ... except later, I saw blood on my water closet! Now, that is what I call.. like a virgin, touched for the very first time!!!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Car sex in Christmas

A Japanese friend told me about his trip to Colombia. He said that it was fun there and that he had sex in a car with a Colombian, he invited me to go with him the next time. Hmmmm, that made me think, I remember having sex in a car when I younger and it was in the Greenbelt Area of Makati - thus I started to enjoy walking home, so that I would be picked up. Oh, until it become to risky, not from any robbery but from the police and barangay cops that started to patrol the area! Have I experienced car sex here in Caracas, made me think .... oh yeah, last December christmas of 2009!

I invited Miguel, a white muscle guy that I met in Plaza Altamira to the Office Christmas party - he looks decent and fine, and he knows how to present himself in public. But in private, he showed to be risky - asking and estimating my monthly salary, whether I was paid in dollars or the bolivar fuerte. He was assessing my financial worth! No way should I give him a chance. I let him go home early and and made an alibi that I had to stay and clean up the office, and then walk home alone, solo, furious of such a mistake!

But karma is good, as it was late, I choose the longer path home, but a more lighted way, passing through the main street fair, after all it was around 2 am. A car stopped by, and this white guy was talking to me in spanish, fast! It seemed like he was asking the way to chacao, but I was not sure, or was he asking if i was going to chacao? He would arrive in Chacao just by driving straight that road, he could not be lost or that stupid? Maybe I was just stupid not too understand his spanish. So.. I apologized, explained myself, and invited him.. to clear out things.

"Lo siento, mi espa├▒ol es no mucho, no intiendo. Quiero sexo'"
(I am sorry, my spanish is not much, I do not understand. You want sex?"

Straight to the point!

And he just smiled and opened his door, I took the invite. Hell!! I might still get a christmas gift that night. He is married and on his way home, just want to get some sex... so I offered a handjob. I reached into him, and he has a nice white hard cock. I did not mind jacking him off. Yeah, at times like this, the seatbelt law which is also enforced here may offer road safety but hinders car sex!! Damn, I remember his member to have a big head, a head that is bigger than the body, it was such a flesh of lollipop. I took off the seatbelt and went direct to his cock, good thing he did not oppose.. he just let off a sigh!

The guy showed some restraint and discipline, but he touch my head to stop - less we be noted by other cars or other people. I offered my place, and off we droved to my apartment and continued the sex there! Oh yes, I have done Car sex here in Caracas.

** Do not ask about Movie sex or theater sex, its different here. People have wait in line for a movie and then everyone leaves and the movie houses are only half or one third of the theaters in Manila, more like the Glorietta 3 special theaters, that small! Anyway, who knows? **

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Eye contact is Universal

December 2009. No, I do not remember what day it was, except it was a weekend, that he is big, wearing blue pants and a cream colored long sleeved sweater. What made the encounter unforgettable was that I was bored and decided to go to Sambil, reputed to be the biggest mall in latin america which is basically a 10 minute walk from my place. And we had this eye contact, I was on my way back, he would look back and I would answer his gaze.

He is bigger and taller than me. I remember him walking in front and I since I was not sure of want I really want - I just hoped he would not think of me as stalking him and that hopefully he is gay, I mean - I have never punched in my life, I do not want this to be the first! There are all so many others that are crossing the street so I am sure I would be at least in the meantime. Down further the street, he stopped, turned at me and I smiled.

"Tiene sitio" (Do you have a place)

"Si, aqui en Bello campo" (Yes, here in Bello Campo)

He nodded, that was all. And I continued to walk forward, he walk beside me.

No conversation. We just walked to my apartment. Straight inside, straight to my bedroom. It seems a bit straightforward but I was also a bit scared and frightened, this guy is practically a stranger and I have always been warned of picking anyone from the streets - not to mention that I have been drugged and robbed once before. Am I lucky or that by chance, this would be an unlucky situation I would only get over and moved on.

Nothing. We just proceeded along, he stood now here in my bedroom. Looked at each other and then he opened his trousers. Took out his cock, look at it and then back to me. I get it ... with a smile and expectation, I knelt before him, licking, tasting, savoring the taste, no smell, no sweat, it was simply a hard cock for a hungry mouth. I was on my knees sucking as much as I can, trying my best to make him harder than ever and hopefully to want more.

My prayers were answered. He motioned for me to stand up and turn. What the fuck? Am I going to get fucked, him clothed and so am I? He just motioned me to put down my shorts, and my underwear. Had me bend over.. wait.. wait!! Wait a second!! Obviously, he does not like to take time to enjoy it.. just shove it in my mouth, then my ass, even without disrobing. So I just motioned, and quickly reach for a condom on my bedside table and the lubricant - that he got, and allowed me to put it on him and lube it up. Then he fucked me, inserted himself in my ass. It was sudden, rough, exciting by suddenness - no more doubt as to his intent. Sure, I would not be a robbery victim - but he is using me just to satiate his libido, his lust, and I was allowing him. Use me! Fuck me! Yes, I love that hard cock pushing itself, taking itself out of my ass.

Wordlessly, quietly, he came - that I remember sensing from the shudder of his body and when he pulled out. I took the used condom, and then simply throw it. He simply pulled up his pants as I pulled up my shorts. Just looking again at each other, he enjoyed it, I enjoyed it - no words. It was time for him to go... just escorted him down.. a first and last encounter... plainly, unexpectedly, enjoyable casual sex, no need to know spanish.. the tongue speaks a universal language, SEX!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A Colombian for Monday

Monday, 26 April 2010. Too much work but have taken to writing and posting as a stress reliever. I have log down the stories I have posted and would soon catalogue the pics I have on file, to know which one I still need to post. I thought I have written about Jose but it seems I have not! Oh well, Jose is a white haired, black guy from Colombia and have been living here in Caracas for some time. I would say that he is my third regular fuck bud, regular as in he fucks me on a weekly basis! The second fuck bud was Victor, who I have posted last year. And the first fuck bud would be Achilles way back in 2008! What is great about a fuck bud? Its like having an occasional cook, that one is assured of food, of a decent meal - without the emotional attachment and all.

The funny thing about Jose is that I already crossed paths with him way back when I was living in El Rosal, which is around 30 minutes walk from where I live right now, on the net but we did not get to meet. I remember him because of a misunderstanding, we did not get to eyeball and he said he was waiting at the door of my apartment building. I apologized but we did not get any chance, I guess then that it was not meant to be. I also remember that my impression of him was that of a construction worker since he said he works near, in a construction site. Oh well, in truth, I think he works in an advertising company as some sort of a messenger or something. He may not be that white collar, but he sure gets the job done!

Jose has a nice long cock and after doing it for some months, we sort of have even established a routine - and yeah, it then almost become a routine. I say I should share him more but you see, I did try it once and it was not that good. And I remember he even tried to bring a friend of his last 31 December 2009 - damn, that white guy did not even get hard! I tried my best to sucking him but I do not know what, I remember doubting myself and also getting worried - what if he is an omen of 2010? A year of bad sex? Good heavens, that was the last day and not the first day of the year. So far, I have been doing great that I have not yet chanced upon going to the sauna.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Chorizo for Christmas in Caracas

I did not write much after my initial blog was placed under review, I was hoping the misunderstanding would be cleared out. Instead, I find myself remiss in writing my history and getting some pictures. One of the unforgettable ones would fall under Office sex, not my office, his office that is.

It was December already and so many people have gone for the holidays. Now, Newsteel offers the best filing cabinets and systems, and we had transacted with them in previous months and yet the negotiations have been slow - and now the snag, the service representative assigned to us already went on vacation! Their office is now left to a 25 year old Moreno, who stands around 8-8, around 150 lbs, short cropped hair - the type I dream of having sex but being in my professional circle, I automatically delete in my wish list. Its risky since he would know where I actually work, and outing or black mail, is still a basic fear of everyone. Thus, I always acted as professional as I can - meaning even when they are so damn complacent and lazy, I could not bring out the BITCH in me! I mean, hello, how hard is it to email our company for the quotations? They promise to email quotations and yet a week has passed, nothing, nada! I already know their prices by a personal visit with my boss, but I need a formal quotation to support my voucher and other paper work. Hell, I was giving them business and yet they seem not to be interested. I know, this is Caracas, and unfortunately, theirs is the best deal!!

I finally got my priced quotation, for I chanced upon their general manager and he understood english - and he is a white Colombian, I went directly again to their office. He stressed that they are there and would be open until 5 pm. So, in the same day, with check on hand I went back - The office is closed, dark, and chained, definitely closed.

And so, the monday next, I waited patiently for them to open. There was only one person - Luis Fernando. Damn, he is young and attractive. I was all smiles, showing my white "sharp like" smile and said ...

"What happened? Is something wrong? I went back last Friday and it was already closed."

"Estoy en al almuerzo (oh, I was out on lunch)"

"at 4 pm? I waited for an hour" (Yes, one of those occasional times, I lied, I actually only waited for 10 minutes)

He was undeniably lost on what to answer, on what to reply. I smiled more, to make him squirm - Gotcha!!

"Que come chorizo? (Do you eat chorizo?)"

What the fuck is he saying? Is he inviting me for lunch? Did I understand his spanish. I lost my footing. My face is that of shock, suprised, and then silence. Hmmmm.. trying to bribe me with food, free lunch, not bad. I smiled, Si, cuando (when).

"Quiza en la tarde. Te llamas (Maybe in the afternoon. I will call you)"

Oh, typical of them, a late lunch. Oh well, free lunch is free lunch. At least this is one meal i do not have to pay. Arriving back at the office, I immediately told the incident to our interpreter. He laughed. He understand the offer, but its not exactly free food. Venezolanos like to use metaphor, food and sex, mingled. Is Helmunt right, and I was wrong? Oh my god, if he is right, should I go along or not? I mean - try as I can, I do not recall ever having sex so mixed with business. Well, I heard of bringing clients to clubs and getting whores or agents having sex with clients... but for me, this would be a first, if I allow it. I mean, that would open me at possible disadvantage to him. I recall sucking my dentist for a job well done, but that was personal business. What else? Sucking the security guard in the night shift of my office building. Having sex in the storage room, president´s room but with strangers.

He said he would call. I already paid for our order, and that is it! wait and see, will decide later, let us see where this leads too. I might be right, it was simply an offer of food, nothing more, or Helmunt is right and the sales agent is offering himself since I caught him escaping work and that I can report him.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Music and massage

Saturday, 24 April 2010. I had an extended lunch so to speak, since I had to have a human dessert. Tom is an eye candy. I am already used to a latino looking older than me although we would be in the same age bracket but he.. he is the first one, his face looks young, and so thus his body! The only tell tale sign of his age would be his hair, it has white and yet it adds character, a certain paradox - white air connotes age and yet a face that had defied time. His profile said he is 40 but he told me he would be 44 in a few months, and I just surmissed it would be in June that makes him most likely cancerian... and then he was surprised, so chock.. ooops.. did I say something wrong?

I saw him waiting at my building wearing a pink shirt and cream shorts, very much looking like a preppy or a yuppie.. whatever, i hope you get the idea. Its sad that the elevator is again out of order so we had to walk up making up a tiring warm up on my legs. He was definitely looking in to my face, my eyes - and I had that feeling of insecurity. Do I look good or weird for him? Maybe I should get that haircut that I have been putting off. Perhaps I should have not worn this 4 bracelets of mine - to ward off evil and as my protection. Does he think of me to be effeminate because I am still wearing the stud earrings I had to pierce my ears? Is he silent because he is simply that type or thinking on how to excuse himself and leave?

I should be confident about myself, insecurity shows and would be felt, and any self doubt is not good. But then again, when someone looks better than I do, when someone looking as handsome as he is - I become that insecure person that lurks in every human being, and not to mention, I really like to do him! Not because I am horny and desperate, such eyes, such face, such body, I want it on top of me. I could just rush him to my bedroom, have it done and over with, but that would be so boorish as treating him no more than a sex object that a repeat if I succeed would be out of the question! I took a little time, offered him water, fixed myself an instant juice - chatted a little, although it was hard to concentrate with that handsome face of his.

My place is hot, I am at the wrong side of the building, no breeze. Its a negative but it has an advantage, he said its hot, I agreed and it was my cue to ask him to move to my room - where there is a window, malfunctioning aircon, and an electric fan. Smooth move.

Fast forward.

He dressed so fast. I have scored, and surprisingly he tweaked and touch my nipples I could not help but masterbate myself to my own cumming. He doe snot had one of those supersized cocks but it was something that I felt with his every thrust. I let him go, let him leave.. this would definitely be the first and last.

Uhhh.. dressed so quickly? And I thought I would be able to give you at least a back rub, t east your leg muscles from all of that walking up. He lighted up and walked back inside, and readily undressed again, asking if he needs to take everything off.. I said yes. This time, I placed some mtv music, english and filipino songs to relax him, to make him want to come back again.

He stayed longer, as much as he can since he has to host a radio station that afternoon, so he says. Now, its a question of time if I would have the pleasure again of his company.

*** Oh yeah, Saturday is great, I also had an evening dessert, Hector dropped by and it was sex and a massage again. He hurt me good that I had to walk the numbing pain of such a big ass in Plaza Altamira later ***

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Luis de la calle....

24 April 2010. I have noted the stories I have written and the pics I have not yet posted. And I noted I have nothing about Luis!!! If I am not mistaken, I met Luis last December 2009. Luis is a tall white guy, he is bald, or "calvo" as they described him here. And yet because of his complexion and height, he could easily be still an actor in the Philippines. I was on my way home from a relatively cheap date - a dinner at McDonalds with Miguel, a super conceited guy. Oh, I have no dreams or hope of having sex with Miguel, he is risky and a confused person - egging me to have sex with him, saying how nice he is, and even showing his naked pictures on his phone, then asking me if I can pay for female whore and that they would have sex while I watch them... Duhhh!!! Never did that and never would I do that.

I was then feeling disgusted from Miguel that walking home, I already spotted this tall white guy all in black. He crossed the streets and I was staring at him, our eyes met and I stutter with my simple english. He was cool, he simply asked if I have a place, if I leave alone. Just like that? Is it my lucky night or considering I am picking him up from the streets, I would be held up later in my place? My heart was thumping with excitement and fear.

I would be straight - as there was no more seduction or anything, it was a done deal. We went straight home, to my bedroom, and he undressed. He does not have that big or long cock that other latinos have - but it was very hard and sort of triangular in shape, I mean, small head with a body that gets bigger in the base! By no standard it would be considered small or average, it was simply different and delicious. I sucked and fucked, fucked and suck. A round was not enough for him, he had to cum again. Thus - the next time,we had sex, it was without doubt a threesome and I have paired him with Darwin, Cogie, DocM, and Carlo36. This month, we had sex but since it was a bit too sudden, my mouth, ass, and hand had to endure him twice. Sharing instead the pics I was able to take of the threesome with Cogie this January of 2010.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Friday morning ... still waiting , hoping

Friday morning, 23 April 2010. I still have nothing new, no one new to write and share about. Well, I know I had a carry forward of monday morning sex with Yimi. Tuesday had me resting having two fucks that afternoon, Jose of Colombia and DocM. Wednesday is a romantic night, theater and then a light dinner. Now that date, is a dream, I can only wish he is my lover, he is without doubt a trophy boyfriend, but I can only dream.

Reality is - the sex I had are repeat sex, but how can I complain when they are all good. Gabriel came back again last night and we had god sex, he came three times - still he said no for any photographs!

Anyway, since we are talking about repeats.. let me just post pics of Peter which I met last year and had sex again in my pad. He is someone I wish to have a repeat, a six footer guy that places a rubber tubing on his scrotum, I guess so that he would not cum so easily. Sex is ... TIRING!! He would bang me again and again, and although he is in his 40s, his athletic ability and flexibility usually leaves my legs sore from all the stretching that I had to do. But of course, I endured all for there is nothing like the pleasure of his cock inside my ass. Hmmm.. I should text him - maybe he tried to contact me when I was out of town and since I did not reply, he might have move on... anyhows.. take a look at his pic.. and I tell you, he is a reason to stay in love with Caracas (ps.. as a spoiler, there is a rationing now for sugar, flour, and milk - if you find them on supermarket shelves!)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Waking up to a hard body

19 April 2010. Monday. I am back in the office, writing my blog, wearing a smile on my face, from ear to ear. I think I have been writing the whole morning. Well, minus well update the week that was, before it becomes a distant memory. I know I still have to review my treasure box of pics from last year - I do not want to accumulate back log on my blog, after all I have been enjoying life on my back for a while.

No one really so far, except that Yimi have slept over and slept together, spooned together. Thus, waking up wrappped in his muscled dark biceps, my lips on his chest, it was so easy to put out my tongue, and not soon enough I waked up his curved cock, I felt it twiched on my skin.

Yeah, an added aphrozidiac is knowing that although I pay for the massage, the sex is free ... sex from last night that extended until this morningª